Appliances for Overseas, 220 Volt 50 Hertz Equipment is a worldwide distributor of Multi System Electronics, Region Free DVD players, Code Free DVD players, home theater systems, Multi system TVs, Voltage converters & Transformers, Pal Camcorders, Unlocked GSM phones, International prepaid sim cards, 110-240 volts appliances, and much more. We specialize in helping Families relocating Overseas and offer free consultations helping with Broadcast system, Voltage, and Plug differences. has good selection of electrical appliances, transformers, converters, adapters, plugs and dual voltage. Many missionaries buy from this company. Visit their website for their online catalog. is a source for 220 volt multi-system electronics and appliances. They have a good selection of multi-system TVs, LCD, Plasma TVs, region free DVD players, DVD recorders, VCRs, PAL format camcorders, stereo systems, voltage converters, video converters, telephones, GSM cellular phones, and other 220 volt large home appliances for your overseas need at competitive prices.

East West International

East West International is a leading distributor of international 220 volt appliances and multi-system electronics for overseas use. They have audio-video equipment, small kitchen appliance or a major household item. They also carry major brands like Whirlpool, GE, Sony, etc.

DC sells power inverters, voltage converters, plug adapters, surge protectors, battery chargers, video converters, communication transformers, phone adapters and inverter cables. is one of the largest voltage converter distributors. They have voltage converters, voltage regulators, plug adapters, inverters, battery chargers, video converters, phone adapters, transformers, small appliances, and cables. Visit their website to view their products.

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