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We do have a small number of Bibles, 2 Warren Wiersbe Bible Commentaries (each on a different book), and some Russian versions of the tract "God's Way to Heaven." We would be glad to send you a few of these items. We do not charge for the items but accept donations to help cover the mailing costs.

Bearing Precious Seed

Sam Caudill
1367 Woodvile Pike
Milford, Oh 45150
Phone No.: 513/575-1706

Offers: John/Romans in Amheric, Albanian, Arabic, Czech English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Somoan, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukranian

Bearing Precious Seed
web site with links and addresses of churches that print John and Romans in Russian

Bearing Precious Seed

Vern Vaughn or Bill Chilton
Mailing Address: 1191 W. County Line Rd.
Greenwood, IN 46142
Phone No.: 317/888-4003

Offers: John/Romans in Russian

Bible Alliance

Box 621
Bradenton, Florida 34206 USA
ph: 831-748-3031
fax: 831-748-2625
Bible Alliance
Box 1549
Bradenton, Florida 34206 USA
ph: 914-746-2572
fax: 914-748-2625

Russian Bible on cassette free for Blind people

Bible and Literature Foundation

Person to contact: Bobby Lamon
Mailing Address: 713 Cannon Rd.
Shelbyville, Tn 37160
Phone No.: 423/684-0304
New Testament in Russian

Affiliated with Bearing Precious Seed

Bible Baptist Church

1701 Harns Rd.
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
360-675-8311 (voice)
360-240-8347 (fax) (e-mail).
"ABCs of Christian Growth" in Russian by Pastor Robert Sargent.
Doctrine Books, Excellent
or at this address:
Bible Baptist Church
1219 N. Harns Rd.
Oak Harbor, Wa. 98277
ph 206/675-8311

Bible Believers Evangelistic Association

Rt 3, Box 92
Sherman, Texas 75090-9529 USA
tapes, tracts,
Russians rave about the tracts!

Bible Foundation

PO Box 908
Newberg, OR 97132-0908
(503) 538-4897

All kinds of information and links regarding Bibles.

The Bible League

Waldemar Kurtz

Bibles, New Testaments, portions, booklets.
Good prices in many languages

Bible Translation Institute


Bibles and Bible portions in many languages
They are near metro Leninsky Prospect at: at 956-6446.

Bible Works 4.0

Bible Works 4.0 advertises that their software includes Russian Bible, with abridged Greek-Russian and Hebrew-Russian Lexicons. I've not seen this software, and it's priced a tad above my budget ($299.95). Look at for ordering info.

Bibles for All

ATTN: Pavel Damyan
Shpalernaya 60, Block 1
St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: 7-812-271-9102
Fax: 7-812-127-8646
creation books in Russian
Operation Mobilization's distributor for books and literature

Bibles for Russia

15354 Old Hickory Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37211
tel: 615-834-6171
fax: 615-834-4463

Book translation and publishing in Russian.

Bibles for Russia

P.O. Box 69
Florence, Alabama 25631

Distributes a book called "Bibles for Russia" by Alfred McCroskey.

Braille materials in Russian are available from:

United Bible Societies

P.O. Box 810340
Stuttgart 80

Lutheran Braille Workers, Inc

Lutheran Braille Workers, Inc
P. O. Box 5000
Yucaipa, CA 92399-1450 USA
Phone: (909)-795-8977

Bibles for the Blind and
Visually Handicapped International

While we do not have the Bible in Russian braille, we do have available a small booklet in Russian braille entitled: "A Would-Be Suicide" that tells of the salvation experience of a famous musician. If you would be interested in one or more copies of this, please let us know.

Mrs. Suzie Reedy
Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped International (Bibles for the Blind)

Mr. Hans Braun

P.O. Box 1160
88683 Uhldingen, Germany
Phone: 011-49-7556-92110 (main office)
Fax: 011-49-7556-921130 (Hans' office)

Has the book:"Russian Answer to Moscow's Bible".
A book published by Voice of the Martyrs.


