Surfer Outreach - Christian

Aleph Surf

Aleph Surf is a Christian-faith based organization that mentors young surfers and helps mold them to be Christ-like role models to others.

Christian Surfers

The mission of Christian Surfers is to be a ministry to surfers and a mission for surfers to impact the beach and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The vision of Christian Surfers is that every surfer and every surfing community will have the opportunity to experience and follow Jesus Christ. Evangelism: We are evangelistic in intent, majoring on Christ, the Gospel, and the Bible.

Christian Surfers Australia

Christian Surfers Australia holds camps, day-trips, and Bible studies particularly, but not limited, to surfers. Not only that, they help provide a surfing environment with positive and encouraging role models for other surfers. This and more other projects, Christian Surfers Australia join Christians worldwide into reaching the world for Christ.

Christian Surfers International

Christian Surfers International is hosting short-term mission opportunities. They help develop youth ministries through surfing. They also hold surf camps for young people.

Surfing Missions El Salvador

Surfing Missions El Salvador is organizing mission trips, surf camps and surf trips to individuals, church groups or family.

Walking On Water

Walking On Water is a non-profit organization that aims to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the global surfing community. They organize mission trips and sends surfers to where Christ is not known.


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