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Go to to download the children's translation of Praying Through the Window 6: Women and "The Girl Child". The calendar has been especially rewritten to make it child friendly for easy use. Plan to use it for October or any 31 day period!




Compiled by Nancy Fritz <>

More Resources

Children's Missions Resource Center -- Gerry Dueck, 1605 Elizabeth Street, Pasadena, CA 91104. This includes various resources for teaching children about missions.

Missions Resource Center/Lending Library
Gerry Dueck
1605 Elizabeth St.
Pasadena, CA 91104

Preschool Specialist
Kathy Felty
9 Colonial Dr.
Lebanon, Pa 17042

Unreached Peoples
Nancy Fritz
Caleb Project
10 W. Dry Creek Cir.
Littleton, CO 80120
303-703-4177 fax

Children's Presentations & Teacher's Training
Presents the Be an M & M* Kid! Seminar (*missions-minded)
Jill Harris
P.O. 3929
Peachtree City, GA 30269
770-631-9470 fax

Integration of Missions into Children's Program
Ruth Jordan
5470 Sw 154th Place
Beaverton, OR 97007

Missions Conferences & Ideas
Mary Beth Kirschmann
8571 Knoll Crossing
Fishers, IN 46038

Getting Started Specialist
Carmen North
3271 W. Charmwood #A
Port Huron, Mi 48060
810-982-2209 fax

Winnie the World & Dr. Livingstone
Costumed Characters Present Missions
Paul & Karyl Stanton
10715 E. 99th St.
Tulsa, OK 74133
918-461-1270 fax

Adopt-a People Consultant
Nancy Tichy
4881 A Jackson St.
Riverside, CA 92503
909-682-6434 fax

The Children's Mission Resource Center

Also located at the Mission Resource Center, the Children's Mission Resource Center has almost everything you need and more to equip and challenge our next generation to join in the frontier missions movement. A regular newsletter, a list of books and materials, a lending library, mission education assistance, a quarterly newsletter, consultation services and more are all available to help you direct your children or the children in your church to obey Jesus' command to go and make disciples of all nations.

WEC Literature
P.O. Box1707
Fort Washington, PA 19034-8707
Phone 215-646-2322 ext.280
Fax: 215-646-6202

William Carey Library
Publishers and Distributors of
Missions Books and Material
P.O. Box 40129
Pasadena, CA 91104
1-800-MISSION (647-7466)
Catalog Available

Christian Heros Then and Now; and Trailblazer Books by Janet Benge Exciting historical novels of missionaries & other Christian heroes.
Ages 8-12

Tracking Your Walk (Praying Through the 10/40 Window) by Drake

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Children's Task Force
4200 SE Jennings Ave.
Portland, OR 97267-6415

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Marie Champ
Curriculum Writer
4200 SE Jennings Ave
Portland OR 97267

* The Bible Translation Activity Book from Wycliffe is a new wonderful
tool for teaching about Bible translation, 16 pages.

PROJECT: Children's Missions Project Kids from TEAM TEAM's Mozambique Kids Missions Project Kit material is excellent! Ardie Johnson, former missionary to Sough Africa, said. Even the adults sat spellbound as I presented the project kit idea to my church. We then used it for the combined children's Sunday school. The adults wanted to know when the next lesson would be so they could sneak into the back of the kids' class to listen!

Having lived in Africa, I know the stories are real and are just as presented in the material. In the kit, there are excellent illustrations for salvation, and visual tools include the flag of the country, an inflatable world globe, etc. It is some of the best missionary story materials I have ever used.

This is just one of four TEAM missions project kits that highlight a financial project for preschool and elementary-age children and provide a variety of educational tools for the teacher. The project and learning modules are appropriate for VBS, Sunday school, weekday clubs, camp programs, homeschoolers, or other children's programs.

While learning about the country and its spiritual needs, children will be challenged to give in order to

For a more detailed description of the project kits, go to Operation World-Outside of the Bible this is possibly the most important book for Christians to have. Operation World compiled by Patrick Johnstone has a vast amount of information about every country on earth. It is also a daily prayer guide for Christians to use in identifying the needs of the people groups who have churches among them and those who do not. To order a copy at a discounted price, or several copies at a wholesale price call 1-800-MISSION.

