Travel Agencies That are Owned by Christians or Faith Oriented

Many of the organizations below are Christian or faith oriented owned travel agencies. Some of the places below specialize in getting good prices for Christians and missionaries. Some of these places below might be secular and offer faith based journeys. I recommend trying a few different places to get the best price.

ABC Christian Cruise and Travel

Specialists in discounted international air fares for all

We have international mission, ministry, humanitarian and adoption fares

We know complicated itineraries and special needs Cruising is fun – we offer discounted cruises for you and or your group Reduced fare cruises for your family reunion, school, church or Sunday school Ask about our fund raiser cruises.

CV Humanitarian Travel

Kingdom Company’s specialty is international travel for Christian organizations. They have been doing international travel for 25 years. Services they offer are the following: hotels, airport transfers, pre-arranged meals, tours—whatever your group requires, Gallagher medical insurance, trip cancellation insurance, wiring funds to the field, obtaining visas, and alerting the local US embassy of travellers.

Earth Trek Unlimited

Earth Trek Unlimited arranges transportation to anywhere in the world: airfare, group travel, group or individual plans, medical and vaccination information, visa and passport information. Mission Travel Services If your non-profit job or volunteer service takes you to another country, Earth Trek will handle all the travel details for you and your team. We offer the best rates in Canada so that your vision and passion isn’t hampered by inflated plane fares.

Exit Us Travel

We offer Unique and Exotic Tours, Faith Based Journeys. We specialize in romantic and luxury getaways,Family and Friends Reunions, Culinary Journeys, TeaShop Tours, Groups and Singles, Sports and Entertainment Tours, for the budget conscious to the extravagant.

Fellowship Travel International

Our travel agents understand the sensitive nature of this type of travel. Our travel agents have extensive knowledge of remote destinations within Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe & Latin America. So, no matter where your world missions take you, we can offer mission teams & missionaries assistance with travel in closed countries, last-minute flights for medical missions/disaster relief travel, as well as additional services that may be required. Your agent will work hard to save you time & money on your mission travel arrangements, so you can focus your resources on your ministry.

Golden Rule Travel

Golden Rule Travel specializes in international adoption, humanitarian, and missionary travel. They have the years of experience, the contacts, the contracts, and the dedication to customer service to give you the least expensive, most hassle-free travel possible.

High Plains Travel

High Plains Travel has a Ministry Travel Department dedicated to finding the lowest fare available for people in ministry, to any place in the world. We are a missions travel agency offering deeply discount fares to people traveling to the mission field. 100% of our staff are missionaries and many of us work on support to serve our fellow missions travelers.

InterMissions World Travel

InterMissions World Travel specializes in overseas travel at highly-reduced rates for missionaries, non-profit organizations, churches, medical teams, and all those who travel in the service of others. With 60 years of experience in the travel industry, InterMissions World Travel provides quality services in the following: discounted airfare all over the world, special group rates, passport and visa processing, and uncompromising level of customer service.

Key Travel

Key Travel offers different types of fares for missionary, humanitarian, and students. Since we started out in 1980 we’ve served a whole rainbow of humanitarian organisations, faith groups and universities, large and small – all doing life-saving, world-changing work worldwide.

McTavish Travel

Dedicated to Faith, Humanitarian and Academic Travel. Key Travel supports those who journey to some of the world’s most vulnerable and remote locations in the name of compassion. We are committed to helping them achieve their goals of supporting, healing and educating people around the world.

Ministry Travel

Our mission travel specialists have expert knowledge in the missionary travel industry: the ins, the outs, and the in-betweens. We can guide you on everything from visa requirements to vaccinations. Every country has a unique, exciting nature, but they also have their own laws, regulations, and areas of concern you should be aware of before you go.

Mission Travel

Mission Travel provides discount international airfare for missions, churches, missionaries & humanitarians travel. They have access to exclusive missionary & humanitarian airfare—with no service fees to you

Missionary Airfare Search

Missionary Airfare Search has consolidator fares and missionary airfares for those called by God to the 1040 Window and worldwide. You can save up to 70% on international airfares for student airfares, business airfares, group travel, and vacations or sabbaticals.

MKI Group Travel

MKI Group Travel exists to serve those who have been called to travel internationally.

Are you adopting internationally?

Serving with a missions agency?

Working with any other NGO, non-profit, or humanitarian aid organization?

By contacting us personally for your travel needs, we will be able to compare all currently published sale fares against our private contracts – specifically negotiated for those who are traveling with a purpose.

Outland Travel Services

Outland Travel Services offers a wide range of travel services. Specialists in providing Church Mission, Non-Profit and Humanitarian Group travel including all arrangements, no matter the group size, destination or complexity of travel.

Pelitravel Travel

Pelitravel is a missionary travel agency that serves Christian missionaries, churches, pastors, and ministry groups.

SIAMA World Mission Travel

SIAMA takes care of air travel for missionaries, retired missionaries, non-profit development workers, volunteers, Bible school students, speakers (and attendants) at religious conventions and direct relatives of missionaries visiting them in the mission field. They arrange tickets from any point in the world to any destination.

Springfield Travel Service

specializes in missionary rates and international travel

Wilcox World Travel and Tours

Wilcox World Travel and Tours / American Express Representative has been working with missionaries, both short term and long term, for 46 years. We are one of the few agencies in the United States able to offer missionary rates, and we have the experience to help plan your trip and avoid costly mistakes. Missionary travel has been at the core of Wilcox World Travel and Tours/American Express Travel since its inception in 1953.

Witte Travel & Tours

Our four-step process makes planning a Spiritual Journey stress-free. Throughout the process, Witte Travel & Tours is here to help, assist, and guide you with your travel arrangements. We take care of the details, including passenger registration and preparing your group for travel. We’ll be in steady communication, supporting your efforts. Rest assured, we adjust to last-minute realities, and will have you on your way before you know it!

Travel checklist for short-term missionary leaders and participants

Planning ahead is essential for short-term missions travelers. Use this handy timeline from Gwen Kuebler of MTS Travel when planning your ministry trip.

World Missions Tours

For more than 50 years World Missions Tours has been dedicated to providing quality Christian travel at an affordable price. Our experienced staff have now sent over 80,000 participants to 157 countries and territories around the world.

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