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Puppet Ministry Resource Directory - part 2

Our Father's Puppet Kingdom
105 Montreat Road
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Our complete catalog is now online so you can browse and order Gloryette Puppets right here, at your convenience, day or night. If you would like a printed catalog, please send a request to our mailing address.

Puppet House

Animal puppets, people puppets, biblical characters, and other unique puppets. Special orders also available upon request.

Puppet House
611 Roberts Ave.
Jennings, LA 70546

Puppet Ministry Chat

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Finally there is a chat for all you puppetry enthusiasts out there, especially those using puppetry in ministry. Ofcourse, everyone is welcome, whether you use puppetry in ministry or in anything for that matter or not! The channel is a public one and open to all. We do however urge you to behave according to common netiquette and not to harrass other users.

The Puppet Ministry channel works through IRC and therefore you will have to have an IRC Client (such as (download sites) mIRC, ChatMan, Pirch etc.) to access it. Once you have installed your mIRC software, connect to the DALnet server geographically closest to you and type "/join #PuppetMinistry" (without the quotation marks and press enter). A window will pop up and you will be chatting away on the Puppet Ministry channel. (It might sound complicated and like a lotta work, but believe me, it's not and it's worth it!)

See you at the Puppet Ministry channel!

Puppet Ministry/ Puppet Links

Below are some links that have appeared on the page:

-- Axtell Expressions Gospel Puppet Resources, etc.
-- Children's Ministry Today, Puppet Page
-- Cleaford Puppet People Great Britan
-- Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers
-- Isaac Inc. -- Ministries on the WWW
-- Maher Studios Puppets
-- One Way Street Gospel Puppets and Scripts, etc.
-- Puppart Puppets
-- Puppets are People Too Help Page
-- Puppet Resources
-- Puppets to the Nations
-- The Good News Gang Puppets Inspitational Ministries
-- The Lincoln Puppet Factory
-- The Master's Puppets Homepage
-- The Puppetry Home Page
-- Ventrilo-Quick By Axtell Expressions (Learn to be a Ventriloquist)

Check for changes and additions!


Puppet Productions
P.O. Box 1066
DeSoto, TX 75123

The Puppet Prospectors
Sheldon Rhodes
10230 E. State Rd.
Nashville, MI 49073
Office: (517) 852-1851
Voice Mail: (209) 497-2254 l

One of the best web sites for a puppet ministry.

How to have Puppet Ministry of your very own!

-- Why a Puppet Ministry MMM is an Effective Ministry!
-- Getting Started
-- Tips for the Novice
-- Tips for the Experienced
-- Workshops and Seminars

-- Puppets
-- Magic Tricks
-- Things to Juggle
-- Tapes Videos & Kits
-- Clown Items
-- Books

Learn about our ministry with children!

-- The Purpose & Ministry of MMM The Puppet Prospectors
-- The Ministry of Sheldon MMM and Vicky Rhodes
-- Our Beliefs
-- References

How You Can Help
-- Ministry Funding
-- Specia -- Needs
-- Where To Find Us
-- Giving to This Ministry
-- Other Organizations & Links:

For information on their seminars and puppets jump here.


See for Puppet Prospectors own site.

Puppet Resource Center

Puppet Picks

... places to go!

Visit The Puppet Resource Center

These are some secular and Christian sites. Please go to the web site address above to visit these links:

For general information check out the Puppetry Home Page. This site is a great resource spot with hot links to Puppet Companies, articles about puppetry and much more.

You can write to them by email at


Puppet Scripts

These are titles of Christian puppet scripts:

I Can't Wait
Don't Interrupt Me
The Lost Sheep
Unique or
"in" Fear
New Animals
What is Sin?
A Four-Letter Word
Not Reading Your
Bible is Like What's Real?
The Winner Is
Sarah-Bell You Don't Say

If anyone wishes to place their scripts here on the net for people to see and use for free, mail them to Keith. This site is not for those wishing to profit financially from their scripts.

Keith Howard ( )

Puppeteers of America

Puppets Around the World

Reach and Teach Children
PO Box 4946
Buffalo Grove, IL

Puppet Ministry Articles

Please go to this excellent web site for some excellent advice for people interested in learning more about the puppet ministry. You will find some practical advice on the web site.


#1 Getting Started
#2 Puppet Personality
#3 Telling a Story
#4 Guess the Bible Character
#5 Singing With Puppets
#6 Responding to Children's Emotions

Each article builds on the previous concepts presented. The purpose of using a puppet with the children is to facilitate their own discovery of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in their own lives.

They also offer booklets for sale:

Have you signed up for their monthly e-mail newsletter? Ideas, encouragement, prayer, resources and best - at no cost. Go to E-Mail Newsletter to sign up!

SageCraft Productions

The Puppetry Home Page
Other Puppetry Sites And Resources
secular links:

Hand Shadow Puppets, from Stage Hands Puppets.

YWAM Ministry Tools
100 West 35th Street Suite C
National City, CA 91950
(619) 420-1900

You can get a few different spanish puppet skits from YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in San Diego. They have a website at

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