Donor Software for Christians


Cheque 21 System is a donor-management-software that can help manage your resources. It brings together product and partner components to make mission simpler to execute.

Donor Manager

Donor Manager is a Windows-based program designed to help missionaries keep track of information about their ministry partners. It is designed for use in organizations where staff members raise their own financial support and want to build strong relationships with their donors/partners.


DonorPerfect is a complete donor management software. It is designed to help cultivate donor relationships and achieve terrific fundraising results. For more information, visit the DonorPerfect website link.

Salsa Labs

This software provides many non profit software features to improve fundraising, donor communications and internal efficiencies. The software is easy-to-use donor and affordable in price.
This software effectively manages your data, allows for online donation processing, supports online event registration, integrates with your donor database, and allows you to quickly track results. The software can be easily maintained and is affordable.


DonorDirect software provides advanced donor management, order processing, subscription fulfillment, event management. Other important DonorDirect tools include media management, pledge tracking and missionary and project management.


DonorWorks is a donor and prospect profiling, gift entry/receipting, and pledge management system with unparalleled support services and a proven track record. It provides multiple levels of password protection and allows the user to easily customize many of the screens.

Friend Files

Friend Files is a program for managing information for people who raise support. This is not for home offices, but for the people out in the field (or individuals in home offices). Check out the website for more information about Friend Files.

Ministry Donors Database

This database has been developed to maintain supporters’ records. The database provides for multiple designations (both monetary and prayer support), mailing lists, donor records, and various reports and letters. The free trial version can be downloaded on the website provided. It can be used in MS Access 2002 or later versions. Look for the Ministry Donors link on the home page.

MST (Missionary Support Team)

This software package is designed for an individual missionary to track his own support team. A free trial is available per request. Visit the website links provided for more information on this software.

Shelby Systems

They offer the Church Management Software. It is a specialized software for the organization and management of churches and non-profit organizations.

Software4Nonprofits DONATION

This page contains links to websites offering donor software and programs.


TntWare is a free program for managing relationships with ministry partners. It is designed specifically for missionaries who raise their own support. TnTMPD is free, available in different languages, and can be shared freely to everyone.

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