WHAT'S BRIGADA? -- Brigada, pronounced "bree-GAH-dah" (rhymes with armada), is the rough equivalent of a "brigade" -- in Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian and even Filipino! Founded 25 January 1995 (but made public on 21 March 1995), the idea is to stand side by side to pass buckets of hope for those most in need of Christ's eternal message! Check out 5 whole years of weekly back issues (Count 'em!) at . See recent back issues and links at . _Brigada Today_ is compiled by Doug Lucas <>, Louisville, KY. The email edition is then published on the web by Bob Mayhew <>, bless his soul. :-)

Brigada conferences
online conferences sharing missionary information regarding Russian and other CIS countries click on "list of current Brigada conferences"
or "how to subscribe to Brigada"

William Byers

2010 Williams St.
Sturgis, SD

cost: cost of producing only
Trail of Blood

Campus Crusade for Christ

100 Sunport Lane
Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 826-2000

The Four Spiritual Laws tract/booklet in Russian
Read it on the CCC web page at

Campus Crusade for Christ-Moscow or New Life

PO Box 176
Varshavskoye Shosse 37
113105 Moscow
contact Roman Brodsky
fax: 7-095-719-7789
Ph: 7-095-719-7779

CCC materials and Jesus videos
Campus Crusade for Christ-Moscow has an office in the same building with Association for Spiritual Renewal (see address)

JESUS (audio)

Meetings with Josh McDowell 26 audiotapes
Praise and Worship #1 45
Praise and Worship #2 40
Praise and Worship (songs book with sheet music)
Posters for Scarlet Thread of Redemption


270-100 Dialogue (answers for atheists) 0.40
185A-1 Four Spiritual Laws - Russian 0.05
Four Spiritual Laws -Russian/English 0.10
Jesus Video 05.00


300-800 Holy Spirit Booklet 0.05
305-120 New Life in Christ 0.30


275A-80 Practical Christian Discipleship: Student Lessons 1-6 0.50
280A-40 Practical Christian Discipleship: Teachers Lessons 1-6 0.50
275B-80 Practical Christian Discipleship: Student Lessons 7-12 0.50
280B-40 Practical Christian Discipleship: Teachers Lessons 7-12 0.50
Practical Christian Discipleship: Student Lessons 13-20 0.50
280C-30 Practical Christian Discipleship: Teachers Lessons 13-20 0.50
155-50 PCD-How to lead a Discipleship group: student 0.50
160-40 PCD-How to lead Discipleship group: teacher 0.50
140-20 Transferrable Concepts (all in 1 book) 1.00
145-12 10 Basic steps to Christian maturity (all in 1 book) 1.75
150-30 Fruitful Christian life 0.20


100-16 New Testament (Synodal) 1.00
105-56 New Testament (Contemporary translation) 1.00
100-36 New Testament (bilingual) 2.00


165-60 Man without equal (B.Bright) 0.50
320-56 Life without equal (B.Bright) 0.50
135-30 The Secret (B.Bright) 0.50
130-12 Promises (Daily Guide to Supernatural Living)
(B.Bright) 1.50


170-30 Learning Russian Language through Scripture 5.00 ]

The Center for Apologetics Research

Saint Petersburg, Russia
The Center for Apologetics Research
194044 Saint Petersburg
Box 954
E-MAIL: (e-mail of researcher Dima Rozet)

For Russian-language evangelical responses to this movement, contact the Center for Apologetics Research in St. Petersburg has Russian books, tracts, videos.

This is to announce that a brand-new Russian-language co-edition of the following book is now available:

The Compact Guide to World Religions
  edited by Dean Halverson

(St. Petersburg: Center for Apologetics Research/Shandal, 2000)
304 pp. / ISBN 5-88029-8

This important work features clear, easy-to-understand chapters on such subjects as

Especially valuable is the "World Religions Overview" (pp. 11-37), which provides a succinct comparison of the major points of world faiths and uses helpful charts.

This book will be of great benefit to students in seminaries and Bible schools, along with all who want to share their faith knowledgeably and compassionately with those of other faiths.

