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For many in the USA, it is a time of reflection, a time to express gratitude. But for other Americans, it's better known as a time of overindulgence (of turkey as well as football, basketball and other spectator sports), and the beginning of the most materialistic season of our culture: the Christmas shopping season. In all the bustle of the holiday, Thanksgiving's Christian roots are often overlooked.

But I give thanks to those on the Web who are reminding us about the true nature of the holiday. Here are a few to check out:

Feast To Your Heart's Content On Online Thanksgiving Resources

Several Gospelcom ministries share holiday resources for Thanksgiving celebrated by Americans around the world.

Bethany House Publishers (BHP) features "Celebrating the Christian Year--Building Family Traditions around All the Major Holidays," by Martha Zimmerman, a "practical and motivational book that opens up joyful occasions for Christian families to learn about God through celebrating."

Christian History Institute presents the history of the Thanksgiving holiday--its origin and little known facts.

Youth Specialties (YS) publishes "Holiday Ideas" for youth groups with some great Thanksgiving ideas. Back to the Bible provides a history of Thanksgiving, along with a free 2001 Scripture text calendar. Its Bible Challenge trivia game topic for Thanksgiving week is "Foods of the Bible," so have a bite at it--and a bountiful Thanksgiving!

Complete list of Thanksgiving resources at Gospelcom:

Christian History Institute:

Back to the Bible:

Bible Challenge (BTTB):

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