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Smalley Online


If you're looking to achieve true intimacy in your relationships,, home of the Smalley Relationship Center, has plenty of resources to point you in the right direction. Find the guidance you are looking for in the Web site's many resources--articles, audio and video online courses; online relationship testing--a personality test, divorce predictor test and a parenting styles test; online forums; conferences for pastors, couples, families, small groups and much more. The Smalley Relationship Center is committed to its mission "to rebuild, restore and renew marriages that have been devastated for generations... to accomplish this by reducing divorce and raising marital satisfaction for every couple!" Visit Smalley Online and find encouragement and blessing.

Marriage Works

Marriage Works
Center for Biblical Counseling
PO Box 739
Forest, VA 24551

video courses

True Love Waits


True Love Waits, sponsored by LifeWay: Biblical Solutions for Life, is a massive international campaign that challenges teenagers and college students to remain sexually abstinent until marriage. "True Love Waits Goes Home," the 2003-04 theme, encourages families to be committed to living pure lives together. Resources include Bible study, commitment cards for students and parents, a planning manual and more. Find out about a ring ceremony and a wedding ceremony that includes TLW. Teens can read articles, get advice and find fun to help them keep focused on their commitment. Parents and youth leaders will find plenty of information and resources--Bible studies and other tools for encouraging teens and young people to remain sexually pure until marriage.

True Love Waits:

The Covenant Marriage Movement

The Covenant Marriage Movement wants Christian marriages restored to the "covenant relationship" that God intended. Their goal? "To have 50,000 congregations across our nation and around the world corporately affirming marriage as a covenant relationship during their morning worship hour(s)." Obtain a congregational kit with posters, bulletin inserts, commitment cards, sermon helps, Bible study material and more. Find ordering information online. Covenant Marriage Movement encourages churches of all denominations to participate in this celebration of marriage--as God intended it! Note that personal visitors to the Web site may record information online to obtain a personal commitment certificate. The project is also available for Spanish-speaking persons.

Covenant Marriage Movement:

FamilyLife Ministries


Looking for a daily devotion you and your spouse can enjoy together? FamilyLife Ministries presents "Moments Together for Couples," a daily online devotional for married couples. Strengthen your marriage daily with life application devotionals and prayer suggestions. A 52-week prayer devotional from "The Nehemiah Project" is also available online, for rebuilding the wall in the family.

Moments Together for Couples:

One of the best and largest Christian resource web sites has Kevin Leman's and others resources.

Sampson Resources

Sampson Resources
Kevin Leman, John Trent and others
sells kits regarding marriage

LifeBranch Institute International


LifeBranch Institute International (LBII), a alliance member, is "dedicated to making a Christian marriage Christ-like." LBII seeks to "equip couples for effective daily living by applying God's Word." Services include mentoring groups, leadership development, seminars and conferences. "Marriage Builders" offers a premarital quiz, tips on protecting your marriage and e-cards to send a spouse. Enjoy also "Marriage Moments," a devotional for married couples. LBII provides a great assortment of marriage enrichment resources--find personalized marriage renewal vows, books, music tapes and online articles to strengthen and support the Christian marriage.


Second Baptist recently put up a billboard along the Katy Freeway with only the provocative Web address: "If you go to the Web site, it is a promotion for Ed Young's (sermon) series on marriage," Drinnon said. The site also runs a poll on marriage problems and offers a Q&A on personal marriage difficulties. The billboard went up April 1, 2003 and had 400,000 hits in less than a month, Drinnon said.

Marriage Makers: Magnificent Marriages In The Making

With June, July and August being popular months for weddings, it is also a good time for already married couples to focus on strengthening this special union. Marriage Makers (MM), a ministry from Dr. Paul Freed, provides marriage and men's conferences to couples and individuals dedicated to seeking God's best for their lives. Marriage conferences focus on topics such as romance, lovemaking, in-laws, problem-solving, family faith, finances, parenting and communication. Men's conferences explore "might," wisdom, vision and holiness. Guests declare that MM's conferences "rekindled the flames of passion in our marriage" and were "very fulfilling, enlightening, enriching, and encouraging." For information on hosting a Marriage Makers or men's conference, or for more information on the upcoming book, "The Marriage Makers," visit the Marriage Makers Web site. Marriage Makers:

Parent Talk OnCall -- Lots of great resources.

Laugh And Learn With Your Family At The Family Resources Network

Family Resources Network (FRN) provides a variety of helpful resources for the Christian family. Find marriage and parenting articles, a great kitchen area with categorized recipes, entertainment, a family book club, a spiritual growth section, recommended books (order online), a chat room, headline news and weather and more. A financial area and stock quotes are also included. There's something for every family member at FRN--including, of course, the good food! Family Resources Network:


NCubator is a Christian resource directory and magazine-style portal, with frequent new features on a range of subjects or 'cubes'. They are looking for volunteer editors for some of the sections. Check the missions/evangelism page and see 'Communicating the Gospel in a secular culture' from last month's Bulletin. (Remember - any item from the Bulletin can be republished!) Then take time to view the various categories - covering Education, Marriage, Discipleship, Prayer, Recovery and much more. There is also a directory for you to submit your site:

Focus on the Family International

8605 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920 or 90920 USA
(800) A-FAMILY (232-6459)
(719) 531-3400

This site has a large list of Christian videos regarding the family.

