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Canadian House Church Resource Network
The Canadian House Church Resource Network facilitates reproducible mission-minded house church networks. They make relevant articles, book lists, etc. The resources can be downloaded from their website.

Canberra Home Churches
This page contains an account of the history and practices of the house churches in Canberra, Australia.

Children in House Church
This page contains a thread about children in house churches.

Fellowship of Church Planters International
FCPI helps churches fulfill the great commission by training, reproducing, and networking church planting teams which plant reproducing clusters of house churches.

God's Simple Plan for His Church - And Your Place In It
By Nate Krupp
This book has a radical look at God's biblical plan for His church. It tells about what the New Testament teaches about the Church. This is a manual for house churches.

HCDL is an internet discussion about house churches. You can be part of the discussion, just visit their discussion group on Yahoo.

Home Church Dot Org
This website provides access to resources about house churches or home churches.

Home Church
This website offers resources that are specifically created to meet the needs of a particular home church design or model.

House Church Books -
Search for books about house church. To search for books, please put the keywords "house church" or "cell" in the search engine.

House Church Central
House Church Central provides house churches with a channel for the interchange of ideas, a source for solid Christian theology, and a catalog of resources for the house church.

House Church Network
The House Church Network promotes community and networking among non-traditional minded believers while conveying goodwill in Jesus' name to their traditional-minded brethren and the world at large.

House Church Manual
By William Tenny-Brittian and Bill Easum
William Tenny-Brittian is a leader in the House Church movement. In this book, he offers step-by-step guide for starting, growing, and multiplying a House Church and a House Church Network. This book is great for those who would like to start a house church, and for those who would like to multiply their house church membership.

House Church Manual (PDF)
This manual contains guidelines and other information on how to plant house churches.

Rethinking the Wineskin: The Practice of the New Testament Church
By Frank A. Viola
This book is portrays the way of life of that characterized the New Testament Church and its effect on our society in the present times.
On this website are lots of resources about small groups, how to start a small group, how to lead a small group, small group Bible study materials, articles, and more.

Student-Led Cell Groups
This website has resources to help students in leading a cell group. There are books, articles, testimonies, seminars being offered, and more resources being offered by this website.

The Economics of Faith
By Hal Miller

The House Church Book: Rediscovering the Dynamic, Organic, Relational, Viral Community Jesus Started
By Wolfgang Simson, George Barna
In this book, you will learn about what God can do right in your neighborhood, about how to avoid house church pitfalls, about different practical ideas on starting a house church, and more.

The Importance of Fellowship in a New Testament Church

Toward A House Church Theology
By Steve Atkerson
This book addresses church issues and church organization and focuses on the form and function of the church based on the New Testament.

Watchman Nee and the House Church Movement in China
By Dennis McCallum
Watchman Nee was only one of many players in the drama of the struggle for the heart of the Chinese people, but he was one of the most interesting. His Little Flock movement was more influential in planting house churches throughout China than many realize. His career also demonstrates some of the problems the church can inherit when patriotism is confused with Christianity.


Church as Family
By Hal Miller

Church Without Clergy
By Christian Smith

God is Community
By Hal Miller

House Churches and the Discipling of the Nations
By Grace Wiebe

How to Lead a Small Group Meeting

How to start a Biblically-correct home church

How to Start Cell Groups for Youth

Leadership and Authority
By Hal Miller

One Another

Partnership With Children
By Hal Miller

So Whaddayah Do with the Kids?
By Dana Menzies, Wendy Michaelson, & Lisa Miller

The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Evangelicalism
By Hal Miller

Theology of Everyday Life
By Hal Miller

Tub Drains, Planets, & Mountain Bikes: On the Need for an Ecclesiological Paradigm Shift
By Christian Smith

Why Do People Home Church?
By David M. Hebden

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