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Annie's Home Page
A good creative web site on how to use your web site to share the gospel.

New Evangelistic Resource From Back To The Bible

Back To The Bible Australia has developed a new resource:

It divides in two sections - a Christian track called REFRESH with teaching and audio programs, and an evangelistic track called SEARCH. Frames are often confusing - but here wise use is made of frames in an attractive way. Sensibly, material for Christian and non-Christian readers has been totally separated. Definitely seeker-sensitive.

You could link to the evangelistic track rather than the overall site in order to point non-Christians towards this material.

Campus Crusade Canada Launches Truthmedia

Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada, a leader in online evangelism with sites such as, Power to Change, and Women Today, introduces a new Internet resource, TruthMedia. This effort aims to create a central resource team that will serve all of Campus Crusade Canada's Internet ministry needs. According to Brent Purves, creative director for TruthMedia, "There are so many opportunities for developing new web evangelism and discipleship projects that we're praying God will not only give us the people and finances to do them, but also the wisdom, creativity and guidance to know which projects to pursue. The careers section of the website at is a great place to direct people if they're interested in getting involved in any sort of Campus Crusade Canada related web evangelism or discipleship work."

For more about TruthMedia, read this article from CCC, .

70 Web Witnesses (And More)

Here's a truly amazing resource for Web evangelists: The Amazing Grace Web Evangelism Master List.

The site features a listing of 70 websites that present the gospel, along with 30 instructional sites, 21 tract sites, and more. This one is worth sticking in your favorites file.


Kregel Publications announces a new Web, the companion to the recently released book, "eMinistry: Connecting with the Net Generation," by author, journalist, and youth pastor Andrew Careaga. At, visitors will find tips for those ministering online to the Net generation, insight into why online ministry is so crucial, tips on discipling and incorporating the Internet into traditional church youth ministries and links to related sites. Find also sample chapters and endorsements from the book and subscribe to an eMinistry newsletter to keep informed on the latest trends for Internet ministry. Careaga says that this new book will "give youth pastors and other concerned adults ideas, avenues, and advice on reaching kids in their language and on their turf... It's imperative that the church learn to encompass this online world in its ministry. If it doesn't, the church risks losing even more of its eroding influence in society."

Kregel Publications comments of this newly released book, "This cutting-edge look at the creative use of online technology not only provides information about trends and technology but also dispenses solid counsel on embracing technologies while avoiding moral pitfalls." Our own Dr. Quentin Schultze (Gospelcom consultant) comments, "Careaga writes with wit and wisdom about the growing gulf between the church and contemporary, high-tech culture." This outstanding book is available for ordering online and will coming to local Christian bookstores soon.
Kregel Publications:
Book ordering:


ACTS International Ministries is using the Internet to lead hundreds of people to Christ in countries closed to the gospel. "Right now we're sending out 3.9 million e-mail messages a year for the cost of a few local telephone calls," says ACTS founder Dick Innes. "There's no printing, and there's no postage costs. It's an unbelievable opportunity. It blows my mind." Innes says the e-mail messages invite people to visit the organization's website (, and many are coming to Christ. "We had 999 last year," he says. "These people came from 45 different countries. We've had salvation responses from places such as China, Saudi Arabia, England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand." (Mission Network News)


Here's a great website for enlightenment on the good news: This is produced by the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

World Wide Witness

If you've been trying to convince others about the importance of Internet evangelism in today's culture, perhaps you could pick up some ideas from "World Wide Witness," an online seminar/slide show ( ).

This presentation, created by Phil Ware of Heartlight (, presents a compelling argument for Internet outreach in a visual format.

(Now if we could only get those reluctant church leaders to log on long enough to view the slide show!)

Book Discusses Internet Evangelism

"E-vangelism: Sharing the Gospel in Cyberspace" by Andrew Careaga (Vital Issues Press) discusses saving souls in cyberspace. Chapter one, "E-vangelism: Fishing the Net," is online. Other chapters include "Getting Started," "The Wide, Wide World of the World Wide Web," "Chatting for Christians" and "Piercing the Darkness." "A lot of churches, parachurch ministries and devout believers see cyberspace as a new mission field," Careaga says. "They're using the Internet as a tool to get their message out, and it seems to be working." "E-vangelism" focuses on how churches, parachurch organizations and individuals are using the Internet to communicate their theology to the online world. Order this inspirational book online.

