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Here's a one hour interactive, overly dramatic presentation which demonstrates that God's salvation plan to reach all peoples [cheer!] is the central theme of the whole Bible. THE PLAN can be performed by the "well-rehearsed" or "barely briefed" and easily involves all generations [clap, stomp] in the play. The melodrama is available from the Presbyterian Center for Mission Studies, 1605 E. Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA, and sells for $12.95 plus S & H. Check out: , email <> or call 626 398 2468. Only one copy of the plan is needed [big sigh] and you can reproduce as many pages as you need for the cast [applause].


YWAM Los Angeles has some good resources for skits. Here is the URL:

Collections of Christian Drama

DRAMA ANYONE? -- Here are some of the world's best collections of quality Christian drama materials. Ask for their catalogs!

Baker's Plays ( Costs a small royalty fee to produce them. Includes plays and how-to books.

Contemporary Drama Service Publishers of plays, interpretive movement, clowning, multi-media and also how-to books. They offer "play kits" which have scripts, director instructions and royalty fees all for one price.

Creative Resource Group
Newest & freshest scripts--plays divided by subject. Plays are real-to-life situations from two minutes to full-length. Also includes resources for doing creative arts in worship.

Lillenas Publishing Company ( Extensive drama catalogue of those in this list. They handle books of plays, single plays and many are royalty-free. Includes some how-to books.

LifeWay Christian Resources ( Books on dramas, monologues and other helpful resources in church drama. Their "National Drama Service" offers a quarterly book of scripts for all occasions. Convention Press also publishes, "The Complete Guide to Church Play Production." It is considered "the book" for church drama directors--includes choosing a play to closing the production and striking the set.

 CrossPoint Scripts ( Quarterly drama ministry newsletter with many good scripts for all occasions and fun four to six minutes on average. Each of the scripts has a director's notes sidebar, along with musical suggestions to accompany the script during production.

Christian Musicals

This website currently has five original Christian musicals available - words, and CD backing tracks. All of them have been written by Wayne Wright, a New Zealander, and performed many times by Source Theatre, a NZ based Christian, 'amateur/professional' theatre group. Some are designed for youth audiences, and are evangelistic. Email the author directly at <> . Source Theatre members are open to invitations to bring the show to your part of the world. For more information, or to get copies of the music CD of "The Reason Why", and the latest version of the booklet, e-mail <> .

AD2000 Worship & Arts Network:

Anastasis Productions

Theatre, music, and dance
Original scripts, links, books, and a featured link.

Caleb Project

Missions skits, dramas, etc. and many other excellent missions resources. For more info or to order materials/resources, contact:

'CALLED TO CREATE' (Christian Witness and the Arts)
 -- Edited by Carol Walden includes:

The Rebirth of Creativity in the Church - Ron Trudinger
Missions and the Arts - Uli Kortsch
Creativity, Television and Banners - Karen Madsen Pascal
The Responsibility of the Artist - Vince Corozine
Christians in the Arts - Rich Buhler
Journalism - Michelle Green
The Musician and Music - Bill Davidson
Dance - Chris Filipowicz
Art - Moira MacKay
Mime & Drama - Marcia Hill Berry
To order your copy write to: YWAM, PO Box 94187, Richmond, BC V6Y 2A3

Christian Drama Online Bookstore

Lou Dillon

Scripts for Christians
Lou Dillon

Scripture based scripts designed to be performed during worship and before the sermon as an illustration to the message being preached. If churches are looking for a script to illustrate a specific topic, I will be happy to write one.

Drama Resource Links


Looking for royalty-free scripts, or looking for assistance in writing scripts, makeup, lighting and sound, mime, puppetry, clowning, choral reading, interpretive movement? There is help,materials, manuals, and worldwide support here.

DramaShare Organizational Manual Volume 3.0 has sections on Theatre Warm Up Games, Characterization, Skills Training for all ages including child actors, Forms of Drama Ministry (including mime, puppetry, human video, storytelling, clowning and others). "We include 15 royalty-free scripts in the manual as well. In total this is now a 165 page manual, and we believe it offers a good basis for organizing, (or re-organizing), a drama ministry. We list over 150 sources for drama materials and support, and, until our current supply is used up, we are also including our "Surfin' Drama" diskette with over 400 websites for drama resources."

