Small Group and Cell Group Resource Directory

Bible Study Fellowship International
BSF offers Bible Study classes for men, women and children. There are daytime and evening classes. There is no cost involved in joining a BSF class. Both the classes and the material are made available at no charge.

Canadian House Church Resource Newsletter
This is where you can subscribe to CHCRN. Send an e-mail to them to receive your copy of the House Church newsletter. Their e-mail subscription address is found on their website.

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)
CEF has tracts, manuals and other resources for presenting the gospel to children. They also hold clubs to present in children's homes where they can invite their neighborhood friends.

Church Cell Mission Network (CCMN)

CCMN is a network of local cell churches working together to fulfill the Great Commission. The main purpose of CCMN, and the whole reason it exists, is to facilitate relationships between churches who want to network to do missions. They usually holds global summits (everybody can participate) where Christians come to form relationships and partnerships, discuss issues on local cell church growth, formulate strategies and actions, and many more.

Home Grown Leaders
By Edgar J. Elliston
Home Grown Leaders aims at providing an approach for the development of Christian leaders whether they be small group leaders, supervisors of multiple small groups or pastors. It relies on both a biblical foundation and contemporary leadership theory. The book has been used by leadership trainers at several levels in different parts of the world. Edgar Elliston is a professor of leadership selection and training at Fuller Theological Seminary.

How to Reach Your City with Cell (Home) Groups
By Dr. Mikel and Karen Neumann
This e-book by Dr. Mikel and Karen Neumann is written based on years of experience as a missionary, international seminar leader, and researcher. The cell group lessons touch as of concern. A few examples of existing lessons show 1998 Home Cell Group Explosion: How Your Small Group Can Grow, Houston, TX.

Mainstay Ministries
Mainstay Ministries offers study resources for small group use. They have ten (8) guides available on their website. You can find these small group resources under the 50-Day Spiritual Adventures link.

Precept Ministries
Precept Ministries is an inter-denominational Bible teaching ministry centered on inductive Bible study. They offer tours designed to strengthen your walk with God through teaching and fellowship. Check out the Institute of Training for the best opportunities to learn to study the Word of God. Also, visit their website for their resources aimed to help cell / small / Bible study leaders.

Q Place (formerly Neighborhood Bible Studies)
Q Place is the website that Bible Study facilitators or cell group leaders can visit to get small group resources. You can visit their store for available small group guides or you can sign up to their website to access their online tools. Q Place also offers trainings for Christians interested of starting or handling a small group.

Youth Specialties
At Youth Specialties, you can find small group resources aimed particularly for young people.They have free resources or you can buy on their online store. You can also read inspiring and helpful articles on their blog site.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular DVD, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact Brian at