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American Tract Society

American Tract Society PO Box 4620008
Garland TX 75046-2008
Toll free: 1 800 548 7228
Tel: (214) 276 9408
Fax: (214) 272 9642

Well written tracts in comic and non comic format on glossy paper and a large selection in a English, Spanish, and other languages including Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, and French. ATS has new cybertracts, which is an interactive CD-ROM. One looks like a comic book. ATS has evangelism, African American, discipleship, children's tracts, tip cards, marriage and family, sports evangelism, audio tracts, tract displays, and door hangers. ATS also has many of the Last Days Ministries tracts. American Tract Society has tracts for Halloween.

Halloween has become an international festival over the last 30 years. Although the day was marked in UK before that time, it has become much more popular recently, no doubt due to the influence of TV. Many Christian groups produce appropriate material to warn of the dangers. Paul Fleming, e-Solutions Manager for the American Tract Society writes, "I wanted to let you know about a new site that we have developed specifically for our Halloween Evangelism efforts. Since ATS generally puts out around 2 million tracts during this season of the year, we decided to develop this site in conjunction with our off-line literature."

Halloween Rescue Kit

American Tract Society provides a kit with all you need to share the Gospel with as many as 31 kids on Halloween night. The new Halloween Rescue Kit contains, 31 tracts, bags, 62 pieces of candy and stickers and a free copy of a helpful resource, "Reaching Kids at Halloween." Visit the ATS Web site for this offer and other holiday-related tracts designed to present Christ to your trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

Halloween tract resources:

Halloween Rescue Kit:

John Ankerberg

John Ankerberg
PO Box 8977
Chattanooga, Tennessee

John Ankerberg wrote a booklet called "The Truth about Halloween." It is in English and Spanish. It is around 25 pages. It costs about $4.

"The Burning Hell"

"The Burning Hell" in dvd, 16mm and video

Estus Pirkle
PO Box 80
Myrtle, Miss 38650 USA
(601) 988-2219
"The Burning Hell" in dvd, video and 16mm
Spanish, and English

Has some other films in 16mm including The Believer's Heaven. The Burning Hell is one of the best evangelistic films in English and Spanish. Many thousands of people have been saved in Spanish speaking countries through this film.

the dvd of this film is available for $39 dollars

Halloween's In The Air: Ghosts And Goblins From A Christian Perspective

The USA-celebrated Halloween holiday brings to the forefront the struggle between light and darkness, and the way Christians celebrate this holiday--or why they don't! Visit Christian History Institute to read "The Hijacking of Hallow's Eve." Then visit Peggie's Place (IFC's editor) to find many Christian-related links in "Halloween: A Christian Perspective." Be sure to also stop by Bethany House Publishers (BHP) for "The GhostWriter," a new Christian suspense novel. BHP comments, "'GhostWriter,' a compelling and uniquely crafted story, is Rene Gutteridge's first book, but with its breathless pacing and edge-of-your-seat suspense, it serves notice that she is an author to watch... a thought-provoking whodunit that keeps readers guessing to the final chapter." Enjoy these three Gospelcom alliance ministries' presentations--and walk into the Light!

The Hijacking of Hallow's Eve (Christian History Institute):

Halloween: A Christian Perspective (Peggie's Place):

Chick Publications

Chick Publications
P.O. Box 3500
Ontario, CA
(909) 987-0771 Ph.
(909) 941-8128 Fax

Illustrated tracts/booklets in many languages of the world with distribution points in many areas of the world.

The addresses are after the list of languages available. Ask for their nice colorful catalog. They have a nice website and a few good Halloween tracts including "Bewitched" and "The Trick" in English and Spanish.

The Christian Broadcasting Network

You might check out our section:

Also, Christianity Today did two stories:

Trick Or Treat: Christian Halloween Resources On The Web

Are you wondering how (or if) to take part in Halloween's annual quest for candy, or are you looking for ways to turn the year's spookiest night into an evangelism opportunity? Many alliance ministries offer resources and guidelines for approaching the holiday from a spiritual perspective. Read "What Should We Boo about Halloween?" by Cheryl Gochnauer (Homebodies). Visit Christian sites like the Christian History Institute, American Tract Society, Peggie's Place, Reverend Fun and others, packed with resources to help you survive October 31st without surrendering the night to the ghosts and goblins in your neck of the woods! Halloween links:

Gospel Communications Network

On the Net, Christians are using this time of year to share the gospel of light. Here are a couple of good evangelistic sites from the Gospel Communications Network alliance

* From everybody's favorite cybersaint, Peggie Bohanan, comes

"Halloween: A Christian Perspective", with links to several other excellent Christian Halloween resources.

