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Ichthus Books

Ichthus Books 30 S. Nogales Ave.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127 USA
fax: 1-918-559-8579

New! Ask for 8 page catalog. Great selection of books, music, software
and videos, games, language learning
Russian Small Print Bible (Holy Synod)
Russian (Holy Synod) Bible
Goetz Study Bible
Russian Illustrated Children's Bible
Russian New Testament with Psalms
Russian Pocket New Testament with Psalms
Various Russian English dictionaries
around 25 different music tapes
around 10 different compact disks
The Gospel of John with study notes
Russian language learning tapes, books and cd's
101 Bible Story
New Testament on Tape (Ukrainian)
New Testament on Tape (Russian)

Above all the Powers
Adventure through the Bible
Animal Stories
Answers to the Most Important Questions
Basic Christianity
Basics of Biblical Teaching Vol 1 &2
The Chosen
Church without Walls
Demons, Witches and the Occult
English-Russian Dictionary of Biblical Terms
Eros Defiled: The Christian and Sexual Sin
Evidence for Creation
Evidence that Demands a Verdict
Faith Under Fire
From Hell Your Hand Delivered Me
The Gage of Your Faith
Givers, Takers and other Kinds of Lovers
Helping New Christians
I Want to Believe
I Will Listen to What God Will Say
In the Caves of Gerus
In the Time of the Bible (3 books: Animals, Clothing and Transportation)
Is it Really You, God?
Jesus: A Biblical Defense of His Deity
Jesus the Radical
Kings of Kings
The Kingdom of Cults
The Man Whom We Can Imitate
Management: Biblical Approach
More Than a Carpenter
Mystery of the Missing Horses
Mystery of the Secret Code
New Beginnings
Not Guilty
On Christian Life
People in Prayer
Personal Evangelism
Place for God
The Power of Words
The Preachers Outline & Sermon Bible
Scanning the Plan
Sex, Guilt and Forgiveness
Strong-Willed Child
Time with God
Transforming Grace
Trusting God
What is Said Will Fly Away
Where is Your Faith?
Women Missionaries
Word in Action
Work with Youth

IVP Lifeguide Bible Studies
Christian Beliefs
Evangelism: A Way of Life
Mark: Follow Me
Studies in Christian Living Series
Book 1: Knowing Jesus Christ
Book 2: Beginning a New Life
Book 3: Talking with Christ
Book 4: Growing as a Christian
Book 5: Developing Your Faith
Book 6: Serving Others
Romans: Becoming New in Christ
Design for Discipleship Series
Book 1: Your Life in Christ
Book 2: The Spirit Filled Christian
Book 3: Walking with Christ
Book 4: Foundations for Faith
Book 6: Growing in Discipleship
Overview of the Bible and Bible Study Methods
Loving God: Building the Relationship
Who am I?
"Crosswalk" Series
Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Primary Roles Inventory
An Ordinary Man
Biblical Foundations for Parenting
Good that you Asked
Never too Small for God
Studying, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible
Bible Overview and Study Methods

Bibles and Reference:
Illustrated Children's Bible
Synodal Bible
Synodal New Testament
Russian-English Parallel New Testament
Bible Dictionary
Hymn Book

Commentary Series:
The Message in Galatians by John Stott
The Message of the Sermon of the Mount by John Stott
The Message of Revelation of John" by Micael Wilcock

Workbooks to accompany Walk Through the Bible's Video Series
Seven Laws of a Learner
Biblical Portrait of Marriage

Institute for Bible Translation (IBT)

Institute for Bible Translation
PO Box 360
101000 Moscow
+7 (095) 135-71-33 (fax)
Neil Coker
Institute for Bible Translation's US Representative in the US is:
WORDpress International
Mr. Curt Gustafsson:
PO Box 216
Alhambra CA 91802
(626) 458-0677 (fax)
Institute for Bible Translation primarily publishes Scripture in the non Slavic
languages of the FSU. We do have some books in Russian, including:
*Interlinear Russian/Greek Luke (1993) and Matthew (1997)
*Children's Bible with pictures
*Jesus, Friend of Children (part of the CB about Jesus)
*"Perevod Biblii" - papers from a conference (1995) about Bible
Translation in Russia in 1995.
*Reprint of Tolkovaya Bibliya (Commentary) of 1904 (3 vol.)

