Ministries to Lepers

American Leprosy Missions

American Leprosy Missions serves as a channel of Christ's love to persons affected by leprosy and related diseases. They help in healing to body and spirit of the patient, and they help restore their lives of dignity and hope.

Leprosy Ministry
Gospel for Asia

Since 1979, we have been committed to serving the “least of these” in Asia, often in places where no one else is serving, so they can experience the love of God for the first time. GFA supports national workers serving as the hands and feet of Christ in four main ways. Sponsoring national missionaries to minister to people’s needs, sponsoring children, investing in community development and helping families in need of care or during disasters.

Ministry to Victims of Leprosy

AMG International

The Leprosy Mission Canada

Effect Hope (The Leprosy Mission Canada) is a Christian mission that connects like - minded Canadians to people suffering in isolation from debilitating diseases. Through this connection, supporters are able to bring the cure and ongoing care to people struggling with disability and stigma. Effect Hope work restores those affected to a welcome place in their community.

The Leprosy Mission International

The Leprosy Mission International is a Christian charity that aids in the provision of healing and restoration of leprosy patients in 29 countries. TLMI has over 2,300 staff worldwide and works both directly through its own hospitals and programs, and in partnership with churches, voluntary agencies, patient organizations, governments and international organizations to meet the total needs of people affected by leprosy.

The Leprosy Mission is an international Christian Charity

The Leprosy Mission is an international Christian charity with 141 years of experience. Through the Leprosy Mission’s global family, we serve a population of 305 million people in around 30 leprosy-affected countries.

The articles below show that the Messiah would heal lepers.

The Messiah would Perform Signs of Healing

Jews for Jesus

The Messiah would Perform Signs of Healing

One for Israel

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