Get The Lowdown On Drama -- DramaShare Christian Drama Resources has released their new manual, "3C - Cross-Cultural Creativity", the use of non-verbal drama in missions and outreach, (internationally and locally). This comprehensive program teaches the "how-to's" of ministering through drama, and also teaches how to pass on your skills to others in the mission field church or group, (a "teaching them to fish" philosophy). Those in the program receive an annual membership in DramaShare, giving them full and free access to over 600 scripts, many of which are non-verbal drama, written for this program. For full details, click on over to or write In North America phone toll-free 1-800-DO-DRAMA (363-7262) or Fax (Canada) 306-653-0653. And as the authors say, "May God bless your ministry, dramatically!"

Dramatic License

Nina Wallestad

I have been a writer as long as I can remember. Although my education background is journalism and my professional expertise is public relations, I am most intrigued with the craft of writing for the dramatic arts. Currently, the focus of my dramatic writing is short (5-8 minute) stage scripts for use by churches and other Christian ministries. Screenwriting (ie, script writing for film and television) is another interest, which I hope to pursue more aggressively when my children are in school full-time. Until then, I'll be offering my stage scripts here on my website for use by Christian organizations free of charge. Enjoy, and to God alone be the glory!


Conditions of Use

You are welcome to use these scripts without charge under the following conditions:

  1. They are to be performed to the glory of God.
  2. Any copies made must contain the authorship information (i.e., Copyright 2001 by Nina F. Wallestad. All rights reserved.)
  3. If a program is printed in connection with the performance, please list script title and byline (i.e., "No Matter What" by Nina F. Wallestad).
  4. Please feel free to adapt to suit your performance needs.
  5. Please contact me ( to let me know the date and location of the performance, and provide any feedback that might help in the creation of future scripts.

Thank you. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless your every endeavor for Him.

Nina F. Wallestad Dramatic License

Christian Drama Scripts

Elementary school students were the original intended audience for each of the following scripts, although many of them would be appropriate for a more general adult audience or Sunday morning worship service. They have all been performed by Theatre in the Woods, the drama team that performs as part of the Sunday morning children's education program at Wooddale Church. Each includes an introduction and conclusion to help ease students into and out of the performance.

Teacher Training Scripts

Liven up your next teacher training session with these scripts that help emphasize the teacher's unique calling and the importance of the learner. A Bridge Across A mother uses a hike in the Grand Canyon to explain God's plan of salvation to her son. This script is useful in demonstrating how adults can explain complex ideas in terms that children can understand.

More to Come

As opportunities arise to write more scripts, and as God provides inspiration, I will be adding to this website. If you would like to be notified when a new script is added, please send an email with "script list" in the subject line to


Includes some missions scripts
Co-ordinator : John McNeil

Dramatix is a community effort sharing quality theatrical works written by Christians around the world.

The majority may be used free of charge, although a modest royalty payment is requested for some. Dip in, take what you need, and share what you can. In this way the ministry will grow.

Now More Than 400 Scripts !! Including More Than 55 Christmas Scripts!!

Possibly the largest list of plays by scripture reference on the Internet!!

A list of essays and articles on various aspects of theatre and drama.

Unfulfilled Script Requests

Dramatix receives many requests for scripts which we cannot fulfill from our current list. Perhaps you can help!

Don'T Let It Die!

Your drama group has spent hours developing a wonderfully creative bit of work. Then, one performance (maybe two) and it's all over. But it could have a longer life. It could impact lives all round the world. Be part of the expanding Dramatix ministry by contributing your script, and bless others with what you're doing.

On their web page, the drama scripts are separated in these catagories:

Festivals & Anniversaries, Christmas, Anniversaries, Easter, General, Issues/Slice of life, The Christian Walk, Ten Commandments, The Christian Family, Historic/Fantasy, Humour Belief, Bible Stories, Mission, Evangelism and pre-evangelism, Performance poems, Children's including Puppetry/Ventriloquism, Musicals & Longer Productions, and Mime. Use these listings to search for plays by more closely defined themes.

Good News Music Service Drama Materials

Sketch books, full length plays, youth skits, monologues, skits for children, church dinner theater, puppet scripts, Christmas plays & sketches, Easter pageant materials, drama ministry support resources and more!

