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Missions: God's Heart for the World
Nine Studies for Individuals or Groups
By Paul Borthwick
Beginning in Genesis the Bible is the story of God pursuing his people. This brief guide gives us a survey of how God reaches out to the world—through Jesus and through human ambassadors like us. The call to "missions" is not for a select group but is part of God's call to every Christian.In these studies you will discover your part in God's plan.

Today's All-Star Mission Churches: Strategies to Help your Church get into the Game
By Tom Telford

Near the close of the century, Tom Telford was criss-crossing the United States researching the best ways to do and support missions. He found that the top missions churches have active, healthy, innovative programmes. With the help of missiologists and church missions pastors, he compiled Today's All-Star Missions Churches. Telford's book uses case studies from churches representing a variety of denominations, sizes, and locations. From the detailed descriptions of the churches' missions history, vision, and programming, readers will glean practical ideas for starting or strengthening missions programmes in local churches. Each chapter focuses on the unique qualities of a church that has succeeded, ranging from excellence in missionary care to involving children in missions. A 20% discount on this book is currently available from Amazon Books. Link from the web site above and help earn commission for CMD. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Missions in the 21st Century: Getting Your Church into the Game:
By Telford, Tom and Shaw, Lois

Tom Telford knows the score on churches and missions. A former baseball umpire turned missions consultant, Tom calls things as he sees them. As the church enters the 21st century, his insights on the changing world of missions are needed more than ever. With practicality and wit, Tom lays out countless ways to: ignite missions interest through creative conferences; recruit, prepare and support missionaries; build relationships with mission agencies; link up with Third-World missions. This is a very practical handbook.

Business As Usual In The Missions Enterprise?
By Tom A. Steffen
This is a new book to the Mission Books list of titles. Using both humour and practical insights, Steffen tackles highly critical issues in the fast- changing mission environment. Through a creative story, he demonstrates (1) the complexity of short-term, cross-cultural ministry; (2) the need to be a learner before a teacher, and (3) the attainability of the task when done through synergistic partnerships. The action steps will prove valuable to sending churches and their missionaries.

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Challenge Press Book Heaven

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The World at Your Door: Reaching International Students in Your Home, Church, and School [Paperback]
By Tom Phillips, W. Terry Whalin, Robert W. Norsworthy, Terry Whalin
"The World at Your Door" focuses on sharing the gospel with the 600,000 international students enrolled in US universities that represent the next generation of world leaders -- the vast majority of whom will never be welcomed into a Christian home or church.

Missionary Training Booklets at Missionary Training Service

The Missionary Training Service has released their missionary training booklets on their website. Their booklets can be ordered online and available for download. Visit their website for the titles of available missionary training booklets.

Operation World - 21st Century Edition, Updated and Revised Edition (When We Pray God Works)

By Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk
Operation World is the definitive prayer handbook and reference guide. Packed with informative and inspiring fuel for prayer about every country of the world, it is essential for anybody who wants to make a difference. It was the winner of the 2002 Gold Medallion Book Award and has been quoted in numerous journals and articles. It contains information for all the continents and every country in the world.

Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation
By Jason Mandryk
Operation World is the definitive global prayer handbook that will help focus your heart and life towards God's passion for His glory. With over 1 million copies of past versions being sold, this all new 7th edition has been completely updated and revised by Jason Mandryk and covers the entire populated world. Whether you are an intercessor praying behind the scenes for world change, a missionary reaping the benefits of intercession or simply curious about the world, Operation World will give you the information necessary to be a vital part in fulfilling God's passion for the nations.

Serving As Senders: How to Care for Your Missionaries While They Are Preparing to Go, While They Are on the Field, When They Return Home
By Neal Pirolo

Serving As Senders: How to Care for Your Missionaries While They are Preparing to Go, While They are on the Field and When They Return Home. The title says it all! A missionary needs care in at least six areas: Moral Support, Logistics Support, Financial Support, Prayer Support, Communication Support, and Reentry Support. This book gives scores of practical ideas in how a team can provide the necessary care for a missionary. Chapter One tells "when" and "why" a missionary needs care. Chapters Two through Seven deal with each of the six areas of care. Chapter Eight brings it back to the individual's involvement in caregiving. A Study Guide for groups is included.

The Mission Handbook

The Mission Handbook is the singular one-volume source of information on North American missions today! This 21st edition of the Handbook offers more than 600 pages of information on U.S. and Canadian Protestant ministries serving overseas! Nearly 1,000 agency listings include: contact information, types of mission activity , areas of service, personnel statistics and more! The Handbook also includes a comprehensive analysis of trends in U.S. and Canadian based ministries serving overseas.

William Carey Publishing

William Carey Library has a large catalog of books. They are publishing mission books and resources.

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