E-vangelism: Sharing the Gospel in Cyberspace:

Andrew Careaga

Andrew Careaga
Office of Public Relations
University of Missouri-Rolla
Voice: (573) 341-4328
Fax: (573) 341-6157

Bulletin Boards, Chat, and Clubs

The Master Plan of Internet Evangelism

Andy Culbertson, a student at Wheaton University, has written and posted a wonderful essay titled "The Master Plan of Internet Evangelism
" ( In this essay, Culbertson examines the purposes and methods of e-vangelism through the lens of his own experiences with online outreach via a local bulletin board system. The essay is well worth reading.

Internet Outreach Ministries

Wow this is an offer I can't refuse!

Internet Outreach Ministries (IOM)

IOM is primarily a "chatroom" ministry, with ancillary ministry through websites, newsgroups and email lists. There are opportunities for anyone with skills that can be applied to the Internet, but the most critical need is for chatroom workers for the outreach chatrooms: #Abuse_Outreach, #Addict_Outreach, #Cult_Outreach, #Gay_Outreach and #Porn_Outreach. #Christian_Outreach and #Teen_Outreach serve as "lobby" chatrooms with direct links from the website..

We use this naming scheme because it attracts people who are struggling with these hard issues. The names come up on searches when they are trying to find someplace to go for help. When they come to the chatroom we know their need before they even ask, because of the name of the room. This opens an immediate opportunity to minister to them at the point of their need. (If there is doubt why they came we just ask, "are you here because of the name of this room?" and take it from there.) But if there are no workers there when they come, then we have lost a ministry opportunity.

The outreach chatrooms are evangelistic in nature but we also minister to Christians who are dealing with these issues, so these rooms need those who can minister salvation to the lost and those who can minister hope and healing to the hurting. Christians who have dealt with these difficult issues in their own lives are especially effective in working with those who come to these chatrooms seeking help. Workers in the "lobbys" are not called on to minister in the sensitive areas covered by the other chatrooms, but just to fellowship and encourage those who visit, and refer those who need more specific ministry to the appropriate chatroom.

The ancillary ministry functions include a daily morning and evening devotional from the Bible (which is available on the website or by email), in-depth website Bible studies and also studies for new believers. We have several email lists offering various types of ministry, and an extensive resource directory (currently under construction). We can use any kind of help including email list management, website development and promotion, programming (mainly eggdrop bots and mirc scripts), staff development and recruiting and other online technical or administrative skills.

IOM currently operates primarily on the CCnet (Christian Chat Net) server, which is our "home base". Our goal is to eventually open these outreach chatrooms on every major IRC server and link to them from every website we can. It will take a lot of "manpower" to cover these chatrooms... far more than just "coverage", it will take a sizeable force of strong Christians committed to online ministry to minister to those who come to these chatrooms for help!

Some of the IOM chatrooms are open on other servers but we are focusing our efforts in CCnet to lay a firm foundation before expanding the ministry to other servers. We have been working hard on developing the chatroom guidelines and the training procedures and administrative procedures that are necessary to operate this type of ministry. The groundwork is nearly complete, and the only thing that is holding us back is the lack of channel workers.

Thank you for this opportunity to make this need known. Please accept this invitation to visit the outreach chatrooms on CCnet. For those interested in helping, please come to the website <> and click on Joining IOM and follow the links.

in His service,

Bonnie Jean 'BJ' Martens

Internet names: BonnyJean/GodsLove/BJ^away
Founder/Administrator, IOM (Internet Outreach Ministry)
IOM website <> IOM email <>
BJ's Home Page:
BJ's Email:


Teens4Jesus Outreach Team needs YOUR help. We are looking to make a difference online. We want to build up a large team and train people in online evangelism technique and then send them out in teams to witness. The benefit of team witnessing is
  1. they learn from one another in seeing each other witness,
  2. they can pray for one another and for the person/people being witnessed to,
  3. they can keep each other edified and uplifted int he process, and
  4. they can help provide scripture and responses via private messages or in the actual room/program.

The way our teams have worked in the past (we did a few team witnessing chats with teams from is that the teams met in advance. They prayed about what they were about to do, for the hearts to be softened, that God would go before them and speak through them, etc. Then they went into a room and just began chatting... and when the opportunity arose they began to witness. They would stay as long as they felt necessary then leave..... the team would then meet again later that night or the next day to discuss what had happened, what could have been done differently, and to pray for those they witnessed to. It was very beneficial to all members who participated.

The Outreach team on T4J wants to start this up again. They also have other ideas and plans and need help getting them done. Currently there are 9 members on the team. We would like to see a ton more. I personally would like to see a team of at LEAST 100 members working together in outreach teams.