Please note that most books in the $20.00+ price range include copy privileges- only one book needed for your group.

Good Stories: The Word in Drama

Three volumes of drama for sale.

Volume I - Dramas for special occasions (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc).
Volume II - New dramas for Thanksgiving, Advent/Christmas and New Year's.
Volume III - 13 dramas on general themes: spiritual nourishment, commitment, confession, rejection, etc.

From Last Days

Last Days magazine entitled "What Is The Church Doing With The Powerful Gift Of Art?"

To order copies of this great issue for yourself and your artist and musician friends, please write:

Last Days Ministries, Box 40, Lindale, TX 73771-0040

Also available from the above address:

"Rediscovering The Creative Arts" - Denny Gunderson - stirring message about present state of Christianity and the arts. Challenge to the Church! Encouragement to the creatively gifted!

"State Of The Arts" - Gene Edward Veith, Jr. - informative book will help you develop an artistic taste, discerning yet appreciateive of what is truly excellent.

"The Liberated Imagination" - Leland Ryken - discover how art and imagination leads to a more intense sharing of life's riches and deeper celebration of all God created.

"God, Help Me Create" - Claire W. - not too confident in your abilities? Let these spiritual, psychological and practical keys help you get moving. Last Days Ministries - Box 40, Lindale, TX 75771-0040

Greg Paskal

Greg Paskal email -
web site -
Mailing Address - 3426 W. 224th St. - Torrance, CA 90505
Phone - (805)647-7204

Some additional information that would be helpful to know. We are not currently running a drama ministry team but still very interested in training an equiping others in this fantastic ministry tool. We may be relocating out of California again very soon.

Kids Mobilization Skits

Mobilize Children: Dramas & Skits that Mobilize
Twenty creative presentations that take kids to the world! These highly motivational dramas will lead you, your kids and the audience to understand God's heart for the nations. Fourteen dramas and six historical narratives from famous msys; Gladys Aylward, Elisabeth Elliot, Eric Liddell, David Livingston & Florence Nightingale, Harriet Tubman, and William Tyndale. Promotional materials say that these are FUN FUN FUN! Regular price $28. Introductory Promo Price Special $25 (plus $7.50 S&H in the USA). SOURCE:

(Listed July 2002)

MST Ministries

Mark Schaufler

MST Ministries
PO Box 8490
Lacey WA 98509

My name is Mark Schaufler and we are veteran drama users. We began using it in 1984 and have since used it all over the world. We have developed a number of resources and even have some one full time in that department. MST Ministries is involved in training churches and groups in youth ministry, drama, short term missions and evangelism.

This is how MST Ministries is involved in drama:

We realize the importance of drama in ministry-let us pass on to you all that God has taught! As you learn, your drama ministry will give you the opportunity to participate in furthering the Kingdom of God. Drama allows you to involve students in effective ministry and provides a small group for life changing discipleship. We have used drama in almost every conceivable setting. It works.


Shawna Beers is the primary trainer with years of experience in the U.S. and overseas

In 1984 we began using drama on a mission trip. The drama's proved effective and useful on the streets and in the church. From this a drama team was formed. It still exists today. Since 1990 we have trained dozens of teams world wide.

You may be beginning a drama ministry, or perhaps you're looking for ways to improve the drama team that you already have. We are willing to work with you to create and expand the plans that God has for you in the area of drama ministry. The time that is spent in training will be more than useful, and the fruits of it will only be seen in time. Our typical drama seminar is about 4 hours long and includes many drama examples as well as a manual for each participant. We will split the group up and spend some time with the coaches and the participants separately. We can customize this for your setting and time frame.

Drama in the Ministry Tool Box Volume 1
This collection of 26 drama are accompanied by a demonstration video tape so that you can watch and learn. The scripts are included in this kit that cover a variety of topics and settings in the two hour video.

Drama in the Ministry Tool Box Volume 2
This collection of 17 drama are in script form only. They make a good addition to volume one and cover a variety of topics and settings.

Drama in the Ministry Tool Box Volume 3
New in 2000 are a collection of 30 original drama written by Mark Schaufler. Most are short and pointed drama's dealing with critical issues in the church.