Center for International Education

For further information call:
(7-095)125-3261 or
(to speak English) 124-1811
fax to 125-4461
Posted by: Beverly Nickles <>

Missionaries can now purchase a textbook specially designed to improve usage of fundamental Russian language while at the same time developing vocabulary which enables them to express their faith. The text teaches Biblical and church language while at the same time acquainting the learner with church-related aspects of Russian history and culture. This unique textbook was written by Tatiana Vladimirova as a result of several years of teaching foreign missionaries on the faculty of Moscow State's Center for International Education. The textbook costs the ruble equivalent of $10 and can be purchased at the Center for International Education in Moscow.

Chick Publications

PO Box 662
Chino, CA 91708-0662
(909) 987-0771
909-941-8128 (fax)
Russian distributor:
Project World
109360 Moscow
104 Lublinskaya St
Tel/Fax: 0953237413

Illustrated booklets in many languages
Titles in Russian: The Beast, Big Daddy, Creator or Liar?, The Crisis, Earthman, Empty Tomb, Love Story, Room 310, Sissy?, This Was Your Life!, Where's Rabbi Waxman?

Child and World Foundation

Po Box 258
Oisterwijk 5060 AG
The Netherlands
tel: 31-499-397662
fax: 31-499-397851

Publishes religious education materials for children, distributes visual aids, teaching programs. Religious education materials for children in Russia.

The great Wall
Drama-In the Toymaker's Garden

Coloring Pictures:
Tower Of Babel
The Fall of Jericho
Naaman's Servant Girl
Sermon on the Mount
Good Samaritan
Good Shepherd
Martha and Mary
Peter Walking on the Water
Feeding of the Five Thousand
Palm Sunday
The Women near the Empty Tomb
The Great Wall
Wedding at Cana
Bible Work for Narrator and Child
Teaching Materials by Evert Kuyt

Walking with Jesus-series of six books
Part 1-An Unforgettable Beginning
Part 2-Wonderful Happenings
Part 3-Hidden Meanings
Part 4-Important to Know
Part 5-An Undeserved Death
Part 6-A Tremendous Victory
Handbook for Children's Workers parts 1 &2

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Russian Literature Ministry
Spolecznosc Ewangelizacji Dzieci
ul. Meczenników Oswiecimskich 16
43-200 Pszczyna
fax: 48-32-211-56-37

Kids Sunday School materials in Russian, Polish, Hungarian
Tracts for evangelizing children: (available in Russian, Ukrainian, Byelarussian, Tajik, Tatar, Turkmenian, Uzbek)

1. Good News for You
2. Jesus, my Lord and Savior

Child Evangelism Fellowship

P.O. Box 348
Warrenton, MO 63383 USA
fax: 314-456-2078

Child Evangelism Fellowship has an office in the same building with Association for Spiritual Renewal (see address) and Campus Crusade for Christ in Moscow

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Novye Cheremushki kvartal
Ul. Nametkina, Bldg. 5
Moscow, Russia 117420
Tel: 719-7936
Child Evangelism Fellowship has an office in the same building with Association for Spiritual Renewal (see address) and Campus Crusade for Christ in Moscow

Child Evangelism Fellowship (European CEF Centre)

Sam Doherty
C 4438
tel: 41-62-601-405
fax: 41-62-601-566

Children's Bible Hour

Box 1
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Booklets called "Keys for Kids" different languages including Russian

publishers and distributors:
The Little Samaritan Mission
1074 17th Avenue. NW
Hickory, North Carolina 28601
office: 704-324-1252
home &fax: 704-324-0018
Misinea Micul Samaritan
C.P. 8574
Kishinew 60
Republic of Moldova
ph: 23-7589

Christian Bookstore in Russia

For further info. call 912-0888, fax: 956-3964.

