Indonesian Christian Resources

Chick Publications

Chick Publications prints and publishes different Christian tracts. Chick tracts are available in over 100 languages including Indonesian.

Devotionals in Indonesian - Bible Pathway Ministries

Bible Pathway Ministries posts daily devotional commentary in Bahasa Indonesia.

Ethnic Harvest

Ethnic Harvest provides gospel resources in the Indonesian language. You can find links to where to buy the Bible in Indonesian, stories and websites written in Indonesian, and resources which tell about Jesus and His love for the Indonesian people.

Faith Comes By Hearing

Listen to Audio Bibles in Indonesian language at Faith Comes By Hearing. Audio Bibles are available in mp3 format and can be freely downloaded. Just click Free Audio Bibles the select a language (Indonesian). You can also choose which Bible you want to download. Please also click Store on the home page for more Indonesian titles.

Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ

This book presents key teachings about God's nature and character, man's sinful state and separation from God, God's grace and His presence and activity through history, and Christ as the promised Redeemer. This book is available in many languages including Indonesian.

Global Recordings Network

Get audio resources for evangelism and basic Bible teaching in Indonesian language at Global Recordings Network. Most resources can be downloaded for free. Look for these Indonesian resources at the Resources section or type Indonesian in their search engine.

God's Simple Plan of Salvation

God's Simple Plan of Salvation is a tract you can give away to friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors, etc. This tract is available in different languages including Indonesian.

God's Story Project

God's Story: From Creation to Eternity, is an 80-minute video which presents the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The video is available in 300 languages including Indonesian.

Jesus Film

This is the official website of The Jesus Film Project. The Jesus film is a two-hour film about the life of Jesus. The film has been translated into many languages including Indonesian. For more information on the Jesus film, please visit their website.

Joshua Project

If you need information on the Indonesian people, you may visit Joshua Project website. They offer information such as population, language, groups and tribes that will help you to reach out our Indonesian friends.

Multi-Language Media

Search Multi-Language Media's online catalog for Indonesian Bible and other Christian resources. They have Bible study lessons, apologetic books, the Jesus DVD, God's Story VCD, and many more.

No Frontiers

No Frontiers has Bibles, New Testaments, and one books, in the Indonesian language. Choose Indonesian from the pull down menu.

Tracts in Indonesian

Look for Indonesian tracts at World Christian Tract Finder. Click on Language on the home page and then click I and then look for Indonesian. World Christian Tract Finder contains links to websites that have Indonesian tracts.

World Bible Finder

The World Bible Finder contains a list of places where you may buy Christian Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels, Audio Bibles, Braille Bibles and find Online Bibles in hundreds of languages around the world. To look for Indonesian Bibles, click on Language on the home page, then click on I and then click Indonesian.

World Bibles

Look for Bibles and New Testaments in Indonesian language at the World Bibles website. Some Bibles on this website are available online for free. They also have information on printed Bibles, Braille Bibles and Audio Bibles. Type Indonesian on the search engine on the home page.

World Christian Audio Directory

The World Christian Audio Directory contains a list of audio recordings in around 1000 languages including Indonesian. Thousands of titles of Christian audio recordings from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them. To look for Indonesian audio recordings, click on Language on the home page and then click I and then click on the Indonesian link.

World Christian Video/DVD Directory

The World Christian Video/DVD Directory contains a list of all videos or DVDs in around 1000 languages including Indonesian. Thousands of titles of Christian DVDs from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them. To look for Indonesian videos, click on Language on the home page and then click I and then click on the Indonesian link.

World Missionary Press, Inc.

World Missionary Press is an interdenominational faith ministry topical Scripture booklets, gospel tracts, and other literary materials in more than 333 languages including Indonesian. They also produce Bible study booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages.

Audio Bible - Indonesian Bible Society

The Indonesian audio Bible is available at the Indonesian Bible Society. The audio Bible comes in the form of drama with musical accompaniment. The version used is the King James Version.

Holy Bible: Indonesian Translation (Terjemahan Lama) - CCEL

You may download or read online the Holy Bible in Indonesia language on CCEL website.

Indonesian Bible App

Indonesian Bible Software: Terjemahan Bahu - Olive Tree Bible Software

The Terjemahan Baru is a formal translation of the Indonesian Bible. You can purchase this Bible software from Olive Tree Bible Software.

Online Indonesian Bible - Bible Database

The Bible in Indonesian language can be read online on Bible Database.

Online Indonesian Bible - Word Project

You can read the Indonesian Bible online on the Word Project website.

Praying for Indonesia

Praying for Indonesia is a website focused on Indonesia. It has information about the country as well as profiles for all of the major unreached people groups. A person can sign up to receive daily prayer request. Receiving the requests through Facebook (Praying for Indonesia) or Twitter (@ipray4indonesia) is also an option.

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