Marriage and Family Magazine

Jimmy Evans
(videos on how to have a successful marriage and family)

Cornerstone Television

Wall, Pennsylvania 15148
Singles Plus Seminar
(Marriage Plus) with Ray Mossholder

Walk Thru the Bible Ministries

4201 N. Peachtree Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30341 USA
ph: (770) 458-9300
fax: (770) 454-9313
ph: 800-763-5422
ph: 800-763-5433

This is an excellent ministry with videos on a successful marriage.

Bruce Wilkinson's excellent teaching ministry
(A Biblical Portrait of Marriage)
(When Couples Become One)
(When A Husband Loves)
(In Laws or Out Laws)
many other videos

Hearts, Flowers--And Faith!

Gospelcom alliance ministries present some excellent love and marriage resources for your inspirational reading. RBC Ministries provides "Our Daily Bread" articles, "Discovery Series" booklets, "Words to Live By" radio programs and more. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA (IVCF) invites you to explore a relationships area with articles about intimacy, relationships and sex. Luis Palau Evangelistic Association (LPEA) presents helpful articles by Luis Palau on love and marriage, "Love is Meeting Each Other's Needs" and "Two Shall Become One." Enjoy these fine resources, all available online at each of these ministry Web sites.

RBC Love Resources:
RBC Marriage Resources:
IVCF articles:
LPEA articles:
Love Is Meeting Each Other's Needs:
Two Shall Become One:

Family Resource Network Provides Helpful Information For Families

Family Resource Network invites readers to participate in a new family forum, to find helpful resources on marriage, parenting, finances, entertainment, spiritual growth, a family book club, family-safe links--and a delightful feature, "In the Kitchen," with indexed recipes for a hungry family! Find information about TVGuardian, a profanity filter recommended by the network. There's a treasury of resources for the Christian family here--a site you will want to bookmark, for sure!
Family Resource Network:

Real Help For Families At

Are you a parent in need of some guidance for maintaining a happy and healthy family life? RealFamilies recognizes that there's a huge amount of parenting information out there--and that it's often tough for parents to find their way through the fog of information for practical, relevant, biblically-based help and advice for raising a family. Visit the realFamilies Web site for "practical Parenting & Marriage Advice from Dr. Kevin Leman and Dr. Jay Passavant." Read articles by a wide variety of authors on everything from general parenting tips to helping your baby's communication skills to handling confrontations with your teenager.


Familylife.Com: "Life-Changing Resources For Your Family", with well-known speakers and authors, Dennis and Barbara Rainey, presents valuable resources for the Christian family. Listen to FamilyLife Today, a daily radio broadcast and participate in forums on parenting, marriage, divorce, prayer and more. Find answers to family questions (anger, discipline, marriage, parenting and more) enjoy a "Simply Romantic Tip of the Day" and order the new bestseller by Dennis Rainey, "Simply Romantic Nights." Find a parents' daily prayer guide, devotions for couples and families, a "Family Manifesto," a "Christian Marriage Covenant" and DaySpring e-cards. Read online articles ("Lies Women Believe;" "Fifty Nights of Family Fun;" "I Am Divorced;" "Wizards, Hobbits, and Harry Potter: Resources;" "How to Help Your Family Through Crisis" (with "Prayers for America" and many more. Helpful products include marriage- and family-related books, "Resurrection Eggs," "Passport to Purity" (for parents and preteens)--and the list goes on and on. Check out this great Christian resource for your family or recommend it to a family you know!

Smalley Relationships Center

Smalley Relationships Center
1482 Lakeshore Drive
Branson, MO 65616
Family ministry

The Smalley Relationship Center's mission is to rebuild, restore and renew marriages that have been devastated for generations. We want to accomplish this by reducing divorce and raising marital satisfaction for every couple!

John Trent: Encouraging Words

John Trent
Encouraging Works
12629 N. Tatum Suite 208
Phoenix, AZ 850332

John Trent is President of Encouraging Words, a ministry committed to strengthening marriage and family relationships worldwide. John teaches conferences on across the country. In addition to speaking, he has authored and co-authored more than a dozen award winning and best-selling books:

The Blessing (Gold Medallion winner for excellence in Christian publishing)
The Gift of Honor (Gold Medallion finalist)
The Language of Love (Angel Award winner as the top family life book of 1989 and a Gold Medallion finalist)
Love is a Decision (Gold Medallion finalist)
The Two Sides of Love (Gold Medallion winner)
Home Remedies (Gold Medallion finalist)
The Hidden Value of a Man (Gold Medallion finalist)
Leaving The Lights On
LifeMapping (Gold Medallion finalist)
Seeking Solid Ground
Love for All Seasons
(Gold Medallion Finalist)
Go the Distance
(Gold Medallion Finalist)
The Making of a Godly Man Workbook
Choosing to Live the Blessing.

In 2001 alone, Dr. Trent had three books that were Gold Medallion Finalists: Parents Guide to the Spiritual Development of Children, Be There! and Bedtime Blessings. John has also written several books for children. Two to help children recognize how valuable they are called, The Treasure Tree (Gold Medallion winner), and it's sequel, The Two Trails. He has also written a book to help with childhood fears, called, There's a Duck in My Closet! And "I'd Choose You!" (Gold Medallion Finalist) which puts the concept of the "blessing" in childhood language. There's Spider Sisters, based on the special bond between his two daughters, The Black and White Rainbow (Gold Medallion Finalist) about forgiveness, Bedtime Blessings and Bedtime Blessings Vol. 2.

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