A new Christian bookstore in Moscow has opened at ul. Avtozavodskaya
d. 17, korp. 1, right next to metro station Avtozavodskaya. A full assortment of Christian literature is available, especially those published by Licht im Osten. The store has a new supply of the Russian translation of the Brokhaus Bible Encyclopedia.
Posted by: Orest Holovaty <>

Chosen People Ministries

1300 Cross Beam Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28217-2800
ph: 704-357-9000
orders: 1-800-333-4936
faxed orders: 704-357-6359
Russian Jewish evangelistic tracts
How Would you Know the Messiah?
What is a Christian, Who is a Jew?
Of Whom Does Isaiah 53 Speak?
How to Be Like the Messiah-a discipleship book written to help Jewish believers in their new walk with the Messiah

Christian Duplications International

1710 Lee Rd.
Orlando, FL 32810
800-327-9332 (orders)
407-299-7363 (voice)
407-578-1880 (fax)
Bible. Russian Synodal N.T. on audio cassette.

Christian Financial Concepts

PO Box 2377
Gainesville, GA 30503-2377 USA
How to Contact Christian Financial Concepts
For products and materials you may contact us by telephone at (800)
Our office number is (770) 534-1000.
CFC published Your Finances in Changing Times and The Word on Finances (books). Bibles for All in St. Petersburg is in charge of distribution. Richard Timmons with Campus Crusade for Christ is working on a Russian
translation of the Your Finances in Changing Times seminar.

The Christian Jew Foundation

611 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78215 USA
sponsors the International Messianic Newspaper, a newspaper in Russian
for Jewish people
Russian New Testaments
>From Atheism to Faith- The Story of a Russian Jewish Immigrant
in English by Anna Portnov
How the Cross Became a Sword in Russian (by Richard Booker)

Christian Life International Bible College
Christian Life Church

tel.415-892-0714 (ask for the Russian administrator of CLIBC)
fax 415-892-1818

For those working in Russian speaking countries, Christian Life
International Bible College has released a set of modern day Bible commentaries in the Russian language. They have a 21-volume set of books (only the first 5 area available right now - more to come) that cover Genesis to Revelation. Each book averages about 200 pages (in the A4 format - 8.27" x 11.69") and some are over 300 pages.

Christian Research Institute

P.O. Box 7000
Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688-6100
ph: 714-858-6100
fax: 714-858-6111
Russian and Ukrainian tracts exposing JW's an Mormon's false teachings
Kingdom of the Cults in Russian (verify?)
Russian tracts:
Mormon Missionaries At Your Door, They Come on Bicycles, JW's
Ukrainian tracts:
Mormon Missionaries At Your Door

Christlicher Verlag
Liebigstrasse 8-10
6453 Seligenstadt
West Germany
(49) (6182) 28-896

CoMission Headquarters

1900 Rexford Road
Charlotte, North Carolina 28211
FAX 704-364-8538
introducing public school teachers to a Bible based "Ethics and Morality" curriculum; conducting follow-up Bible studies for interested seekers and new believers.

Creation Research Society

P.O. Box 8263
St. Joseph, MO 64508-8263


PO Box 2528
Cedar Hill, Texas 75106
Randy Weiss
(972) 298-4004
(972) 298-5595 (fax) music cassette in Russian.

Cyrillic on your computer

Dan Ward <>

If you have trouble reading the Cyrillic in these files (either Windows Cyrllic CP-1251 or the KOI8 Cyrillic) then you can try 3 things:

1) If you have any Cyrillic fonts on your computer, then copy the text in these files and paste them into your word processor. Then do SELECT ALL and change the font to a Cyrillic font. One you have should probably work on either the KOI8 version or the CP 1251 version.

2) If you have no Cyrllic fonts, you can install Cyrllic fonts from Windows 95 or 98 by choosing the Western and Eastern European fonts option. Go to the SETTINGS option under the START menu (lower right hand corner of Windows), and then choose CONTROL PANELS. Then choose ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, and then under that choose MULTILANGUAGE SUPPORT. You will need your Windows 95/98 CD.

3) If you would prefer having more abilities in Cyrllic, such as switching from different kinds of Cyrllic and converting them from Mac Cyrllic to Windows Cyrllic, etc., you may want to consider checking out the offerings on the internet.

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