Complete training is available if you have never shared your faith before. We also have resources for those needing them (sometimes in chat a person needs a resource to contact for follow up). We also offer the discipleship program as follow up as well as exchanging email addys to continue to work with them. If they do not have a Bible UIC will provide one to them, as well as a church listing of churches in their area.

Please help us in building this team up. You can join the team by sending an email to You do not have to be a teenager to joint he team (we might change it to UIC Outreach for that reason). We welcome all age levels and denominations. Our statement of faith is on the UIC site or on the T4J site. If you have any further questions youc an email me directly or Jeramy at

Trisha Bridges

Yahoo! Evangelism Clubs

Looking to connect with other Internet evangelists? Check out the Online Evangelism Club at Yahoo! ( This group has 300-plus members and growing.

Yahoo! has some other e-vangelism clubs, but none seem to be as active as this one. For a complete listing, go to and type "Internet evangelism" into the search engine.

House of Hope: Chat Room Ministry:
an approach to online internet evangelism & outreach

The world wide web as an witnessing tool; chatting to reach the world for Christ thru discipleship, teaching, encouraging, evangelistic training, preparation, & prayer.

Strike: the Internet Mission:

Starting Technology-based Relationships Introducing Christianity Everywhere. A website dedicated to encouraging Christians to witness in Chat rooms.

Friendship Evangelism

Do you ever fumble when you try to tell your neighbor about Jesus Christ? Do you want help preparing your testimony? Or are you interested in furthering your evangelism training through an accredited seminary?

Click below to explore how these sites can equip you with innovative tools and skills to help fulfill the Great Commission:

* How to share the Gospel clearly
Charles C. Bing:

* How to write an evangelistic testimony
Web Evangelism Bulletin:

* Personal Evangelism Seminar
Open Bible Ministries:

* Stories that count--very simple ways you can share the Good News
Youth For Christ:

* Masters degree in Evangelism at Multnomah Biblical Seminary
Multnomah Biblical Seminary:

>>>You'll find links to these and many other free evangelism resources online at the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association's brand-new
"Cyber Community" resource center:

Evangelistic Sites

The Good News:

The 4 Spiritual Laws:

Gateway to Jesus:

*Internet Evangelism Coalition. Web address:


And finally, Sammy Tippit Ministries is planning to make its website multi-lingual in the months ahead. The Texas based evangelist says they will provide daily devotionals, books, discipleship tools, and evangelistic messages on-line. Tippit says this is something Christians in countries closed to the Gospel have been asking for. "A group of people from an undisclosed country said to us, as soon as we get that up they'll pass the word throughout their whole network in their nation - and there will be lot of people coming from their nation - which no missionaries are in. Nobody can get into, but right now they are not blocking people from going to Christian websites. So, we can, through the web, in the language of the people, actually get our message in." Tippit says they're initially targeting eight languages, which could take five months to complete.


I saw a button labeled "Do Not Enter" on a Christian's website recently, and curiosity got the better of me, so I clicked on it. What I found was an interesting gospel presentation: . The tract comes from the online apologetics resource (

Gospel Presentations and Help for New Christians

I see a distinction between general evangelistic sites and online gospel presentations. An evangelistic site is designed to catch people and suggest answers to the needs in their lives that they have not previously considered. A gospel presentation should explain the way of salvation in simple, relevant, non-religious terms.

New Christian Life: is both a gospel presentation and resource for new Christians.

LPEA (Luis Palau Evangelistic Association) offers an interactive version of their popular booklet 'What is a Real Christian?' at .

Anchor Your Life:
A site which does include the Gospel - but majors on helping new Christians.

Also look at YFC's booklet for new believers are at Totally True: - a Flash presentation.

Evangelism Sites:

Web Outreach

The man behind the Internet evangelism resource Web Outreach ( describes himself as "just a guy with a WebTV who wanted to learn how to make websites and glorify the Lord through it." What he's given the world is a wealth of information useful to e-vangelists. Web Outreach features a collection of Net witnessing ideas -- from chat room evangelism to cybertracts -- as well as links to various message boards. There's even a "learn html" tutorial for the novice.

