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Christian Legal Resources website

American Center for Law and Justice
ACLJ, a non-profit public interest law firm, provides legal services, as well as educates the people on legal matters through publishing booklets and information letters. You can access their resources from their website.

Advocates International
Advocates International publishes newsletters and audio resources to educate the public on legal matters and to discuss about other law topics.

Alliance Defending Freedom
Alliance Defending Freedom is a servant ministry building an alliance to keep the door open for the spread of the Gospel by transforming the legal system and advocating for religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.

Americans United for Life
Americans United for Life (AUL) is a nonprofit, public-interest law and policy organization whose vision is a nation in which everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law. The first national pro-life organization in America, AUL has been committed to defending human life through vigorous judicial, legislative, and educational efforts at both the federal and state levels. You can find resources on their website under the Media link.

Canadian Institute of Law, Theology, and Public Policy, Inc
The Canadian Institute for Law, Theology, and Public Policy, Inc publishes books and tapes, and sponsors seminars which seek to integrate in depth the Christian faith with public policy issues.

Center for Arizona Policy
The mission of Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) is to promote and defend the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and religious liberty. To achieve their goal, they not just offer services but also publish articles, newsletters, and other media resources that the public can access freely.

Christian Coalition
Christian Coalition publishes the Religious Rights Watch newsletter and other resources you can find on their website. Their goal is to strengthen the family, protect innocent human life, return education to local and parental control, ease the tax burden on families, punish criminals and defend victims’ rights, protect young people from pornography, defend the institution of marriage, and protect religious freedom.

Christian Legal Aid
Christian Legal Aid provides free legal counsel to their clients. They educate people on how to retain basic necessities like housing, employment, family relationships, veteran's benefits, good credit and Social Security.

Christian Legal Aid of Pittsburg
Christian Legal Aid of Pittsburgh offers free legal advice, guidance, and prayer regarding civil and family matters to those in our community whose incomes are at or below 250% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Christian Law Association
CLA offers free and for sale resources about legal matters on their website. A publications catalog is available to view the books and articles they have. You can also subscribe to their newsletter and listen to their radio program. Plus there are more resources you can get from their website for free.

Christian Legal Aid Office (CLAO)
CLAO provides free legal advice and representation to the needy who are served by missions, shelters and churches.

Christian Legal Fellowship Canada
CFL Resources is a national not-for-profit, charitable organization, in which function is to explore the complex interrelationships between the practice and theory of law and Christian faith. You can find legal resources on their website.

Christian Legal Help
Christian Legal is a non-denominational Christian legal service that provides the closest thing to legal aid available to those who struggle to get access to quality legal help. Membership and access to their legal services is open to all who believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ as the literal Son of God and Savior of the world.

Christian Legal Society / Center for Law and Religious Freedom
CLS is a membership organization of Christian attorneys, judges, paralegals, law students, and other legal professionals dedicated to serving Jesus Christ through the practice of law, defense of religious freedom, and provision of legal aid to the needy. They offer not only legal services but also legal information through the resources found on their website.

Christian Rights Ministry
Christian Rights Ministries provides pro-bono legal services in defense of legal rights issues including student Christian rights, teacher Christian rights and Christian rights in public schools, Title 7 Christian Employment Rights, and free exercise rights.

Christian Rights Ministry Resources
Listed on this site are links to other Christian web sites that offer legal services to Christian clients.

Christian Legal Society of Minnesota
The Christian Legal Society of Minnesota is a fellowship of lawyers, judges, law professors and law students seeking to live out our faith in our profession. They assist and encourage lawyers and law students to integrate matters of law and faith; and to provide high quality, Christian legal aid and lawyer referral services for the glory of God to serve both those within and those outside the Christian church.

Concerned Women for America (CWA)
CWA protects and promotes biblical values among all citizens through prayer, education, and influencing the society in order to reverse the decline in moral values in America. You can find articles, legal resources and other publication materials on their website.

Eagle Forum
Eagle Forum is a Christian conservative public policy advocacy organization that promotes its pro-family mission through 16 state affiliates, a radio broadcast, articles, and the internet. Eagle Forum publishes the Phyllis Schlafly Report.

Family Research Council - Washington Watch
Washington Watch is the Family Research Council's publication for staying current on national issues which affect the family.

HSLFA – Home School Legal Defense Association
HSLFA is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms.

