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Center for Intercultural Training

Center for Intercultural Training trains and equips cross-cultural workers and their families for cross-cultural ministry. They do it by holding training programs, seminars and conferences.

Cross-Cultural Conflict: Building Relationships for Effective Ministry
By Duane Elmer
Whether at home or abroad, communicating with people of other cultures is difficult. It requires new ways of thinking and interpreting the world. When conflict arises, the issues become even more confusing. This book shows how to handle various types of conflict, effectively and positively. Numerous stories and examples enliven the text.

Ethnic Harvest

Ethnic Harvest provides resources for multicultural ministry. Resources are found on their website.
Please look a the different links on the website to find the resouces on cross cultural ministry. Please look on the ministry resources link.

Ministering Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Personal Relationships [Paperback]
By Sherwood G. Lingenfelter and Marvin K. Mayers

This is one of the classics on cross-cultural issues. This book helps readers identify their own value biases, and thus creates in them an increased sensitivity to others. Principles for effective Christian ministry are discerned from Scripture, and then applied to the daily realities of interpersonal relationships.

Ministering Cross-Culturally: A Model for Effective Personal Relationships

Leading Cross-Culturally: Covenant Relationships for Effective Christian Leadership

Ministry at the Margins: Strategy and Spirituality for Mission [Paperback]
By Anthony J. Gittins

This book provides a profound and practical spiritual insights on cross-cultural ministry and mission, at home and abroad.


OSCAR is provides links to useful information, advice and resources that are related to world mission or cross-cultural Christian work.

Sharing the Truth in Love: How to Relate to People of Other Faiths
By Ajith Fernando

This outstanding cross-cultural guide to evangelism in the twenty-first century directs Christians to respond sensitively and wisely to the cultures and beliefs of non-Christians of any nation. This excellent book will convince readers of the distinctiveness of the Christian faith, and spur them to be effective witnesses for Christ in the world today.

The Art of Crossing Cultures
By Craig Storti

Most people who go abroad to serve, live or work genuinely want to adapt to the local culture. Very few of them do. True cultural adjustment and effective cross-cultural interaction is more elusive than might be imagined. This book shows how it can be done.

The Whole World Guide to Culture Learning
By Daniel J. Hess

Breaking through the cultural filter that most travelers have is a real challenge specially if one is not adaptive and flexible in understanding the culture he/she is currently immersed. Helping one cope with the difficulties in cross-cultural exposure and establishing the way of true learning is the main purpose of this book.

TRAIN International

TRAIN International equips individuals and teams to live and work cross-culturally and provides debriefing when they return from the field. TRAIN International also offers coaching to churches that are sending and supporting cross-cultural workers. Our goal is that workers go prepared, stay effective, and return healthy and prepared for their next phase of ministry.

Transforming Culture: A Challenge for Christian Missions
By Sherwood G. Lingenfelter

In this finely crafted book Sherwood Lingenfelter lays solid theoretical foundations for analyzing many of the intercultural misunderstandings that emerge in the everyday lives of those in global ministries. By careful analysis of case studies, the author helps us apply these insights to our ministries, and guides us to biblically-based and culturally sensitive responses to the difficult issues raised by cultural differences. This is essential reading for all entering intercultural ministry."

Turning Bricks into Jade: Critical Incidents for Mutual Understanding among Chinese and Americans
By Mary Margaret Wang, Richard Brislin, Wei-zhong Wang, David Williams, Julie Haiyan Chao

In this book, forty-one examples are presented of dilemmas or misunderstandings brought about by cultural differences in expectations and behavior. Each incident is followed by a discussion of the possible solutions, which are concise cross-cultural lessons in themselves. Concepts useful to understanding Chinese-American interaction are given.

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