Architectural and Engineering Work for Christians, Ministries and Missionaries and Professional Organizations

Affiliation of Christian Engineers

The Affiliation of Christian Engineers (ACE) is intended to serve as an organizational vehicle to facilitate Christian engineers and others in body of Christ intentionally and collectively seeking God’s will for the engineering profession and its Christian members, documenting the results, and then collectively and intentionally influencing the engineering profession accordingly.

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Christian Engineers in Development (CED)

CED offers a quality professional engineering service at minimum cost to overseas communities and development agencies.

Christian Engineering Society

The Christian Engineering Society is incorporated as a US non-profit, organized for those interested in the relationship of engineering and Christianity.

Engineering Ministries International – EMI

We are architects, engineers, surveyors and construction managers who are working to develop people, design structures, and construct facilities which serve communities and the Church. EMI works within the local context to design and construct culturally-appropriate facilities that are sustainable, affordable, and transformational. We bring teams of professionals together to serve Christian ministries and meet design challenges all over the world. Together we are designing a world of hope.

EMI provides engineering and architectural services to overseas ministries and churches who are serving the poorest of the poor and preaching the Gospel of Christ. They provide their services for free. Visit their website for more details on how to avail their free services.

Engineers with a Mission

Engineers with a Mission train and mobilize engineers for discipline-specific service in developing and mission communities. They also provide engineering expertise, send out engineers in foreign missions, educate engineers about appropriate technology, and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in word, deed, and design.

Helps International Ministries

Helps International Ministries (also known as HIM) is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian mission which provides technical assistance to Christian mission agencies and mission related organizations throughout the world. Through our helps ministries, HIM seeks to assist, strengthen and better equip evangelical ministries to reach their respective goals.

Helps International Ministries (HIM) provides facility planning and architectural design services to Christian missions and ministries in the US and overseas. They provide professional design services at lower costs. Services include: site planning, master planning, preliminary designs, space planning, construction documents, architectural renderings, construction and renovation from small remodeling jobs to large complex projects, planning and design for building projects and master site planning, computer services, accounting/auditing, counseling/discipling, and mission mobilization.

Indigenous People's Technology and Education Center - ITEC

Steve Saint started ITEC in 1996 to develop tools and training to equip the indigenous Christ-followers to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their own people.

Interserve International

Interserve International is an interdenominational community of Christians helping other people in Asia and the Arab World through word and action. They provide different kinds of services from teaching to engineering services.


quality engineering, local ingenuity, and community buy-in keep the water flowing

Ministry Architecture, Inc.

Ministry Architecture offers high quality and free architectural services to evangelical ministries in developing countries. They also help qualifying ministries to maximize their resources, avoid costly delays, and move ministries into new and more functional facilities.

Missionary Tech Team

Missionary Tech Team provides technical services for missionaries all around the world to help get the Gospel out. Whether it be building a medical clinic in the African jungle or designing a tract to be handed out on a busy city street corner, maybe it's a transportation need for missionaries home on furlough, or perhaps a missionary needs a table top display to tell about their ministry. Look into their architectural and engineering, graphic design and rental vehicle services to see how they are helping missions around the world. Providing you with effective, efficient and creative facilities for ministry, is the core ministry function of the Facilities Planning Services at Missionary TECH Team.

This includes providing the needed facility resources for your ministry, that will service your ministry needs and goals. Services provided by TECH to you are offered by seasoned professionals who understand the unique aspects of ministry and the building environments needed for ministry service. We respond to ministry needs, producing a lasting durable structure to serve generations and that is designed well. These services include: project analysis, defining your ministry, facility programming, master planning, building design, project promotion, construction services, and supporting services.

Water Mission

Below are Secular Organizations

Engineering for Change

Engineers Without Borders-USA

EWB-USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders. EWB-USA provides engineering expertise to address community-identified infrastructure needs. All their projects are engineering related.

Engineering World Health

EWH is a non-profit organization that mobilizes the biomedical engineering community to improve the quality of health care in hospitals that serve resource-poor communities of the developing world. They install donated and newly-designed medical equipment, carry out repairs and build local capacity to manage and maintain the equipment. I think this is a secular, not a Christian organization.

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