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Low Priced Missions Magazines

You simply can't beat the price on these Berry Publishing offers. Bill <> is offering _Into All The World_ (the annual _Great Commission Opportunities Handbook_, 52 pages long), and _Short-Term Missions Today_ (84 pages long) to churches, schools, mission agencies and other groups. He only asks that you cover the "out-of-pocket" shipping & handling costs of getting these issues to you and that you request at least 10 copies total (mix & match is fine).

To order, contact Bill at the email address above or write Bill Berry, Publisher, PO Box 40519, Pasadena CA 91114 or fax him in the USA at 626-798-8582. He pledges immediate shipment.

Free Copies Of Short-Term Missions Today

This new annual 84 page, full-color magazine is available for use by your church, school or group. Contact Bill <>. All the copies you can reasonably use are FREE, with the request that you cover the modest "out-of-pocket" Shipping & Handling charges to get these issues to you, and that you request at least 10 copies. It includes thirteen great articles on all aspects of Short-Term Missions, plus one of the most comprehensive "Short-Term Mission Opportunities Comparison Charts" ever published, presenting 176 separate options presented in 49 different categories.

The copies you request will be shipped right away, with the modest S&H invoice enclosed. also, feel free to request copies of the companion magazine INTO ALL THE WORLD, the annual Great Commission Opportunities Handbook (52 pages, 10 articles, 5 Comparison Charts), available for the same S&H costs.

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