The Institute for Bible Translation has projects in 78 languages this year
including the other languages of the FSU besides Russian. As for a list of
books, there are several ways to approach this. You see, we aren't a "typical"
publishers. We can't afford to print 1000s of books and then hope someone
will buy them. Usually, we print based on orders by churches and missions.

Therefore, we don't always have a supply of every book we've printed. Say that a mission orders 1000 Yakut books, then +/-1300 are printed and sent to the mission, with the extra for our archives/office. We're working toward having more available for individual purchases, but this of course requires funds (which mainly go for translation expenses). So, I could send you (1) a list of every book we've printed, (2) every book we've printed and are able to re-print for a special order, (3) every book we've got in our warehouse at this moment. We handle most questions of this sort in Moscow, but if someone/a mission is interested in a reprint or ordering a future book (another list!) those orders are handled through Los Angeles, or for Europe, in our Stockholm office.

IBT is working on Bible translations in the following languages in Russia: Abkhaz, Adygei, Agul, Altai, Andi, Avar, Azeri, Balkar, Baludji, Bashkir, Bezhti, Buryat, Chechen, Chukchi, Chuvash, Crimean, Tatar, Dargin, Digor, Dolgan, Dungan, Enets, Even, Evenki, Gagauzi, Georgian, Ingush see Chechen, Itelmen, Kabardian, Kalmyk, Karachai- see Balkar, Karakalpak, Karelian, Karelian-NorthKazakh, Ket, Khakass, Khanty, Komi-Permyak, Komi-Zyrian, Koriak, Kubachi, Kumyk, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Lak, Lezgin, Mansi, Mari-High, Mari-Low, Mordvin-Erzya, Mordvin-Moksha, Nanai, Nenets,Nganasan, Nivkh, Nogai, Ossetic, Pamir-Rushani, Pamir-Shugni, Pamir-Wakhi, Pamir-Yazgulyami, Rutul, Selkup, Shor, Tabassaran, Tajik, Tat, Tatar,Tsakhur, Tsez, Turkmen, Tuvin, Udmurt, Uighur, Uzbek, Veps, Yakut, Yukagir Just from a quick glance, I can say now that we have the Children's Bible available in quantities to purchase in the following languages (to give you some info. to start with :-) Uzbek, Mari, Serbian The Gospel of Mark: Kumyk, Tuvin New Testament, Genesis, Psalms: Uzbek

Institute for Creation Research

Institute for Creation Research
The Museum of Creation and Earth History
ICR Graduate School
10946 Woodside Ave. North
Santee, CA 92071
ph: (619) 448-0900
fax: (619) 448-3469
book orders: (800) 628-7640
affiliated with a Russian creation society
has published Russian creation books in the past

Integrity Music

Integrity Music
1000 Cody Road
Mobile, Alabama 36695 USA
tel: 205-633-9000
fax: 205-633-5202
orders:1-800-239-7000 (for churches)
orders:1-800-533-6912 (for other customers)
produces music tapes for Russian children

Intensive Care Ministries

Intensive Care Ministries
P.O. BOX 109
(909) 798-0451
We have a Russian Inductive Bible Study manual that
is used to train pastors and leaders how to study the Bible and how to
prepare sermons and Bible studies. $5 per manual.