Resources for Children's Missions Education

Destination 2000 A.D. Teacher's Training Curriculum

Bob Sjogren (videos) (Frontiers)

A video curriculum for training teachers to educate children in God's
heart for the world. Thirteen lessons.
Price $79.95


Kids for the World
Gerry Dueck (William Carey Library)
A valuable library of children's missions resources and ideas. The amount of material, resources and suggestions are mind-boggling.
Price $8.76

Mini Missions Conference for Children
Dorothy Holsinger Schultz (R.C. Law)
A versatile classroom program that allows children to experience the challenge and purpose of missions as part of a missions conference, Sunday School, VBS or Christian day school program.
Price $19.96

Fun Around the World
Mary Branson (New Hope)
Fun Around the World helps children celebrate the world! Through the easy-to-use ideas of this book, boys and girls can play, dress, eat, sing and make things as children of other countries do. Discover the patchwork of cultural experiences that form the beautiful quilt of the world!
Price $4.95

Reach Around the World
Bob and Sandy Friesen (Chariot)
52 global awareness activities for Christian youth.
Price $10.39

Missions Made Fun for Kids
Elizabeth Whitney Crisci (Accent)
Full of easy-to-use activities for any children's program
Price $7.99

Missions Education for Children
Jim Weir (audio)
A whole bunch of creative ideas for guiding children in interacting, discovering and doing missions.
Price $15.99
Spiritual Growth Retreat for Children by Jill Harris of Frontiers Associates. Grades 3-6. Kids who show leadership qualities are taken on a retreat to be challenged spiritually. They learn about prayer, journaling, sharing their testimony, etc.

CHILDREN IN DIFFICULT SITUATIONS Viva Network <> is located in England and is networking people who have a special interest in children esp street kids.

Oakseed Ministries International <> partners with indigenous ministries in mega-cities, working with children at risk.

Debbie Jump 1016 S. Valley Dr. Visalia, CA 93277 209-627-3912 209-738-1211 fax ADOPT-A-PEOPLE: Children's Involvement

Two books: Precious in His Sight, a guide to child advocacy -- how to's for a church and Healing the Children of WAR, excellent resources. Want more information, contact us. Due out in January will be a handbook on street kids. -- Jan Bell <>


Kids for the World (First & Second Editions) by Gerry Dueck. A compilation of missions resources for children's ministry. A wonderful resource that let's you know what is available, how much it costs and who publishes it. William Carey Library, Publishers and Distributors of Missions Books and Material, P.O. Box 40129, Pasadena, CA 91104 ISBN 0-87808-768-0. $11.00 159 pp. softcover

KidsCan Network Catalog -- 445 Webster Drive, York, PA 17402. Call toll-free at (800) 543-7554 (USA only); Fax at (717) 757-6103 (24 hours a day); or email at In the KidsCan Network Catalog you will find up-to-date resources for reading, games, activities, music, drama, and teaching curriculum (i?). REVIEW From: <> There is no guarantee that what will work with one group of children will work with another. There are many variables. Kids Can Make a Difference evaluates materials before we recommend them and whenever possible we ask questions to determine what they really need. Some items to check when evaluating materials: the date published, the type of activities (paper and pencil, coloring are low on kids' lists), how the material is to be presented. You can have a lot of information but if the teacher is not given creative ways to present the material, you can forget it. Ask questions about the children. Have they been prepared with missions thinking? Some kids have been well taught and are moving beyond the simulated airplane ride. You can always refer them to us for more in-depth help. We also provide a guarantee on our materials, if it isn't what they wanted after they get it they can return for a refund.

Missions Curriculum for Kids -- Crossroads Publications, P.O. Box 111475, Campbell, CA 95011 or call (408) 378-8858. Crossroads Publication offers affordable curriculums for Sunday Schools or VBS as well as a selection of four stories of children in the Third World which include a story, drawings for coloring, maps, country facts, and life applications.

Missions Idea Notebook. By Lenora Hambly. SIM Canada, 1361 Eastern Drive, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 2S2. (604) 941-2101. $1.75 + postage.

Thanks for your interest in challenging children in missions.

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