Video Productions for Missionaries

AIM Stories

On Field Media is a ministry of Africa Inland Mission. This is composed of media missionaries-dedicated video producers, photographers, writers, and designers-with the task of capturing and sharing the stories of God at work in and among the ministries of AIM. With a heart for communicating what God is about and a common stake in the missionary endeavor, they bring a unique set of technical and creative skills to the work of missions.

Burning Flower Productions

Burning Flower Productions help missionaries and non-profit organizations tell their stories through video and other media. It is managed by Dan and Holly Thompson.

Creative Impact Ministries

We produce beautiful, very personal and heart-moving documentary films with the goal of connecting full-time missionaries and people back home.

Story planning, in-field production, postproduction and promotional counsel are all provided at no charge to the missionaries.

Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema can provide broadcast quality video production and editing at an extremely reduced rate for Christian based mission projects. Digital Cinema is an award-winning video production company located in Rochester, NY. They specialize in corporate, documentary, educational, promotional, and training videos for broadcast, internet, DVD, and Blu-Ray distribution.

Harvest Media Ministry

Harvest Media Ministry can handle all your media needs. Whether you need video production for your ministry, graphic design for printed materials, event production assistance, or you need a professional website to display your message, Harvest Media Ministry can cover it all for you.

Helps Ministries

His Productions

His Productions is a well established production studio in northeast Indiana. We’ve been producing Bible based radio programming, TV broadcasts and podcasts for over 20 years! We currently serve Bible teaching fellowships all over the United States that broadcast their radio ministries, TV ministries, and podcasts all over the world! Our team consists of 3 producers, 17 editors, multiple Christian voice over talents, and a church video production specialist. And we are continuing to grow! Each person that works at His Productions is blessed to be a part of the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are committed to Growing God’s Kingdom Through Radio & Media!

Lens of the Harvest Video Production Ministry

Nathan and Hannah Fry are the founders of Lens of the Harvest and have a passion for using video to tell the stories of God’s work around the world.

Multimedia Production

The Multimedia Production team of Helps Ministries provides design, video production, and other multi-media support to both missionaries and non-profit organizations who are seeking to advance the important work they are doing.

Missionary Films

Missionary Films is composed of Christian filmmakers. They help share what your ministry is doing through video. They help create a plan and script; they help with the interviews and footage of your story, and they help publish your video.

Watermelon Ministries

Watermelon Ministries is a missions agency that helps Christian artistic and entrepreneurial individuals plant and grow sustainable ministries that build relationships, make disciples, and serve communities around the world. The ministries of Watermelon Ministries include Media Change, Instruments of Joy, and Picture the Nations. To learn more about the services they offer, please visit their website.

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