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American Bible Society
You can find Bible resources in over 244 languages on this website.

Audio Bibles for the Blind
Audio Bibles for the Blind is selling the Digital Talking Book players. This gadget can load audio Bible recordings of your preferred language and version. The German Old Testament and New Testament audio Bible is available. They also have mp3/CD-rom German audio Bible.

Bibel Center
The Bibel Center offers Bible studies, articles and interesting information about the Bible and more in German language.

Bible Visuals International
Bible Visuals International creates and publishes the Bible in illustrated lessons, stories, and songs. This is to help both children and adults come to salvation, learn the basic doctrine, grow in Christ, and have a mission focus. BVI also provides Christians worldwide with resources in their own language. is a German Christian resource website. You can find daily devotionals in the German language, the Bible, an international email directory, a music corner, an article on evolution, and more.

Chick Publications
Chick Publications is a maker of cartoon Christian tracts.They have tracts available in over 100 languages including German.

ChristianAnswers.Net is a non-profit, donor-based ministry of Films for Christ. This particular ministry provides biblical answers to contemporary questions for all ages and nationalities. Their website can be accessed in different languages including German. They also have links and resources to Christian resources in German language. Please look for films in German.

Christliche Ubersetzung (Christian Translation)
Christliche Ubersetzung (Christian Translation) is a Christian company that specializes in the translation of languages. Translation services they offer include translations for writings, books, teaching materials, Bible studies, sermons, messages, and more.

Der Bibellesund
Der Bibellesund is an international movement and works worldwide especially among students and families.

Der Weg
Der Weg is a magazine for all those learning the German language. It is designed for the teaching of German. The website is linked with a literature ministry.

Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft is a non-profit church foundation committed to making the Bible accessible to everyone. Their Bibles are very affordable and are available in different languages.

ERF is a Christian media enterprise that offers German programs such as Hof mit Himmel, Gott sei Dank, and more. They also produce magazines, documentaries, and talk shows. On Sundays, they broadcast worship services from various churches all over Germany.

Ethnic Harvest
Ethnic Harvest has a page where you can find the Bible in more than 250 languages. Some are free online and some you can buy in printed or in audio version. The page also includes links to the Jesus film, which is available in different languages too.

Fellowship Tract League
The Fellowship Tract League shares God's word through printing and distributing Christian tracts. Their tracts comes in over 70 different languages, including German, and they ship billions of trats each year into more than 200 countries.

Firm Foundation
Firm Foundations is a Bible study series based on a unique missionary proven method centered on God's progressive revelation of His character and redemption plan. This Bible study series comes in adult series and children series, and has many features to assist you in learning the Bible. Firm Foundations is available in many languages including German.

First Bible International
First Bible International is a Bible translating and publishing ministry. They not only publish Bibles, but they also train pastors, church leaders, and individual Christian on how to achieve successful church planting.

Global Recordings Network
Global Recordings Network produces audio recordings of Bible teachings in 6,073 languages for the least reached language groups of the world. Most of GRN's recordings can be downloaded for free from their website and can be distributed freely to others. You can also listen to the recordings on their website.

God's Simple Plan of Salvation
God's Simple Plan of Salvation is a tract you can read online or buy in printed form to share with your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and others. This tract is available in many languages including German.

Missionsverlag is the publishing house of the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Prayer Communities. All their Christian literature products are in German language.

Multi-Language Media
Multi-Language Media has foreign language translations of the Bible. This includes the German 1912 Luther, 1905 Elberfelder, and the 1951 Schlachter Bibles. They also have German tracts, German Bible-based ESL materials, the German version of the JESUS film, and many resources in German language.

On this blog site, you will find prayers, examples of prayers, suggestions and ideas for prayer. The site is in German language.

No Frontiers
No Frontiers supplies Scriptures and Christian literature in a wide range of foreign languages including German. Though based in England, they supply Bibles and books worldwide. You can also search for German books and German Bibles on their online shop.

SCM Hanssler
SCM Hanssler is a German Christian publishing company. They not only publishes Christian books, but they also produce music and movies.

Trinitarian Bible Society
The Trinitarian Bible Society publishes and distributes the Holy Bible throughout the world in many languages including German. They also have tracts, booklets, books, audio/video resources, and more. Use the site's search engine to search for products in German language.

World Bible Finder
The World Bible Finder contains a list of places where you may buy Christian Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels, Audio Bibles, Braille Bibles and find Online Bibles in hundreds of languages around the world. To look for German Bibles, click on Language on the home page, then click on G and then click German.

World Bibles
Look for Bibles and New Testaments in German language at the World Bibles website. Some Bibles on this website are available online for free. They also have information on printed Bibles, Braille Bibles and Audio Bibles. Type German on the search engine on the home page.

World Christian Audio Directory
The World Christian Audio Directory contains a list of all audio recordings in around 1000 languages including German. Thousands of titles of Christian audio recordings from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them. To look for German audio recordings click on "Language" on the home page and then click "G" and then click on the German link.

World Christian Tract Finder
The World Christian Tract Finder contains a list of all tracts and booklets in hundreds of languages including German. Thousands of titles of Christian tracts and booklets from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them. To look for German tracts or booklets, click on "Language" on the home page and then click "G" and then click on the German link.

World Christian Video/DVD Directory
The World Christian Video/DVD Directory contains a list of all videos or DVDs in around 1000 languages including German. Thousands of titles of Christian DVDs from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them. To look for German videos, click on "Language" on the home page and then click "G" and then click on the German link.

World Missionary Press, Inc.
World Missionary Press, Inc. produces topical Scripture booklets in 340 languages. They also have Bible study booklets and New Testaments for free worldwide distribution.


The German Creationist Movement
By Thomas Schirrmacher, Ph.D.

World Christian Resource Directory

World Christian Resource Directory