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10/40 Window Materials for Kids and Youth (Article)

10/40 Window for Kids (Video)
The 10/40 Window for Kids video portrays an imaginary window on our globe that covers 62 countries. The children who live in the 10/40 Window are very precious to God. This video encourages other children to pray for these children.

52 Ways to Teach Missions
By Nancy Williamson
52 Ways to Teach Missions is packed with easy-to-lead activities, crafts, games, outreaches, and more on a variety of important subjects for children who are learning about the Christian life.

A Man for God's Plan: The story of Jim Elliot : a flashcard lesson to guide the child in finding God's plan for his life (Christian hero)
By Gloria Repp
A Man for God's Plan is the story of Jim Elliot presented in flashcard lesson to guide the child in finding God's plan for his life.

BackPack Missions
BackPack Missions is a collection of 5-10 minute missions object lessons using items pulled from a backpack by BackPack Andy. BackPack Missions integrates into existing ministries focused on children such as Children's Church, Sunday School, Backyard Bible Clubs, small groups, camps, retreats and field trips.

Bible Visuals International
BVI has flash card missions stories that will challenge children into sharing God's word to other children. There are also story books and other activity books about mission.

Caleb Project
The Caleb Project is selling Kids' Prayer Cards. The cards are printed in 4-inch sized card. They are colorful and attractive. Aside from the Kids' Prayer Cards, the Caleb Project has also many kids resources on their website.

Child Evangelism Fellowship
Child Evangelism Fellowship offers a wide variety of training options on campus, online, regionally, internationally, as well as through seminars and conferences. They also offer many resources on their website on teaching missions to children.

Children of the World Floor Puzzle
Children of the World Floor Puzzle is a delightful way for children to discover the rich variety of cultures in the human family. The finished puzzle shows 12 charming children holding hands, each in the traditional dress of their country. Solving thes jumbo puzzle pieces helps young children develop spatial awareness.

Children's Mission Education - NAMB
NAMB is offering resources that can be used for children's mission education. The link above will connect you to a page that contains links to pages with the resources for children's mission education.

Children's Mission Motivators
This page contains links to other websites that have mission resources for children and youth.

DiscipleLand - Disciples for Life
DiscipleLand offers Biblical resources for nursery, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary. These resources are designed to teach the children to have passion in Jesus' Great Commission and make them lifelong disciples who know God intimately, love God passionately, and serve God selflessly.

Esther Network International (ENI)
Esther Network, International is a ministry founded by Esther Ilnisky. Its goal is to train young children and all ages in global intercessory prayer. They are offering excellent prayer tools and more.

Ethnic Harvest
You can find mission books for kids on this page.

For God So Loved the World CD-ROM
This home-school curriculum covers lands, nations, cultures and wildlife of the eastern hemisphere, science, history, and world missionaries.

From Arapesh to Zuni: A Book of Bibleless Peoples
BY Karen Lewis
From Arapesh to Zuni: A Book of Bibleless Peoples contains A-Z names of people from the Bible. This is a simple book but can be used in prayer games for children.

Fun Around the World
By Mary Branson;jsessionid=CB17313ECB1B3B04F633289B754C576B
Fun Around the World helps children celebrate the world! Through the easy-to-use ideas of this book, boys and girls can play, dress, eat, sing and make things as children of other countries do. Discover the patchwork of cultural experiences that form the beautiful quilt of the world.

Global Bible For Children
The Global Bible for Children was created to give children a global perspective and broaden children's horizons beyond their own culture and country. With over 300 pictures from 7 continents and 50 countries, this Bible accurately represents the ethnic diversity of the world.

Global Prayer Digest
Global Prayer Digest is a magazine that is provides daily prayer guide for unreached people groups around the world. The magazine is not only for adults but also for children.

Great Commission Kids
Great Commission Kids resources are available on World Team website. They can be downloaded for free.

Great Commission Publications
GCP produces resources for the church's work of nurturing and equipping the people of God. They have mission resources for children, teens and adults.

Great Commission Toolbox
Great Commission Toolbox is created for preschool, elementary, teens and adults. It is a compilation of mission-related simulation games, stories, and discussion materials for groups of all ages. These easy-to-use resources can help you present cross-cultural situations and the challenges of missions without travelling anywhere.