International Bible Society

International Bible Society
P.O. Box 62970
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80962-2970 USA
(800) 524-1588 sales
fax: 719-488-2041
Fax: (719) 488 3840
Michael A. Halleen
tel. (612) 949-3400
fax (612) 949-3401
published Bibles and New Testaments in many languages
publishes storybooks in six Eastern European languages

International Board of Jewish Missions

International Board of Jewish Missions
P.O. Box 3307
1805 Bailey Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37404
Phone: (423) 698-3417
Fax: (423) 698-3418
Russian tracts for Jewish people:
Come Let Us Reason Together
Remarkable Story of Dr. A. Kurt Weiss
We Want the Messiah Now
Who is He?
New Testaments in Hebrew and Russian
Hebrew and other languages
free for Jews?
$15 U.S. Donation for Gentiles

International Center for Human Values

International Center for Human Values
4.54 Novochere Mushinskaya St.
Moscow 117418
ph: 011-709-5
James Dobsons' books

International Literature Associates

International Literature Associates
Wayne Platt
Kerngasse 4
Guntramsdorf a-2353
tel: 43-2236-53750
Fax: 43-2236-52390
established printing ministries (books)
in Poland, Bulgaria Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania
Wayne Platt has worked on a list of many different publishing houses
and the books they have published in Central and Eastern Europe

International Messianic Newspaper

International Messianic Newspaper
PO Box 223
Highland Park, Illinois 60035 USA
newspaper in Russian for Jewish people

International Outreach

International Outreach
PO Box 1286
Ames, IA 50014

International Prison Ministry

International Prison Ministry
Chaplain Ray
P.O. Box 63
Dallas, Texas 75221
tel: 800-527-1212
fax: 917-272-0902 (Russian)
delivers New Testaments and Stories of Jesus booklets in Russian, Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine prisons outreach to the prisons in Russia, Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine
Russian books:

Free Russian-English-Russian Translation.
It is not a Joke. It is really free. It is our Christian commitment.
Just send us *.DOC or *.TXT file if it is short, or .ZIP file if it is a
complete book, and we will send you back a computer translation. We
realize it might be a great deal traffic, but we have some volunteers,
who will be taking this mail too.
Send a file:
Serge Taran
International Prison Ministry,

Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus
Avi Snyder
Irina Schnitzer
uses Russian tracts or broadsides
used mostly by ministry workers
outreach also in the Ukraine
Jews for Jesus in Russia has some evangelistic literature for Russian
Jews, including the book entitled "Christ in Passover". Would you be
interested in literature of that kind? We'd be prepared to send you a
package with samples of our publications.

The John 3:16 T Shirt Company

The John 3:16 T Shirt Company
Guy Aubrey
2135 Young Rd.
Cleveland, Tennessee 37311
John 3:16 shirt
English on the back
many other languages on the front of the shirt
please advise of address change

Josh McDowell Ministry

Josh McDowell Ministry
Box 1000
Dallas, TX 75221
(972) 907-1000
Josh McDowell Ministry
Arrowhead Springs 31-00
San Bernardino, CA 92414
tel: 714-881-7793
fax: 714-881-2227
Books available in most of the languages of Eastern Europe and about 10
languages of the CIS More than a Carpenter, Why Wait
Campus Crusade for Christ Support Center
Jerry Sharpless
100 Sunport Lane
Orlando, Florida 32809
tel: 407-826-2000
fax: 407-826-2851
Eastern Europe Regional Office
Larry Thompson
Brombacherstr. 1
Loermach, D-7850
tel: 49-7621-88058

Josh McDowell Ministry-Moscow

Josh McDowell Ministry-Moscow
contact Nikolai Eidlin
Ph: 7-095-719-7779

KNIGA bookstore

KNIGA bookstore
Novi Arbat
has some Christian books for sale

Vladimir Korzunin

Vladimir Korzunin
Recently we began to make a web-site on the Internet for materials which
will be useful for ministers of young people, teenagers and children. So,
by God's wonderful mercy this site (Russian one) exists now and its address
Please, use it for God's glory!
If the site is useful for you, please, share the link
with others. If you also have some things you think would be good to put on
the site, please contact me. Please pray for the project.

Language Force

Language Force
1601 E. Lincoln. Ave.
Orange, CA 92865
888-837-8887 (orders)
714-279-9080 (voice)
714-279-9368 (fax) (e-mail) (web site)]
Universal Translator Deluxe. Computer translation software available for
33 languages, including Russian, and more than 1,000 language-pair
combinations. Also allows viewing of multiple languages in one document.

