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Devos And Gutsy Acts: Email Helps For Teens To Live Their Faith

Teens today face challenges when it comes to sharing their faith, and Youth for Christ (YFC) wants to help by providing teens with practical ways to live their faith and grow closer to God. Now through "Devos and Gutsy Acts," a free email and online service from YFC's Live the Life (LTL) Online, teens can study God's Word and discover how it applies to them. At the LTL Web site, teens, ministry leaders and adults can also enjoy "Eva's Tips and Tricks" for sharing one's faith and confronting issues; "Campus Strategies" with advice on starting Bible study groups on campus; and "Tough Questions," examining probing questions about Christianity. YFC also provides several chat areas for teen interaction.

Devos and Gutsy Acts:
Live the Life Online:

E-vangelism On's Christian Teens

Brandon Hill, the guide for's Christian Teens community ( ), features various topics of interest to teens, a weekly contest, website picks, and resources such as web art and devotional articles.


The IAMNEXT site has just had a complete redesign and relaunch. It was good before, but now...! Check carefully both the classy design and the wise strategy for sharing the truth without being pushy or churchy. Note the way there are many useful pages relating to young people's interests and needs. Deliberately, not all have a spiritual component. See how the main page does not 'look' Christian, yet hints at spirituality issues dealt with on the site. If you think you may have teen visitors to your site - add a link. If you have a church site and need a ready-made evangelistic teen section, this is it. Just link to it in a narrow top frame:
how to:

If you want to receive an occasional (approx monthly) prayer newsletter about the progress of IAMNEXT and the other CCC evangelistic sites, subscribe to Christclick - send a blank email to:

Youth for Christ

And Youth for Christ have launched Cafe Reality. Check for instance Stories That Count for evangelism training.

Also look at YFC's booklet for new believers are at Totally True: - a Flash presentation.



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