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Abide In Christ

Learning To "Abide In Christ"--A Lifelong Journey

Abide in Christ, with its extensive multilingual devotional resources (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian), will encourage you in your daily Christian walk. Find a vast collection of sermons and Bible studies including "Christ in the Old Testament," "Philippians," Miracles at Calvary," a series of sermons on the "I AM" Sayings of Jesus and more. Share a sermon idea or a testimony; find sermon starters and devotional classic material by Andrew Murray, Charles Spurgeon and others. Enjoy "Selah!--a "one-page reflection on God's Word for the Day (in English and Espanol). Abide in Christ is a vast site of Christian resources for you to enjoy!

Affect Destiny/Book of Life International

Affect Destiny/Book of Life International
1100 State Road 7, #100, Margate, FL 33068, U.S.A.
Phone: 954-975-7777 - FAX: 954-975-0620
Bob Hoskins, President
Book of Life in Russian

Agape-Biblia in Russian

Authorized Moscow website:
Robert Hosken:

CD-ROM containing:

1. the latest version of Agape-Biblia,
2. all of our plug-in applications, including these courses,
3. dozens of *.mp3 Christian music files for background listening while using Agape-Biblia or in general,
4. the "Bibliologia" Christian library system containing several Bibles and Bible study programs with interfaces to Agape-Biblia,
5. many, many other useful files and software programs.

Alliance Russia

Alliance for Saturation Church Planting
Robert Mackey
Bobby LaDage:

Alliance Russia has developed a comprehensive curriculum to train church planters in Russia.

Russia: Teaching how to plant church-planting churches

Peter Sautov had a simple vision: to plant 200 new churches in the next 10 years. 17 church planting teams have already formed under his leadership in western Russia. How does he work? He has put together a team of gifted Christians who train pastors, theology students, church leaders and anyone else interested how to plant church-planting churches. The aim is 'Saturation Church Planting'. The idea, though, is not only to plant new churches, but to start more centers to teach the vision and strategy. Their current aim is three more centers outside Moscow. One of Sautov's team members is Michael Dodenkov, from Zhahleznagorsk in south Moscow, who has already planted three churches in Saransk, and will soon lead a training center in the Kerov area near Kazan.

Alpha Materials

Alpha materials available in Russian from Rosa church. Please contact The Alpha course is a ten week practical introduction to the Christian faith. It is designed primarily for non-churchgoers and those who have recently become Christians.

American Bible Society

American Bible Society
1865 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
(800) 248-6571 regular catalog
(800) 322 4253
(800) 543-8000 Scholarly Resources
(212) 581-7400
(212) 408 1200
(212) 408 1512 fax

Low cost Bible publisher and sponsor of volunteer Scripture Courtesy Centers. Bibles, New Testaments, portions, ask for catalog:scriptures resourses in many languages

American Messianic Fellowship

AMF International
P.O. Box 5470 , Lansing, IL 60438-5470
ph: (708) 418-0020 - fax: 708-418-0132
Russian Jewish newspaper and Russian tracts for Jewish people

Friends of Soviet Jewry

P.O. Box 2567
Springfield, Virginia 22152

American Scripture Gift Mission

P. O. Box 410280
Melbourne, FL 32941
Toll-free: 877-873-2746
Phone: 321-255-7774
Fax: 321-255-8986
Ministry Managers: Gary & Linda Powell

tracts-ask for Slavic list

American Tract Society

PO Box 4620008, Garland TX 75046-2008
Toll free: 1 800 548 7228
Tel: (214) 276 9408
Fax: (214) 272 9642

Well written tracts in comic and non comic format on glossy paper large selection in a English Spanish and other languages ATS has new cybertracts, which is an interactive cd-rom. One looks like a comic book.

Russian tracts:
"Ben, the Boy with Two Birhtdays"
"Libertate" Russian/English

AMMI Ministries

New Beginnings ESL School
P.O. Box 52785 , Phila., PA 19115.
Ron Elkin, Director

Pray for the final preparation and translation into Russian on tracts on Isaiah 53, and the suffering of the Jewish people. *For a free book in Russian called They Thought for Themselves." (true stories of Jewish people who have discovered God 1s love and forgiveness) If you can include $2.00 towards postage it would be appreciated.

AS Credo Ltd.

AS Credo Ltd.
P.K. 32
EE 3170 Haapsalu

Sunday school materials in Russian and Estonian

Association of Christian Schools International and Walk Thru the Bible

252162 Kiev
a/ya. 22
Attn: Ray & Cindy Le Clair

ACSI Russian-language Books

A. "Encyclopedia of Biblical Truths for School Subjects" (4 vol.), Dr. Ruth Haycock

vol. 1 - Social Studies
vol. 2 - Language Arts
vol. 3 - Science/ Mathematics
vol. 4 - Fine Arts/Health

This Biblically based series is a valuable resource for preparing Christian teachers for it sheds light on thirty different areas of knowledge. Each chapter of each volume begins with a list of principles taken from the Bible; each principle is then thoroughly supported by Biblical texts. The series is intended for teachers of any age group but may be used by anyone who wishes to know how God's revelation applies to all aspects of life.