Lederer Messianic Ministries

Lederer Messianic Ministries
6204 Park Heights Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21215 USA
ph: 410-358-6471
orders by fax: 410-764-1376
Russian booklets for Jewish evangelization, some Yiddish (Gospel of Matthew)
"Awakening" a book in Russian: articles , testimonies about Jewish people
and their relationship with God, Israel and the Messiah

Licht im Osten Mission

Licht im Osten Mission
252218, Ukraine, Kiev, a/ya 17
Tel: (044) 483-9324, 441-6946/ 6060
Fax: (044) 274-5226
Leader: Vasiliy Ivanovich Davidyuk, Director
Contact: Alla Adamnova Davidyuk
Executive Secretary
252218, Ukraine, Kiev,
ul. Raduzhnaya, 5-53
Tel: (044) 512-7817
I believe for international phone or fax one needs to put 011-38- before the numbers listed above, and one needs to include the zero in 044, unlike some countries where the zero is dropped.

Licht im Osten

Licht im Osten
International Headquarters
Postfach 1340
Zuffenhauser Str 37
Korntal-Munchingen 1 W-7015
Tel: (49) 0711-833057
Fax: (49) 0711-831351
Ceo: Erwin Damson, Managing Director
Contact: Friederike Haarburger

Licht im Osten

Licht im Osten
Zuffenhauser Str. 37
D-70825 Korntal-Mnchingen
Phone +49-711-839908
Fax +49-711-8399084

Life Publishers

Life Publishers
Bill Williams, director
2535 N. 40th Street
Hollywood, FL 33021
Tel: 954-964-5282
Fax: 954-964-5283

LIFE Publishers International

LIFE Publishers International
105203 Moscow
Ninaya Pervomayskaya St., 46,
office #409
Moscow, Russia
Tel: (095)-965-1629
Anna V. Nadezhdina,
Life Publishers Moscow.

The contact person is Annie Nadezhdina. She will be glad to respond to your
questions about our publications and send you a color brochure of our product
line. LIFE publishes books and Bibles in Russian and Ukrainian. We now have
the New Life Sunday School curriculum available on four age levels. The fifth
level, FIRST STEPS for ages 2-5, will be released in August. LIFE also publishes
the Full Life Study Bible-NT and an inventory of books for the edification of
believers. We hope to hear from you and will be pleased to know of your
Christian literature needs.

Life Publishers International is looking for distributors of Russian language
materials in the States. We would be very helpful to have information about
anyone who is serving the Russian and Ukrainian church community in Canada
and the States.

Life Publishers is now publishing Sunday School curriculum on four age levels,
Bible School textbooks, Bibles and general evangelism materials in Russian
and Ukrainian. God willing, we will soon be opening an office in Kyiv.

LIFE Publishers International

LIFE Publishers International
telephone (017) 238-57-13
email :
contact: Yaroslav

Lifegate, Inc.

Lifegate, Inc
P.O. Box 5
Monrovia, IN 46157-0005
ph: 317-539-4466
fax: 317-539-5293
read the tract online in sixteen languages including Russian and Ukrainian-4-98)
publishers of "God's Simple Plan of Salvation"
one of the most popular and effective tracts ever
in many languages
God's Simple Plan of Salvation tract in Russian
Read the tract in English at

Light in the East

Light in the East
Rev. Jacob Bergen
P.O. Box 1126
Richfield, CT 06877, USA
Tel: (203) 431-9817

Lockhaven Scripture Ministry

Lockhaven Scripture Ministry
Person to contact: Ed Brown
14246 Boggy Creek Rd.
Orlando, Fl 32824
Phone No.: 407/857-0461
Offers low cost foreign language New Testaments in Russian

Logos Language Institute

Logos Language Institute
Belton, TX.
800-445-6467 (voice)
Logos Language Institute. Conversational Russian for Christian Workers

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