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All The Little Children

Dan & Pauline Sutton, 301 Redwood St., Birmingham, AL 35210 REVIEW From: I remember watching the Sutton's videos at camp many years ago and really liking them, but they may be a little slow-moving for older kids.

Caleb Project Videos for Children

Patna, India .Urban Malays .The Turks (6 minutes, VHS, 1998) .Future releases yet to come in the Kids Around The World Series

Caleb Project's first two Kids videos on Children in India and Malaysia are slide-transfer and thus don't compare to the graphic quality and action that you see on TV nowadays, but the CONTENT is very good, and there are very specific prayer requests. Their subsequent releases in the Kids Around the World series (Including the Turks and whatever's next) will be the quality of what kids see on TV nowadays. $12.00 + $7 S&H. Order through Caleb Project, 10 West Dry Creek Cir., Littleton, CO 80120 or <> Review from: NateWilson

Santosa's Story

I just watched this video last week. It's for YOUNG children, but is very well-produced. It tells about the life of the Quetchua Indians, clearly communicating concepts regarding Bible translation and literacy. It's about 15 minutes long and is sub-divided into several shorter segments. Although Mission To The World produced it, the video does not promote any particular missionary or agency. Write MTW for more information: P.O. Box 29765, Atlanta, GA 30359.

10/40 Window Video for Children and Prayerwalking for Kids

This video exposes children to the 10/40 Window at their level.

Concerts of Prayer Ventura County, has produced 2, six minute video's on the 10/40 Window that are being used across America by many different missions agencies and denominations. There is the 10/40 Window for Kids, and the 10/40 Window for Adults. ... They are $11 each (slow boat to China mailing) or $14 each priority mail.

In addition, Joey and Fawn have just completed Prayerwalking For Kids, a six-minute video, based on Steve Hawthorne's book. Narrated by kids, it teaches children how to pray for a target city.

Review from: NateWilson --- I've seen the Parrish's videos (10/40 window for Children and Prayerwalking for Kids) and was amazed at how sharp and professional they looked--I was proud to see that Christians could put out graphics a good as anything MTV or Nickelodeon ever did! The Prayerwalking one, however, seemed really strange to me until I figured out why--there were no words on the screen because it's for children, who may be too young to read, and the video shots were from a kids-eye view--Brilliant!

-- Joey and Fawn Parish, 6673 Sora Street, Ventura, CA 93003 or call (805) 650-3511.


WEC International, P.O. Box 1707, Fort Washington, PA 19034.

2-week Rental per video in the U.S.: $7.00 including postage. Purchase per video: $14.00 including postage. (2000 prices)

CARLOS OF COLOMBIA: A Colombian Indian family involved in growing cocaine comes to Christ. Their faith Is tested when cocaine dealers threaten to kill them if they quit growing the plant. The story is a compilation of true events though itself fictitious. Powerful Illustrations and soundtrack make this video excellent for challenging kids for missions and to a personal commitment to Christ. Grades 1-8. 10 minutes.

GAGA OF ZAIRE: The illustrated true story of a young African boy who is blinded and later sent into the forest to die, but who is led to the home of missionaries where he comes to Christ and becomes an evangelist. During a civil war in the country, God delivers him from enemy soldiers. Grades 1-8. 18 minutes.

HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD: This is a live action video of Amdo Tibetan chudren, showing something of their lives and spiritual needs. Grades 1-8. 11 minutes.

IVORY COAST KIDS: This is a live action video of children in Ivory Coast, West Africa, of their lives and spiritual needs. Grades 1-8. 8 minutes.

MUSSA OF NORTH AFRICA: Mussa is a young Muslim boy who comes to Christ after seeing the reality of a godly life in a friend. He is killed for his faith, but as a result his father accepts Christ. This illustrated, intense story is a compilation of true events. Grades 4-8. 12 minutes.

PRAYER WALKING FOR KIDS: In this video children show how children can do prayer walks in their own community. Grades 1-8. 7 minutes.

SOM CHAI OF THAILAND: A young Buddhist boy finds Christ when a missionary shares the Wordless Book with him. His parents and friends strongly oppose Christianity, but Som Chai refuses to renounce his faith. This compelling story is beautifully illustrated and set to music of Southeast Asia. Grades 1-8. 12 minutes.

THAT OTHERS MAY HEAR: This British-made presentation uses slides of real people to present the idea of People Groups and how to pray for them. Grades 1-8. 9 minutes.

10/40 WINDOW FOR KIDS: This video uses children to present the 10/40 window, and how to pray for the countries and peoples within the window. Grades 1-8. 6 minutes

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