Institute for Justice
Through a unique and strategic combination of litigation, legal counsel, training, research, communications and outreach, the Institute for Justice advances a rule of law under which individuals can control their destinies as free and responsible members of society. You can find helpful videos and fresh news articles on their web site.

International Human Rights Group (IHRG)
IHRG protects religious freedom rights outside the boundaries of the United States. They focused in human/sex trafficking, world sports evangelism, and free speech in public areas.

Justice Foundation, The
The Justice Foundation is formerly the Texas Justice Foundation. Their mission is to protect the fundamental freedoms and rights essential to the preservation of American society. On their web site are useful information on parental rights and other legal news.

Liberty Counsel
Liberty Counsel is a non-profit civil liberties education and legal defense organization established to preserve religious freedom. They have news and publications available on their web site. You can also access their radio programs, TV programs, and other resources on their web site.

Liberty Institute
Liberty Institute, or Liberty Legal, is dedicated to solely defending and restoring religious liberty in America. Legal resources are available on their web site. Resources include news articles and different legal cases.

Life Legal Defense Foundation
LLDF’s mission is to give innocent and helpless human beings of any age, particularly unborn children, a trained and committed defense against the threat of death, and to support their advocates in the nation's courtrooms. They accomplish their mission through law and education. Their web site offers helpful resources and blog articles.

Minuteman Institute
The Minuteman Institute is part of the National Legal Foundation that produces books, articles, interviews, and testimony on Early American Studies, Classical Liberal Studies, Constitutional Studies, Religion and Society Studies, Pro-Life Studies, Family Studies, and Judicial Monitoring Program.

National Legal Foundation
The NLF is a Christian public law firm dedicated to the preservation of America's freedom and constitutional rights. NLF resources are available on their website, some are free and some are available for just a small cost.

National Right to Life
This web site has legal resources on the topics of abortion, human cloning, medicare, euthanasia, and more.

Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic
NCLC is a non-profit corporation offering pro bono legal representation and preventive legal education to low income families, including immigrant families. On their web site, you can find resources about domestic violence, family law, bankruptcy, taxation, and more.

New Mexico Christian Legal Aid
NMCLA is a fellowship of Christian lawyers and other volunteers who provide a free and unique combination of legal and spiritual help to the underprivileged, and instill the love of Christ in the legal community. They provide one-on-one pro bono legal assistance and services such as Preventive Law and Community Legal Education seminars.

Pacific Justice Institute
PJI is a non-profit legal defense organization specializing in the defense of religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties. This valuable resource gives clear guidelines to pastors and churches about their rights and responsibilities in the upcoming political season, and addresses topics such as distributing political materials at church, setting up voter registration tables, having politicians speak at church services, and education congregations and pastors’ personal politics.

Rutherford Institute, The
The Rutherford Institute is an international legal and educational organization dedicated to preserving human rights and defending civil liberties. Not only do they provide legal assistance, but on their website, they offer legal resources that can be freely used by anyone.

Salt & Light Council - web site links
This page contains links to web sites offering Christian legal counsel and other legal services.

Southeastern Legal Foundation
SLF is a public interest law firm which advocates limited government, individual economic freedom, and the free enterprise system. SLF has resources on their web site. These are available for public use and free of charge.

Stemberger Legal Defense Fund, The
The SLDF was established to gather funds to offset the lawyer’s fees and costs incurred in defending the freedoms that are under attack in the lawsuits filed against Stemberger and his team of lawyers. The funds will also be used to continue defending free speech and religious liberty in US.

Twin Cities Christian Legal Aid
TCCLA serves the poor, disabled and homeless by offering legal advice, limited assistance and spiritual counsel, as well as referrals to Christian and other agencies in order to help individuals and their families become free of legal entanglements and become reconciled with God.

Thomas More Law Center
The Thomas More Law Center is a not-for-profit public interest law firm dedicated to the defense and promotion of the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life.

United States Justice Foundation
The USJF is a nonprofit public interest, legal action organizing dedicated to instruct inform and educate the public on, and to litigate significant legal issues confronting America. They offer many legal resources on their website free of charge.
The Pennsylvania Family Institute aims to strengthen families by restoring to public life the traditional, foundational principles and values essential for the well-being of society. They are a research and education organization devoted to restoring values to the state and nation. They produce policy reports, promote responsible citizenship and work to promote unity among pro-family groups. You can find publications, articles, radio programs and more resources on their website.

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