Church Planting Resources and Ministries

Connecting Church Planters Nationwide
Arch Ministries

By working together with our sister churches and other like-minded organizations, we aim to reseed the United States in a New-Testament-normative pattern where churches remain autonomous yet interdependent upon one another unto the Glory of God and the furtherance of the gospel.

National Church Planting Conference Audio
Arch Ministries

Arch Ministries is privileged to offer free MP3 downloads of session audio from the National Church Planting Conference. We hope these sessions will continue to encourage and edify listeners, whether or not they were able to attend the conference

Paul-Timothy website

This website has a list of resources that are available as download. The resources are freely given to pastors and church leaders who might need it.

Reaching Hispanics

Bridges International

Bridges International provides practical assistance to those who are reaching out to Chinese graduate students and scholars. Their website has many materials that can help in proclaiming the Good News. They have materials for answering tough questions related to Christianity, ministry materials, resources about China's culture and communication, articles, and many more.

World Christian Resources Directory

Church Planting Ministries 

Arch Ministries

We are building a network of Bible-centered pastors, believers and churches of like faith and practice.

Baptist Association NSW and ACT

Church Planting is crucial for the health and future of the church & our participation in Gods mission. It is too important to be left to a few enthusiasts.

Baptist Church Planters

There is no greater fulfillment than investing in something that will outlast you.  The history of BCP is the story of how visionary men and women have established sound fundamental Baptist churches throughout North America.  These churches established in the past join the dozens of current church plants that are an investment into eternity.

Baptist Church Planting Ministry

BCPM has free articles about church planting. BCPM is an organization that focuses on church planting and training pastors and Christians in the ministry of church planting.

Baptist Mid-Missions

Church Planting in North America? Our Lords command is to go into all the world, beginning with our own Jerusalem” and branching out to the ends of the world (Acts 1:8). As the gospel spreads into other lands, the discipling/church-planting ministry must continue throughout the homeland. This Great Commission outlook recognizes that strength in the foreign missionary effort is developed through ongoing active ministry development at home.

Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec

We are very excited that you are exploring the area of church planting with Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. We believe we are invited to join in what God is already doing in the neighbourhoods and communities of Ontario and Quebec. Here you will find some direction to church planters and churches exploring church planting.

Church Planting


Our Building on Firm Foundations series has been used by Church planters around the World to teach unreached people groups fundamental concepts that show man's need for a savior.

Fellowship Associates

Fellowship Associates exists to call men into Authentic Manhood and to train leaders to plant churches.

General Baptist Ministries

The Go Project is a movement launched in 2014 by General Baptists aimed at reproducing themselves by planting churches with like-minded planters. The project is always in search of high-capacity leaders to launch churches around the country.

Georgia Baptist Mission Board

We will work with our churches to catalyze a church planting movement that will address the increasing lostness of a rapidly growing state.

Global Church Planting Network

Louisiana Baptists

Louisiana Baptists are a statewide association of over 1,600 Baptist churches connected through a common mission. These churches minister both separately and cooperatively to reach our common goal to help every person find help, hope and encouragement in the midst of a busy world. Louisiana Baptists churches are connected with more than 40,000 other Southern Baptist Churches throughout the United States. This is a voluntary network with ministry in more than 105 countries worldwide.

Military Missions Network

Mississippi Baptist Convention Board

The Church Planting Department exists as a strategic part of the Church Expansion Team of the Acts 1:8 strategy. Our mission is to strategically and catalytically partner with every viable unit of Mississippi Baptist life to discoverdevelop, and deploy the best possible resources and support systems for starting healthy, reproducing, evangelistic, Baptist congregations, wherever needed in Mississippi.

Missouri Baptist Convention

MBC ministries are funded by the faithful giving of Missouri Baptists through the Cooperative Program through their local churches.

North American Mission Board (NAMB)

As part of the Send Network, your kingdom impact can be greater and your support team stronger. Your passion to see the Church grow through church multiplication is possible.

Northwest Baptist Convention

The Northwest Baptist Convention facilitates church planting in partnership with local churches, associations and the North American Mission Board. We assist church planting by helping:
Recruit those called by God to start churches
Train new church planters in the basics of church starting
Develop a support network for church planters, including a mentor, supervisor, and partnering churches
Develop a relevant and effective strategy for each new church start
Provide appropriate financial assistance for each church start

Reaching Hispanics

Tennessee Baptist Mission Board

The Cooperative Program and the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions enables the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board to work with churches, and associations in mobilizing Tennessee Baptists as a mission force to impact Tennessee, North America and the World with the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the ways that we accomplish this is through mobilizing and assisting churches to plant churches.

The Church Planters Toolbox

The Church Planters Toolbox is designed to help church planters become more effective in their implementation of the Great Commission by starting churches that will graduate sooner, finish stronger and be better equipped for reproductive ministry. Written from an independent Baptist perspective, the Toolbox 

Utah Idaho Southern Baptist Convention

The Utah Idaho Southern Baptist Convention's geographical area is continuing to experience rapid population growth. The population is now over 4.6 million people. The 2020 goal we have for starting new churches calls for us to be able to start over 140 new churches. Our goal is to reach 1% of the population of the two states by 2020.

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