Missionary Reentry Resources

Coming Home Again- Reentry (Book 1)

By Howard & Bonnie Lisech

Coming Home (Book 1) contains 14 short, but powerful, devotional Bible studies that are specifically designed to match elements of the reentry stress curve. Many long-term and short-term organizations use Coming Home to help returnees. Reentry stress is a real issue and needs effective tools to minimize its effects. Lisa Espineli Chinn, a noted reentry specialist, says Coming Home is a "must have" devotional guide for anyone coming home from short-term or long-term mission service as they encounter the issues of reentry stress. It is especially helpful for those who do either the Walk as He Walked, Abide in the Vine, or Ripe for Harvest studies while on mission trips or assignments.

Deeper Roots


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Emmaus Road International


You can get the book The Reentry Team: Caring For Your Returning Missionaries on the ERI website.

Re Entry: Making The Transition From Missions To Life At Home
By Peter Jordan


The classic book on re-entry. Going on a STM outreach can be like going into outer space. You leave home fast, and you come back down hard! The in-between is a totally foreign and completely exhilarating experience. But what happens when you come home? Here's the book that gives you the "A to Z" of the re-entry process. 156 pages. (REN-B). Video Series (2-1/2 hours, four sessions)

Reentry Guide for Short-Term Mission Leaders
By Lisa Espneli Chinn


This book brings together Lisa's learning and teaching on reentry since she "stumbled on the concept" in 1982. Nine important chapters, plus four exercises in the Appendix, make this a gold mine. The chapters themselves are filled with practical tips, questions and exercises to use with your team. 75 pages. Spiral paperback.

RE-ENTRY: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home
By Peter Jordan


Essential teaching for every short- and long-term outreach participant & every church and mission agency that sends them. Peter Jordan's vital, insightful teaching on the challenges and opportunities that await returning missionaries makes this essential reading for everyone involved in missions. A missions "must-read"!

The Reentry Team: Caring for Your Missionaries
By Neal Pirolo


A "must-read" for church leaders and laymen alike. Full of practical wisdom and touching true-to-life stories that will assist the church in receiving back the ones they have sent out. This will result in healthy returnees making enormous contributions to body life at home. The church will be blessed, and world missions will go forward. Paperback. 319 Pages.

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