Growing Young Givers - Six Ways to Encourage Your Children to Give to Mission (Article)

Kids Around the World: World Changers (Video)
By Caleb Project and World Changers
Kids Around the World series is designed to give children a missionary heart for unreached people groups. The video is about 10 minutes long but gives a thorough introduction to the culture and daily lives of Riffi children in Morocco. The video also comes with a curriculum of informative and fun activities.

Mini-Missions Conference for Children
By Dorothy Holsinger Schultz and Robert Law
Mini-Missions Conference for Children is a versatile classroom program that allows children to experience the challenge and purpose of missions as part of a missions conference, Sunday school, VBS or Christian day school program.

Missions Made Fun For Kids
By Elizabeth Whitney Crisci;jsessionid=77984CEE54424AA98CCCBAAC92B986BE
Missions Made Fun For Kids presents a game or project that teaches missionary truth and challenges students with personal responsibility. This is a book of creative ideas that will involve the young people you impact in missions-global and local.

On Mission: Giving Children a Heart for Missions (Article)
By Ashley Mazelin

Outside the Lines: Connecting Kids to God's Global Purpose
Outside the Lines: Connecting Kids to God's Global Purpose helps kids see the world as God sees it and teaches them how they can take action. The resource, which is a 26-week curriculum, presents a concise, biblical worldview; allowing kids to discover God's purpose and plan of salvation for all nations.

Outside the Lines: Connecting Kids to God's Global Purpose (Article/Video)
Outside the Lines: Connecting Kids to God's Global Purpose helps kids see the world as God sees it and teaches them how they can take action.

Planet Word Bible
Planet Word Bible is designed for tweens. It is edgy, appealing, feature-packed and challenging. This Bible is designed to appeal to the global and multicultural perspective of young people. It challenges them to see beyond themselves and make a difference in the world.

Reach Around the World
By Bob Friesen, Sandy Friesen
Reach Around the World contains activities designed to broaden the cultural horizons of youth. It challenges them to go beyond learning and develop a meaningful appreciation for the work of missions.

Ruby Slippers School Series
By Stacy Towle Morgan
Ruby Slippers School is a 6-series book about an 8 year old girl and her sister. They are going on an exciting educational adventures in distant countries with the Ruby Slippers School. There are missionary stories involved in this series.

Sonlight offers home school curriculum. This home school curriculum company was founded to meet the needs of missionaries' families both here and abroad.

Stand4Kids helps children to become involved in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have many resources on teaching kids about mission.

Teaching With God's Heart for the World
By Ann Dunagan
This is a one-year study home school curriculum incorporating God's heart for world missions. The curriculum includes 160 day-by-day teaching plans, missionary highlights, motivational mission stories, crafts, songs, prayer projects, and hundreds of ways to incorporate a passion for the lost into nearly every subject.

The Bible Translation Activity Book
The Bible Translation Activity Book helps children find out about the Bible and some of the people groups who still do not have the Bible in their own language. This book uses puzzles to teach children what translators do. It also gives them an idea of what it is like living in another country.

The Fate of the Yellow Woodbee
By Dave Jackson
The Fate of the Yellow Woodbee is great for middle-grade readers. It is a story about Young Niwa from Ecuador's Auca tribe. When Nate Saint makes contact with his tribe, Niwa tries to convince his tribe that the men are friendly, but a lie leads to tragedy.

The Kids' Multicultural Art Book: Art and Craft Experiences from Around the World (Williamson Kids Can Books)
By Alexandra M. Terzian
The Kids' Multicultural Art Book is an exciting hands-on feast of multicultural art and craft experiences. With this book, children learn to reach across continents and develop basic sensibilities about the wondrous cultures of others.

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Wycliffe Resources for Kids
Wycliffe has assembled a list of resources for parents and teachers who want to teach children about mission. You will find free curriculum, recommended resources and evaluation questions on Wycliffe's website.

You Can Change the World
By Jill Johnstone
You Can Change the World is the children's version of Operation World. It is a fun and educational tool to introduce children to praying for the world.

You Can Change the World: Learning to Pray for People Around the World (Volume II)
By Daphne Spraggett and Jill Johnstone

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