B. "Walking with God in the Classroom", Dr. Harro Van Brummelen

Intended as a basic college textbook for preparing Christian school teachers (and is used widely as such in N. America). While it covers all of the basic issues of pedagogy from a Christian perspective, chapter 3, "Model for Learning", has proved to be of special interest to teachers in the CIS.

C. "Thinking Christianly", Dr. Albert Greene

Intended for teachers, pastors, missionaries, parents, and new believers--for all who wish to think Christianly. This book is organized to be used with the Bible and pencil in hand. Of particular interest is the author's discussion of the sacred vs. secular dualism common among Christians, the relationship between Christianity and culture and a Biblical view of values and aesthetics.

D. "The Pattern of God's Truth", Dr. Frank Gabelein

This book discusses important issues of the Christian life and in particular the integration of "secular" knowledge and Biblical principles. It is addresse primarily to Christian school teachers, however, the author's discussion o absolute ethical norms, moral criteria, aesthetic concepts as related to Christianity would be of interest to any serious reader. The book' integrating theme is "What is Truth?" The author affirms that all Truth (if it
is Truth) is God's Truth wherever it may be found.

E. "100 Ideas That Work! -- Discipline in the Classroom", Dr. Sharon Berry

A very popular practical handbook on discipline which offers good ideas to both new and experienced teachers on creating harmony in the classroom. (In the Russian version only 99 ideas are included.)

F. "How to Organize a Christian School", ACSI

An international team of experienced Christian educators share their ideas on the important aspects of starting a Christian school. Teachers, principals, school boards, pastors and parents will find this book of great benefit. The appendix even contains a number of sample documents useful to school boards and administrators.

G. "Understanding the Times" Dr. David Noebel

A comparative analysis of the four prominent world views of modern times (Secular Humanism, Marxism-Leninism, New Age and Biblical Christianity). It discusses each of these world views in the context of 10 major disciplines (theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, psychology, sociology, law, politics, economics, history).

Association for Spiritual Renewal

(Russian branch of Peter Deyneka Russian Ministries)
Novye Cheremushki kvartal
Ul. Nametkina, Bldg. 5, Moscow, Russia 117420
Phone: (095) 719-7945 - Fax: (095) 719-7890
Contact person: Tanya Orlova at

Association for Spiritual Renewal has Literature for Theological Education
(Seminaries and Bible Schools). It has over 1,000 different titles of Christian books in the Russian language, plus musical cds, audio cassettes, videos, and much more.

First, for the past four and a half years we have had a team that has been collecting books useful for seminaries and Bible Schools to be placed into two research libraries. A library is located in Moscow and one in Kiev. The Moscow library has over 10,000 Russian volumes. We have a special section of religious/evangelical books printed before the 1917 revolution. These books have been placed into a database which will some day be accessible in English. At present the database is available in Russian. We have printed a directory of these books about a year ago. It is over 300 pages in length and provides bibliographic information as well as short summaries of each title. Again this is available only in Russian. Every Book listed in the directory is physically available in our library at our Moscow Center.

Secondly, Russian Ministries/Association of Spiritual Renewal has been producing and distributing literature for the past five years throughout the FSU. We have over 1,000 different titles of Christian books in the Russian language, plus musical cds, audio cassettes, videos, and much more.

Call or visit our Christian bookstore at the address or phone number listed. We update our stock and price list continuously and soon it will be available on the World Wide Web. In addition, books we sell are in many cases available through some of our 21 regional centers throughout the FSU. We can assist organizations who are trying to pull together large orders of books which are available only through many publishers in different cities.

As we purchase books from these publishers in large quantities we are able to get lower prices and pass those savings on to the ministries who are looking for literature. We have a literature department in our Moscow office which services book stores, wholesalers, publishers, organizations, and churches. We would be happy to assist anyone looking for Christian literature for ministries in the FSU. We do not however, have much in the way of tracts or pamphlets as these are not as useful here in Russia. We are beginning to increase our inventory of both video and audio tapes for purchase.

List of Books

Audio Forum

96 Broad St., Guilford, CT 06437
203-453-9774 (voice)
203-453-9794 (fax)
800-243-1234 (voice) (e-mail)
Audio Forum. Russian language courses.
Bible. Russian New Testament on cassette

Audio Scriptures International

16980 Vea Tazon, Ste. 280
PO Box 28417, San Diego, CA 92198
(619) 673-0867
Has Scripture on cassette in over 250 languages. Expensive.

Bible on tape in many languages and other special interest tapes in a few languages including Russian.

They offer the New Testament in Russian, 1876 Synod version, the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of John. We also offer an audio cassetterecording in Russian entitled "The Greatest Person Who Ever Lived." This is selected passages from the four gospels and is an account of Jesus' life on earth. Also, a recording entitled "God's Powerful Savior" taken from the Gospel of Luke.

Audio Scripture Ministries

Scripture Distribution
Resource Center
PO Box 460634, Escondido, CA 92046-0634 USA
Voice: (1) 760 745 8105
Facsimile: (1) 760 745 8150

Audio Scripture Ministries

International Headquarters
760 Waverly Road
Holland, MI 49423 USA
USA Toll Free: 1-800-333-1616
Voice: (1) 616 396-5291
Facsimile: (1) 616 396 5294

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World Christian Resource Directory

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