NCubator is a Christian resource directory and magazine-style portal, with frequent new features on a range of subjects or 'cubes'. They are looking for volunteer editors for some of the sections. Check the missions/evangelism page and see 'Communicating the Gospel in a secular culture' from last month's Bulletin. (Remember - any item from the Bulletin can be republished!) Then take time to view the various categories - covering Education, Marriage, Discipleship, Prayer, Recovery and much more. There is also a directory for you to submit your site:

Arthur Blessit's web site:

The web site of the man who carries the cross and witnesses to many people on the streets throughout the world. These are the links on his site:

Let Arthur Blessitt PRAY WITH YOU (Audio Prayers)
How to Witness on the Internet
E-mail Witnessing
Chat Room Witnessing
Internet Audio and FreePC Phone Witnessing
Message Boards Witnessing
How to Witness at Home and Everywhere

Short Website Reviews

Gentle Ministries

A gathering place for Christians who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Take a look at this simple but powerful explanation of the Gospel:

2 Ways to Live: the choice we all face

Experiencing the Power to Change

This site is in English, French, Malay, Arabic, Spanish, and Japanese.

Issues That Make Christians Squirm!

A challenging evangelistic page by an Austalian webmaster. Topics touched include money, ecology, war, racism, sexism, homophobia, pain and suffering, science, genetics, politics, atheism, hypocrisy, escapism, Hinduism, Hare Krishnas, vegetarianism, near-death experiences (NDEs) and hell.

Reaching the Generations for Jesus

A site from South Africa listing with extensive links to sites covering the X,Y,Z generations.

A powerful[graphics,sound] survey- structured Y2K witness[salvation message] site is found at:
information and resources for those who want to learn how to share the gospel

More sites:

Apologetics Index:

Evangelism and Discipleship Resources:

Witnessing: A Matter of Life and Death:

Jesus Christ - evangelism page:

Women Today Communique:

Web Evangelism: A Guide to Web Evangelism:

Gospel Harvest's 'Gospel.COM'site:

Check out their 'Try Jesus' presentation of automatically-forwarding short

Internet Evangelism Research:

Does anyone know what became of the Net-evangelistic Web site called
"A Voice in the Wilderness"?
That site is now hosted on David Campbell's at

Resources for Evangelists

Resource: Plow on Bulletin

David Campbell, proprietor of the excellent e-vangelistic "tackle box" Fishthe.Net ( ), has developed a new e-mail newsletter, the Plow On Bulletin, to help spread the latest about online outreach resources. Plow On includes Web site ideas, tips for churches, news, links to Fishthe.Net's newest CyberTracts and the newest listings of top evangelistic web sites.

To subscribe, go to

Another Resource: Christian Web Associates

If you're interested in discussing e-vangelism with other e-vangelists, join the ChristianWebAssociates discussion list. The list is a ministry of, and is moderated by Trisha Bridges, a young lady with a real heart for online evangelism.


Evangelism Toolbox

An excellent resource for evangelists, whether on the Net or on the street, is the Evangelism Toolbox ( ). Billed as "the ultimate database for Christian resources to share your faith in Christ," the project received kudos from the Internet Evangelism Coalition during the recent Internet Evangelism Conference. The site has great downloadable resources on everything from cults to children's ministry.

The Evangelism Toolbox, developed by Campus Crusade for Christ, should be a bookmark or favorite of every Net evangelist.

The Robert Coleman Award was given to Dr. Allan Beeber, Director of LINC-Net, a ministry of Campus Crusade, for The Evangelism Toolbox, The award is named for Dr. Robert Coleman, author of several books on evangelism including "The Master Plan of Evangelism." Dr. Coleman also called Christian leaders together for the first meeting on Internet Evangelism in April 1997, out of which the Internet Evangelism Coalition was formed.

The Evangelism Toolbox contains many of the world's best evangelistic resources in a variety of formats and languages. Developed to be a "just in time" delivery vehicle, almost all text material can be downloaded for immediate use in evangelistic opportunities. Over 700 people a day are accessing the site yielding well over 100,000 hits per month. A CD-Rom version of The Evangelism Toolbox was distributed to 10,000 itinerant evangelists attending Amsterdam 2000 this past August.

Dr. Sterling Huston, Director of North American Ministries for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is Chairman of the Internet Evangelism Coalition. Dr. Huston says he's pleased with the quality of web sites chosen for the IEC awards, "We consider these sites to be tremendous gifts to the Body of Christ and are very grateful for the time, energy and resources committed by the ministries involved." Dr. Huston emphasized that the IEC is "encouraging all Christian denominations and ministries to take advantage of these tools by adding a link on their own web sites to the Need Him and Evangelism Toolbox web sites."

Add Dustin Williams' Internet Evangelism Research site to your list of Internet evangelism resources. Williams, a student at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon, USA, is conducting research on the topic for his senior thesis, and created the site "to help me organize my thoughts." The added benefit to e-vangelists is that Williams has created a valuable resource for anyone interested in online evangelism.

