Bibles - Places to Buy Bibles, New Testaments, and Audio Bibles has opened a Christian site to feature Christian Bibles, The Store will help shoppers find and discover tens of thousands of Christian products, all in a searchable and easy-to-navigate dedicated Christian environment.

American Bible Society

American Bible Society invites people to experience the life-changing message of the Bible. Offering an increasing range of ministries to address core life questions and struggles, they partner with Christian churches and national Bible Societies to share God’s Word in the United States and around the globe.

Bearing Precious Seed

Bearing Precious Seed is the Scripture publishing ministry of First Baptist Church, in Milford, Ohio. Since 1973, BPS has printed over 100 million Scriptures and Scripture portions and distributed them to churches and missionaries all around the world. They have printed Bibles in different languages.

Bible League International

Bible League International has Bibles & New Testaments. They distribute Scripture in over 70 countries and 200 languages, also collect repairable used Bibles.

Bibles At Cost

Bibles At Cost offers the Best Selling Bibles at the Lowest Prices in America. Not only do they sell Bibles by the case lot, their low prices are available in individual quantities as well. They can help find the right tools for your Ministry needs.

Bible Foundation

Bible Foundation networks with individuals and groups for Bible drives and mailing used Bibles overseas; publishes small Scripture readings for free mass distribution. Bible Foundation has links to other Bible Society sites or sites where you can buy Bibles of any versions.

Bible Truth Publishers

Bible Truth Publishers has various Scripture materials. They also offer free Bibles and pamphlets.

Bibles For the Blind and Visually Handicapped International

Bibles for the Blind offers the Braille Bible in different languages.

Canadian Bible Society

You can download free Bible apps for mobile devices at Canadian Bible Society website. CBS also translates, publishes and distributes Bibles, New Testaments and other Scriptures, which are available in over 100 languages as well as 23 Canadian first nations languages.

Christian Book

Christian Book is an online store that sells Bibles and other Christian and religious items. You may request for the Bible catalog if you wish to buy a Bible/Bibles from them

Faith Comes By Hearing

Free Audio Bible downloads and Audio Bible podcasts are offered at Faith Comes By Hearing website. The Bible application is available in mobile phones, iPod touch, iPad and other e-book reader devices.

Global Recordings Network

Global Recordings Network is formerly named as Gospel Recordings Incorporated. They offer Bible audio tapes in different languages. is an online store. They sell Bibles, Christian books, resources for children , gift items and many more.

Messages of God's Love - Multilingual (South Asian Ministry)

MGL provides suitable Christian materials for outreach use such as Bibles, tracts, videos in different languages, gospel coins and many more. Visit their website and view their online catalog.

Multi-Language Media

Multi-Language Media online catalog contains Scriptures in over 80 languages, Bible-based ESL materials, the JESUS DVD in over 1000 languages, Christian books in 45 languages, the "Who Is Jesus" tract and many more foreign-language Christian DVDs.

New Covenant Couriers

New Covenant Couriers ministers to the Jews by handing out New Testament Bibles to Jews throughout the US and the world.

New Zealand Bible Society

Bible Society New Zealand translates, publishes, and distributes Bibles in appropriate formats in New Zealand and overseas without doctrinal note and comment. They distribute all recognized and approved versions of the Bible in English, plus Scriptures in up to 80 different non-English languages to meet the needs of different cultures in New Zealand. They have the following translations: Samoan and other Pacific Island languages, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

Pocket Testament League

The Pocket Testament League provides Bible resources to help believers develop a lifestyle of biblical discipline and personal evangelism. They have Gospels of John and other resources offered in English, Spanish and Chinese, and in several Scripture versions.

Russian Bible Society
Russian Bible Society makes the Bible available to every person in a language and format that Russians can understand and afford. Russian Bible Society not only translates the Bible but also prints and distributes to the most socially vulnerable population of Russia.

Scripture Truth Book Company

Scripture Truth Book Company is a Christian book, Bible and merchandise retail business to provide followers of Christ with spiritual merchandise at discounted prices.

Talking Bibles

Dedicated to producing and distributing Bible audio players in many languages as a tool for those unable to read. Selected passages online in many languages.

Trinitarian Bible Society

Trinitarian Bible Society is based in London, England. They publish and distribute Bible copies in England and all over the world.

United Bible Societies

United Bible Societies is the biggest translator, publisher and distributor of the Bible in the world. They are currently operating in over 200 countries and territories. They are also active in literacy training, HIV and AIDS prevention and disaster relief in coordination with Christian churces and many international non-governmental organizations.

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