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Evangelism? How About E-Vangelism?

For many people, the word "evangelism" conjures up images of door-to-door visits and Gospel tracts. But the Internet is providing new ways to reach people with the message of Christ, and one Christian ministry in Great Britain is set to take advantage of these new opportunities. wants to reach the millions of people in Internet chat rooms, where the Net's relative anonymity often lets people open up their hearts and minds in ways that they wouldn't in a face-to-face conversation. Visit their Web site to find out more about this unique ministry, and to find out how you can become an e-vangelist.

Web Evangelism Bulletin
Provides Internet Outreach Ministry News

Web Evangelism Bulletin, a twice monthly newsletter which focuses on advances and news in the vital ministry of Internet evangelism. New evangelism ideas and options are suggested, together with tips for achieving publicity and higher search engine ranking for an evangelism Web site. Read previous issues and explore the extensive, online Web Evangelism Guide. Subscribe online or by email.

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Online Evangelism: You can reach the world

Free content for any webmaster

Online evangelism resource

As the Internet continues to grow in almost every country in the world, it has become a powerful tool for evangelism. A new free resource has been released to help Christians share their faith online.

A Christian webmaster can add this detailed training guide to any website, just by including a few lines of coding on a web-page. The pages are completely integrated - they match the appearance of the other pages on the site. This Guide helps Christians to understand the issues involved in effective online communication. It also includes a customized poster for the webmaster's own site. Find it at:

The Guide explains how to bring non-Christians to an evangelistic site. It shows how to write effective testimonies that will communicate. There are reviews of some of the world's most effective outreach sites, and help with starting a church web-page.

Patrick Johnstone, author of Operation World: says, "Here are many lessons that I trust will prove beneficial to other Christians embarking on such an outreach ministry."

George Verwer of Operation Mobilization: comments:"... should be read by everyone."


Find Contextualized Resources -- "Indigitech", is a new website developed by Create International for both education and dissemination of contextual evangelistic resources. It is their desire that Indigitech become a bridge between fieldworkers and contextual resources which are now available. It includes many links to video, audio, tract, and webevangelism resources as well as offering free downloadable materials. Please make use of this vital Internet tool at:

Evangelism Toolbox has Resources in these areas:

Apologetics, Basic Followup, Bibles, Creation vs. Evolution, Cross-Cultural, Cults, Evang. Classroom Lecturing, Evangelism, Evangelistic Radio Listings, Internet Evangelism, Lighthouse Resources, Mass Coverage, Mission Projects, Missions, Other Religions, Prayer, Pre-Evangelism, Seasonal Resources, Strategies, Training, and Unreached People Groups.

Welcome to "The Evangelism Toolbox," the ultimate database for Christian resources to share your faith in Christ, offered by many of the top evangelical organizations worldwide. Do you need an evangelistic tract or even video to share Christ with a friend, available in dozens of languages? Do you need training in how to actually do evangelism? Do you need apologetics materials to defend the faith? Are you searching for a Bible study for couples? Are you looking for maps to plan strategies to reach your country for Christ? Look no more--you can find them all right here. You can view, for example, "How to Become a Christian" produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) simply by clicking on that title.

Sharing With People Online

Terri Main felt recently that in the same way as churches go out to visit their neighborhood housing, sometimes called 'Adopt a Block', she should join some email lists.

"Instead of adopting a block, I adopted an email discussion list at yahoogroups in an area where I have an interest and some expertise. I simply introduced myself and among my hobbies, profession, age and that sort of thing, I mentioned that I also had a web ministry and gave the URL. I also added if there was any way I, or our church, could be of help, to let me know. Within a couple of days, I had a number of inquiries and was able to share the gospel. One person who had been blaming God for all the difficult things in her life asked me to pray that she stop blaming God. Anyway, I even ended up co-moderating the list. It's another way to use the internet for one-on-one style evangelism."

This is the sort of introduction she gave herself on the list: "Hi, It's great to be a part of this list. I guess you'd like to know a little about me. I'm 49 years old. I live in the Central Valley of California. It gets really hot there. I Teach public speaking at a local community college. I love to write [note this was a list related to freelance writing]. I've written magazine articles for about 30 years. What I really love doing right now is maintaining a number of web pages including those for our church.I put out a daily devotion by email. I also love to write fiction and occasionally teach fiction writing. If I can help in anyway, let me know. Anyway, looking forward to chatting with you all."

She comments, "It was very low-key and it was in fact a list that I had interest in. I looked around at my Internet experience and realized that slowly I had allowed myself to become part of a little Christian cocoon in cyberspace. I simply started jumping into the discussion and eventually asked if I could post a few writing tips. The moderator was thrilled and we had a number of good conversations off-list and found out that she had been a Christian but had drifted from the Lord and well, anyway, it's someone to keep in prayer. I also started posting some of my fiction which deals with general issues, but has Christian characters and often has a Christian twist without being preachy. And at the end of the story is a link back to the general website. I don't deceive anyone. They know I'm a Christian, a teacher and a writer. They know my writing has both secular and Christian themes, but most of my posts are on general writing topics, but since they know there is a Christian around (especially in light of recent events in the US) a few of them contact me off list."

Clicking For Christ

Internet evangelist Brent Purves of Campus Crusade for Christ Canada has created "ChristClick," a new discussion list for Net evangelism. Brent describes the list as "Christian Internet Evangelism Resources and Opportunities for sharing Christ on the Web. Looking for ways to share your faith on the Net or want to improve your church's internet outreach? Visit this web evangelism ministry to learn how you can share Christ around the world from your home computer."

Sign up for ChristClick at And to learn more about Brent's online work with Campus Crusade, and some of the great things he's doing there, visit his Web site ().

Web Evangelism Email List

Campus Crusade Canada produce a top range of evangelistic websites. Brent Purves of CCC has now started an email newsletter called ChristClick. It focuses particularly on stories relating to the CCC outreach sites, but also brings other news of interest to online evangelists. It's short, readable, and unmissable.

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