Correspondence Courses (Christian)

Child Evangelism Fellowship - Truth Chasers Club and Mailbox Club

Child Evangelism Fellowship has Bible correspondence

club designed to disciple children and adults. They have

hundreds of lessons.

David & Jonathan

David & Jonathan offers free Bible-based correspondence program. Their programs have helped thousands of children, youth and adults build godly character and grow strong in the Christian faith, in their understanding of the Scriptures, and in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Emmaus International
ECS Ministries provides doctrinally sound resources and structured study materials for the purpose of teaching people to know Jesus Christ and to live in a way that is consistent with God's Word. Emmaus is around the world. Please contact Emmaus to see if there is an Emmaus organization in the country you are interested in.

Source of Light Kansas

Source of Light Kansas has Bible Correspondence Courses

that are suitable for all ages. Their Bible courses seek

first to explain salvation by faith, then to disciple

children, youth and adults in all walks of life.

Source of Light Ministries International

SLM International produces advanced courses and Bible study courses. Their courses are considered Bible Institute/college level courses and eligible for credit when transferred to institutes of higher learning. Source of Light Ministries is around the world. Please contact Source of Light Ministries to see if there is a Source of Light Ministries organization in the country you are interested in.

The Mailbox Club

The Mailbox Club is an exciting "through-the-mail," "online interactive," or hand-to-hand Bible study program for all ages! Their lessons are Christ-centered, true to the Bible and full of hope for your child or grandchild, children, teens, or adults in your neighborhood, and anyone you believe would benefit from basic Bible teaching from God's Word.

The Mailbox Club Online

The Mailbox Club Online offers Bible courses for children. Their courses are applicable for different ages (4-18yo) and different nationalities. There are also lessons on Spanish language.

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