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Baptist Church Planting

by H. Shelton Cole Jr. (Author)
Baptist Church Planting is a primer for answering questions about starting a Baptist church. Though it is written from an independent Baptist perspective, any missionary, student, or church planter will find the practical style of the book very helpful defining, responding to, and fulfilling the vision of the missionary church planter.

Church Multiplication Guide Revised: The Miracle of Church Reproduction

by Patterson /SCO (Author)

This book is very practical in addressing the areas of church multiplication and reproduction from ten points of view in response to Jesus’ command.

Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission

by (Author), Matt Chandler (Foreword)

Church Planter is widely regarded as a key resource for those planning to start a church or already in such a new plant. Patrick covers all the bases of what it takes to be a successful church planter in the 21st century. In this book, he stresses on what the Bible teaches about the church planter’s character, his message and the mission of his church. –edited.

Church Planting by the Book

by E. Elbert Smith (Author)

Church Planting by the Book explains church planting in the first-century church and seeks to understand how Scripture can be applied to modern church plants. With its focus on the churches of Acts 2, Church Planting provides readers with a scriptural example of healthy churches and provides unique insight for modern church planters.

Church Planting (Vol. 1 & 2)

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Church Planting Movements

Read the Book that Started it All: Church Planting Movements

Some feel that David Garrison’s book on Church Planting Movements was the catalyst that escalated disciple making movment (DMM) principles to a whole new level. Regardless of your own beliefs, the truth is, there’s still so much great knowledge in these pages. Ten universals, 10 Common elements, and tons more. Use this book anytime you’re launching a new outreach to make sure you launch in the right direction. The great thing is – in the true spirit of “freely you have received and freely we will give away,” Dr. Garrison has given permission for us to share this booklet for free. (Thank you David!) Grab it here.

Planting Missional Churches: Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply (2nd Edition)

by (Author), Daniel Im (Author)

This book is a handy guide loaded with tools to help planters create a biblically focused vision and practical strategy. It covers all the basics including why church planting is important; what it means to be called to plant churches; where to start; and how to develop a launch team, conduct worship and even secure a meeting place. -edited

Ten Most Common Mistakes Made by Church Starts

by James Griffith (Author), William Easum (Author)

Mistakes make the best teachers, don’t they? In this book, Jim Griffith and Bill Easum have condensed their collective experiences in planting churches to pen down 10 mistakes that account for most church plant fails. Premature launch, fear of talking about money until it is too late and formalizing leadership too soon are some of the mistakes that they stress on. For each point, they provide examples of mistakes and tell you how to avoid them. -edited

The Y-B-H Handbook of Church Planting - Yes, But How?

by Roger N McNamara (Author), Ken Davis (Author)

This book covers all the crucial issues of the church-planting task. It tells how to organize and grow the new church, working toward the ultimate goal of corporate reproduction.

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There are about eight church planting books here.

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Train & Multiply

Train & Multiply is a method of training potential Christian leaders using a set of 63 booklets and a Student Activity Guide. The booklets are translated into many different languages for use of various cultures.

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