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The following files are available for retrieval via the Brigada system. To obtain an emailed copy containing contents from the following files, write to: but substitute the name of the file you want (from below) in place of "filename". For example, if you want the blind-resources file (immediately below), send a blank email to: The subject is ignored.

Doug Lucas, Compiler, Brigada Today

advance199912 (12K -- the December issue)
blind-resources (24K -- to help you reach the blind)
brigada-submissions (3K -- how to submit items for publication)
children (81K -- how to best help the children of the world)
christmas-greetings (5K -- Merry Christmas in over 100 languages)
cults-resources (46K -- to learn about cults)
deafministry (5K -- to help those who cannot hear)
email_traveling_tips (14K -- travel and stay connected)
evaluating-missions (22K -- accountability and missions)
file-list (3K -- this file list)
family-missions (6K -- resources for helping families in missions)
free-online (7K -- free or nearly free Internet services)
housechurches (17 -- how to start them)
indigenousmusic (5K -- resources to help best bring it about)
info (2K -- this file list, and instructions on how to use it)
interpersonal-skills (3K -- learn them!)
jesus-films (3K -- info. on how to apply for free copies of Jesus Film)
kosovoresources (43K -- resources on how to help Kosovar Albanians)
leadership (7K -- resources to learn how to do it)
missionary-care (5K -- resources for those pastoring missionaries)
muslim-outreach (58K -- understanding how to share hope with them)
muslim-training (15K -- where can you receive live training)
opc (3K -- read this before sending any forwarded emails!)
packing (36K -- the best cartons, routes, routines, etc.)
puppets (70K -- how to start a ministry with them)
satphones (7K -- resources and tips)
stripreturns (3K -- macro for Microsoft Word; removes carriage returns)
tentmaking (2K -- links to learn more about it)
teaching-missions-to-kids (99K -- Resources for mobilizing children)
tesl (13K -- programs to learn how to do it)
tesl_resources (41K -- curriculum, guides and other helps)
top20upgs (11K -- 20 high priority unreached groups as of early 1999)
transition (12K -- transfer your mailing list from to egroups)
travel (19K -- saving money on airfare for international travel)
turkish-resources (11K -- Turkish christian resource directory)
unreached-directory (149K -- ministries who provide info on unreached)
untargeted (12K -- the least targeted groups as of Aug. 1999)
videos-english (190K -- Great Christian videos/sources in English)
videos-spanish (125K -- Great Christian videos/sources in Spanish)

World Christian Resource Directory

World Christian Resource Directory

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