Fundraising and Friendraising for Missionaries

Center for Mission Mobilization (formerly The Body Builders)

CMM's "Support Raising Bootcamp" is an intense training for support-raisers and under-funded veterans. Their goal is to get you to 100% in 100 days.

Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team That Lasts
By Betty J. Barnett
Friend Raising brings together God's plan for missions support with principles proven in the field. In a world swamped by fund-raising hype, Betty Barnett presents a refreshing biblical alternatie based on relationship.

Fund Raising Idea Packet (FRIP)
By Dana Bromley and Jessica Allum

This is a 16-page, full color pamphlet of 40+ fund raising ideas for yourself or your entire ministry group. It contains sample support letters, protocol for obtaining church support, and 7 "how to do it" steps. It also includes 10 web addresses and 15 book/video resources to further strengthen your fund raising abilities.

Funding Your Ministry
By Scott Morton

This book addresses the obstacles experienced by those who raise personal support. It answers fundraising questions and puts you on the Biblical path for recruiting and maintaining donor support. This book is great for pastors, church leaders and mission committee members.

Raise Your Support

Funding Your Ministry Whether You're Gifted or Not (Book Notes)

This page contains book notes from the book Funding Your Ministry by Scott Morton. Book notes are written by David Mays.

Fundraising Books at has many books about fundraising or support raising. Please put "fundraising" in the search engine to look for these books.

Getting Sent: A Relational Approach to Support Raising
By Pete Sommer

This is a powerful book on building the right base - relational, prayer, financial - the individual involved in mission. The book is built around four main sections: Building the Foundation; Preparing; Asking; and, Developing Your Team. There are a total of 18 chapters that cover all aspects of the support raising process.

Kingdom Come Training

Kingdom Come Training is offering biblical and relational interactive webinar to show how any faith ministry worker, anywhere in the world with high-speed internet can add $1000 to their monthly support every month until they are 100% funded.

Never Do Fundraising Again: A Paradigm Shift from Donors to Lifelong Partners
By Ken Willliams and Gaylyn Williams

This book contains proven strategies and skills for building and maintaining your support. It is filled with powerful stories from the authors' lives and others who are using the biblical principles.

People Raising

People Raising is a fundraising tool created by William P. Dillon. This resource material is available in DVD, CD, PDF (manual), and in printed form. There is also a People Raising Tracking Program, a computer software that will help keep track your fundraising programs.

People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support
By William P. Dillon
This book is a wealth of information on raising support for short-term missions, as well as career missions. It concentrates first on "cultivating a positive attitude toward support raising" and then moves to "cultivating the necessary skills for support raising." It comprehensively covers all areas of support raising.

To Every Tribe

This page contains links to some excellent resources on people raising or support raising.

Support Raising Resources for Mission Dispatch Workers

This page contains links to some excellent resources on support raising or fund raising.

Support Raising Solutions

SRS equips Christians to be spiritually healthy, vision driven, and fully funded. They offer resources on their website and bootcamps.


Traidmission offers consultancy services in developing training programs for small business and resource materials that encourages ethics and quality in all aspects of business.

The Top Four Books on Support Raising
By Steve Shadrach


We're glad to work overseas but we don't want to go from church to church asking for support. What other options are there?


1. Send letters to all your friends or church members who might want to support you and describe to them your ministry.

2. Increase your prayer time and ask God to meet the need.

3. Learn to live by faith unless you are already living by faith.

4. Have an internet web site regarding your ministry.

5. Apply to mission boards who might want to become part of their ministry; they might help you to raise funds.

6. Apply to foundations that might support you.

7. Become a tentmaker and work while you minister.

8. Ask God to change your attitude about raising support. Read the book Friendraising and Peopleraising.

9. Make a video of your ministry and burden preferably at the place you want to minister and share it with people.

10. Print a missionary prayer card.

11. Start doing something right now for the people you want to reach by supporting someone over there, sending them literature or evangelistic videos.

Coaching Financial Support Raisers in Ministry: A Guidebook
It’s widely understood that most ministers of the gospel that God calls to full time ministry all over the world are required to raise full financial support to fund their ministries. For some of these workers, it’s not a problem to find the personal motivation to do the work they need to do to accomplish their financial goal. However, for most others, it will be very difficult to find the personal motivation and tools to overcome obstacles of the support raising process on their own. Unfortunately, the difficulties of going through the support raising process alone will cause some missionaries to take years to raise their support, allow them to believe they can live on a very minimal salary, or even decide to drop out and not go into ministry at all. It’s been my experience as a missionary, and a support coach, that if each missionary that was raising support was provided a financial support coach, most of the difficult issues that lone support raisers face would be eliminated altogether, and we would see a higher percentage of missionaries make it to their ministry fully supported and financially healthy. This guidebook is a resource to equip more individuals to understand how to coach ministry workers in the financial support raising process so that they will arrive at their ministries fully funded. Anyone can do it!

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