Ministry to Missionary Kids - Online Articles, Ebooks, Cultural Training, Education, Retreats, and Discipleship

ISMK (International Society of Missionary Kids)

ISMK assists missionary kids in cultural training, education, retreats, discipleship, and life transitions. They train missionary kids to become engaged in discipleship and missions. They also provide support to the families in vulnerable situations.

Missionary Kids Ministries

Missinary Kids Ministries is a charitable organization focused on college-aged children of Christian missionaries from other countries. They host retreats for Third Culture Kids group.


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MK Ministries

Missionary Kids Ministries reaches out to missionary kids by helping to reinforce them while on the field spiritually, socially and emotionally. They help reintegrate the children into their "home" culture, reestablish their foundation of faith, and reconnect those who have lost touch with others in the missionary community while promoting spiritual enrichment in the life of all missionary kids.

Missionary Care

Please look on this website for online articles about missionary kids.
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Raising Resilient MKs: Resources for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers,-parents,-and-teachers.html


We want to see "missionary kids" (sons and daughters of missionaries) grow up to be personal followers of Jesus through education, activities, and programs that build them up in Christ. We offer an MK school with Christian education in English, and we also provide a Kids Bible Club, Parents Night Out, and other activities to support the MKs and their families.

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