Internet Evangelism Research's "working bibliography" is also a webography featuring links to dozens of online articles about Net evangelism and outreach. Williams' site also includes a list of the cyber-shorthand acronyms often used in chat rooms and e-mail exchanges, and the beginnings of a lexicon of terms.

Williams has done a nice job of putting together a site worth visiting, and worthy of an E-vangelism Site of the Week for the week of October 30, 2000.


Manifesto for the Future

Online Evangelism: State of Play & Future Goals

It prints out at around five pages.

This 3600-word paper is freely available for republishing in any print magazine. Please use it in any way - translate it, quote from it, pass it on - if you feel that it could encourage people to see the many opportunities still waiting for us to use.

Ark Webs: A Great Source for Freebies

A virtual boatload of Internet freebies useful to any Net evangelist. Ark Webs is the brainchild of David Campbell, who also brings us the e-vangelistically oriented search site/directory Fishthe.Net: (

You can fine all kinds of FREE Christian hosting for Churches and Online Evangelism tools atArk Webs. The site is designed to help all ministries get online and find the tools they need free:

Three Styles of Outreach

The creators of a site called Reaching the World for Christ Ministries ( have posted a good article highlighting three approaches to evangelism:

* The "Philip" approach (sharing Christ with seekers)
* Ministry to skeptics
* "Life-example" evangelism

Read about these approaches, and find links to some good online resources, at .

Thanks to David Campbell of Fishthe.Net ( and Ark Webs ( ) for promoting Reaching the World for Christ Ministries through his Plow On Bulletin.

Go to to receive this resource via e-mail.

NewWway.ORG - Communicating Strategies and Ideas

Just sometimes you find a new website which is unique and offers insights essential to effective evangelism and communication. is such a site - full of thought-provoking ideas on Christian communication, including cross-cultural situations. Be challenged, be stretched, link to it, sign up for the newsletter. Essential.

Of particular interest to online evangelists are the comments on identifying and targeting different groups of people; and understanding the postmodern mindset in order to present the Gospel in an appropriate way. Look at the article 'Segmenting the People You Want to Reach', which ties in clearly with the need to create evangelistic sites around specific interests. See the excellent explanations of how 'postmodern' people think. Find what we can learn about the Gospel from Coca-cola. Webmaster Chris Forbes is a missionary who previously worked in Spain.

First Priority

The excellent FIRST PRIORITY evangelism-related journal has moved to a new URL on the Luis Palau organization site. FIRST PRIORITY offers well-written features relating to some aspect of evangelism. Sign up, and you will receive notification of new articles - with the first paragraph as a taster.

FIRST PRIORITY contains today's best writing on evangelism, from authors and evangelism experts like Lee Strobel, Larry Moyer, Anne Graham Lotz, Mark Mittelberg, Randy Alcorn, Robert Coleman, John Guest, David Jeremiah, Mary Marr, Luis and Pat Palau, and many others. Occasionally you'll find an excerpt from a brand-new book.

You'll find FIRST PRIORITY at While there, be sure to "Sign Up for First Priority" in the upper left corner for a brief e-mail each week to let you know what's new at FIRST PRIORITY.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Christian life

What do I gain by becoming a Christian ?

Did Jesus really rise from the dead ?

What do I have to do to become a Christian ?

Can we trust the Bible? How do we know the Bible is really God's Word ?

I'm a good enough person, won't a good moral life get me to heaven ?

How can a loving God allow a sinful individual to go to hell ?

Why do you believe in God, you can't even prove He exists ?

If God is so powerful, why doesn't He destroy all evil and suffering out of this earth today ?


If you have a site aimed primarily at Christians, why not encourage them to see the potential of online evangelism? 'Amazing Grace - a treasury for modern Mephibosheth's' has done this:

For suggestions on creating such a page:

And please, on any page you feel it is appropriate, consider adding a small Bulletin subscribe form (as Amazing Grace have):


Luis Palau Evangelistic Association (LPEA) suggests way to share your faith at Christmas. Add a Gospel presentation link to your email signature, send Christ-honoring cards to friends, plan a neighborhood cookie exchange and decorate your home with Christian symbols (a cradle, cross and crown). Share seasonal Gospel tracts, sponsor a children's birthday party for Jesus and serve others in need. LPEA highly recommends an online Gospel presentation, "Were You Colder than This?" (by Ruth Seamands, illustrated with animation and music at Vanguard Magazine's Web site), and suggests many additional resources--articles and books--all available for exciting holiday evangelism.

How to Make the Most of the Holidays for Evangelism:

"Were You Colder Than This?"

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