Drama in the Ministry Tool Box Volume 4
New for 2002, this new volume has a full section on developing a drama ministry as well as over 30 new scripts, with seasonal topics as well as 2 long productions. 153 pages.

Spanish Drama in the Ministry Tool Box Volume 1
This collection of 16 drama for Spanish speaking countries will allow you to cross the cultural and language barriers and effectively minister. Many of these drama are able to be used having only 1 native speaker to narrate. Some are wordless drama. Though this drama video focuses on Spanish language many can be used in any language. Scripts are included as well as 2 songs on cassette that are unavailable here in the US. Designed to be learned in less than an hour, each drama is demonstrated in a 70 minute video tape.

Shepherd's Staff: Drama Ministry Resources

Dramas can play a meaningful part in your service planning.This section contains Drama Ministry Resources that are available to be ordered at a reasonable cost from Shepherd's Staff.

Skits and dramas in pdf format:

Willow Creek Community Church

Excellent drama sketches.
P.O. Box 3188, South Barrington, IL 60011-3188.

Wycliffe Southwest

Wycliffe Southwest
7049 Eastondale Ave.
LongBeach, CA 90805
Phone: 562-531-9099
Ron Binder

SOURCE: Oct 01 Ethnic Worship & Arts Newsletter
ARTS: DRAMA: Perspectives World Class Missions Dramas
Simple Sketches - Missions Focused - Keyed to Perspectives Curriculum
Dramas include:
Biblical Focus: The Bottom Line / Tough Day / Defending God's Dignity / While the King is Away All Nations? / Historical Focus: The Jerusalem Council / Quiet Invasion / General / Assumption / All God's Children / Cultural Focus: A Taste of Culture / Dynamic Equivalence / Sharing the Blessing / Blind Trust / What We Have Here / The Role Model / Strategic Focus: The Contest / Flaming Fires / Deface the Nations / The Call of the Wild / Before He Finished Praying

$15 US - including shipping (June 2002)

YMC -- Drama resources

This youth ministry organization trains and equips Christian youth workers to minister more effectively through its seminars and conventions,...

Here is a resource page with brief descriptions for each site:

"U Act 2."

The set includes video & manual to teach seven dramas for use in outreach or to mobilize Christians for missions. This resource helps to picture, practice, and perform dramas; we've used it to train teams of all ages. Also contains a CD of background music that may be used during performances. "U Act 2" is available from OM USA at 1-800-899-0432.

Youth With A Mission

YWAM International (Youth with a Mission) is one of the largest interdenominational, international Christian ministries in the world, with over 12,000 volunteer staff and thousands more affiliated workers in over 800 locations and over 135 countries. YWAM seeks to make a difference in a needy world. Believing that the gospel of Jesus Christ is about words and actions, YWAM staff offer practical help - from agricultural training to running medical clinics - in addition to sharing the Gospel. At the YWAM web site (see above), you will find a vast amount of information on its worldwide ministry - Bible study booklets, drama resources, short-term mission information, video and audio-teaching by YWAM leaders as well as much more. At the web site you can visit an online bookstore, learn about the new YWAM Arts programme, and read updates on YWAM's efforts to bring the Gospel of Christ to every nation in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Check it out.

Use Of Drama

An article from Mission Frontiers:

The Urgency of Music and the Arts in Ministry Today:
in the Market Place as well as Church

An Explanation of the Critical Need to Embrace Worship and the Arts as a Specialized Discipline of Christian Ministry' - Byron Spradlin

To order a copy of this article, please write to:
Byron Spradlin
Artists in Christian Testimony
Box 395
Franklin, TN 37065-0395

Also available: 'Why Cooperate in Christian Arts Ministry' - by Byron Spradlin

Zondervan Church Source

PO BOX 668
Holmes , PA 19043

Zondervan publishes an excellent magazine with all kinds of resources for your drama ministry. It is 63 pages.


Drama Sketches Catalog

It can be ordered through Zondervan Direct Source

Portable Staging Mid West - A 40' semi trailer that folds into a stage with full lighting and sound system available. Stage rental starts at $1000 per day, with lighting and sound, video available at an extra charge. We are a ministry based business, and use this trailer for the Glory of God - we love to do Christian events!!!

Call or email us. 314-464-1416. We can email you a picture of the trailer, and pricing.

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