And a few other sites worth visiting:

* The Christian Broadcasting Network's resource site on Halloween,
"Halloween: Hallowed or Harmful",1183,PTID2546|CHID103258|CIID169541,00.html

If that URL is too long, just go to and search for halloween. You should find it in the list.

* Annie's Halloween Page
-- a nice, homespun outreach.

* "The Frightful Facts of Halloween" .

If you're interested in learning more about a Christian perspective on Halloween, visit to read articles and order booklets or tracts from a variety of reliable Christian sources.

Heartland Productions/Mark IV Films/Mustard Seed Int'l/Ross Doughten Films

Heartland Productions/Mark IV Films/Mustard Seed Int'l/Ross Doughten Films
5907 Meredith Drive
Des Moines, Iowa 50322 USA
(515) 270-2080
1-800-247-FILM has a nice video catalog
"Thief in the Night"
"A Distant Thunder"

Producers of the four video prophecy series videos which are effective and popular evangelistic videos $19.95 each at the above number

Jeremiah Films

Jeremiah Films
P.O. Box 1710
Hemet, California 92343 USA
In California: 1-800-633-0869
FAX: (714) 652-5848
e:mail (pat matrisciana)

Excellent video ministry concentrating on apologetics, social issues, cults, and false doctrines. They have a nice catalog.

Below are three of their videos, one is on Halloween.

Devil Worship: The rise of Satanism 63R80,00
This video takes you behind the scenes into actual black witchcraft and satanic rituals. Former satanists, practising witches and law enforcement experts explain the vastness and diversity of the movement. Most importantly, dangerous doorways into the occult are exposed.

Halloween: Trick or Treat 48R90,00
Traces of pagan roots of the practice. Cameras take you inside actual witches' covens. The question is squarely addressed: Can Christians in good conscience play with this pagan practice?

Doorways to Satan 48R90.00
75 years of Hollywood films, 50 years of TV and decades of recorded music have brought humanity to an insatiable lust for sex, violence, witchcraft, perversion and occultic mysteries. An eye opening documentary exposing society's bold and defiant march through the "Doorways to Satan".

Christian Research Institute International

Christian Research Institute International
P.O BOX 7000
Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688-7000

CRI Canada
56051 Airways P.O.
Calgary Alberta T2E 8K5

Tracts on the resurrection, Mormonism, Freemansonry, JWs, mind science, Catholicism, occult, transcendental meditation, Unification Church, Baha'I, The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error (World Religions), and Islam. It has some Spanish tracts.

Evangelical Tract Distributors

Evangelical Tract Distributors
P.O. Box146
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5J 2G9
403-477-1538. (excellent web site)

This is a source of tracts with 100's of titles.
Here is a partial listing of our most requested English tracts.
Please feel free to order any and whatever amount you can use.

-- ABC of the Gospel
-- Are you born again?
-- A travellers guide to Heaven
-- Bank of Eternal life
-- Do you believe in the old rugged cross?
-- First the bad news, then the good news
-- Four things God wants you to know
-- How Canada got its name
-- I must tell you this
-- It is not your fault
-- King Heroin
-- Only four steps to Heaven
-- Pardon Me
-- Road ends at cemetary
-- Sharing Christ through tract evangelism
-- Signs of the times
-- The Romans map to Heaven
-- Trick or treat
-- What are you searching for?
-- You shouldn't be reading this

Tracts on these subjects: drugs, second coming, children, cults, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

Faith Prayer & Tract League

Faith Prayer & Tract League
2627 Elmridge Drive NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544-1390 USA
Phone: (616) 453-7695
Fax: (616) 453-2460

They have a sample pack. They have old fashioned tracts and 362 different titles in English and Spanish on many different subjects.

List of sample sets:
Send $2 or $4 for Assorted tracts
For Complete Assortment of all tracts send $10
For Complete Assortment plus booklets &
Christmas items send $12
For Postcard Assortment send $4
For Card Assortment send $4
For Poem Assortment send $4
For Spanish/English sample set send $2

(These are 2000 prices.)

World Christian Tract Directory

Please see my web page at There are a few ministries which have Halloween tracts especially the larger ministries. Two ministries which have Halloween tracts are Chick Publications and the American Tract Society.

World Christian Resource Directory

World Christian Resource Directory