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There are thousands of Christian videos in English. Below are addresses of the producers and distributors of the Christian videos. Please order a catalog from their organization or see their web site. There are many 800 numbers below of organizations and ministries which will send you their video catalogs for free.

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AC Green Ministries

Michelle Akers

Michelle Akers
Video on Michelle Akers- and Olympic and World cup soccer player and Christian Soccer Video
Call to Order!
This 13-minute video features Michelle's story with lots of soccer footage and fun action and graphics. Great for kids!


It was only a matter of time. With an inventory as large as the planet Mars itself, we knew it wouldn't be long. So now they've done it. has opened a Christian site to feature Christian books, Bibles, music, videos, electronic cards, and toys and games. The Store will help shoppers find and discover tens of thousands of Christian products, all in a searchable and easy-to-navigate dedicated Christian environment.s. There are tons of videos, toys, and just about every book in the world!

Truth in advertising disclaimer: If you decide to buy anything at the above store, it won't cost you a penny more, but Brigada will receive a small thank-you gift from I guess it's a way to support Brigada without actually having to pay any subscription costs. Check it out!


1.800.ABC.3USA ext. 2286
OFFICE 610.768.2286,
FAX #610.768.2255

  • V-01 New Vision for a New Day - Visualizes the ministries of ABMen Disaster Relief, Man-2-Man evangelism, and ABBoys/ABYoung Men. $14.99.

  • V-02 One Man's Faith: Tom Plazzi - The test of aman's faith is his capacity to confront the challenges of life rather than evade them. $14.99

  • V-03 One Man's Faith: John Mandt - Sometimes a man's best prayer is not done when praying. How does one draw the line between business responsibilities, family time and church envolvement. $14.99.

  • V-04 One Man's Prayer: Bill Poland - Kansas Highway Patrol officer shares how prayer impacts his life and work as husband and father. $14.99.

  • V-05 One Man's Prayer: David Gnirk - A cattle rancher's view of relationships with God, the land and his father. Shot on location in South Dakota. $9.99

  • V-06 One Man's Prayer: Evan Smith - What is it like to be talented yet jobless? How prayer changed this man's vocational outlook for the better. $9.99.

  • V-07 One Man's Prayer: Gordon Gunzelmen - A church organist shares his story of how God develops our talents. $9.99.

  • V-08 One Man's Prayer: Don Watson - A Jr. High school teacher weaves his classroom, family life and prayer together. $9.99.

  • V-09 One Man's Prayer: Dr. Harold Davis - Former president of the ABC/USA. Prayer calls for believing God, not just believing in God. $9.99.

  • V-10 One Man's Prayer: Dr. Daniel Weiss - General Secretary of the AMC/USA. A personal testimony of maturing prayer and a call for American Baptists to be a praying people, a potent force for Jesus Christ. $9.99.

  • V-11 Tony Campolo: 1997 Prayer Breakfast Video $19.99

American Portrait Films

American Portrait Films
503 East 200 St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44119
ph: (800) 736-4567
has a nice catalog and web site

American Renewal movement

Multiplied Grace: "On September 11, Everything Changed!"

"'On September 11, everything changed' for ten young people in Florida. They accepted Christ after viewing a dramatic new video featuring an interview with Cheryl McGuinness, whose husband Tom was co-pilot of Flight 11, the first plane to smash into the World Trade Center." So reported ASSIST News Service in a recent article detailing a remarkable testimony of God's grace--and more grace! The 38-minute video, "On September 11th, Everything Changed," released by American Renewal Movement, also features a 20-minute clip of the life of Jesus from the Visual Bible. In the video, Cheryl talks about the events of 9/11--its pain and suffering, and her journey toward "a renewed conviction of God's goodness and a life of hope in Jesus Christ."

American Tract Society

American Tract Society
Box 462008
Garland, TX 75046-2008
ph: 214-276-9408
fax: 214-272-9642

Sells a few videos on cults.

AMMI Ministry
Ron Elkin

Passover Material by Rev. Ron Elkin
30 minute Passover Demonstration Video by for $15 plus $3 s&h
60 minute Passover Dinner audio Casettee by $4.50 plus $1.50 s&h
Passover Kit (includes Passover video and audio cassettes, instructions, and Haggadah [order of service handout] ) $25.00 + $3 s&h This kit will help you have your own Passover in your home or church.

Ken Anderson Films

Ken Anderson Films
PO Box 618
Winona Lake, Indiana 46590 USA
(219) 267-5774

Has a nice video catalog
Has Pilgrims' Progress

Ken Anderson Films
1520 E. Winona Ave.
Warsaw, IN 46580 USA

ph: (219) 267-5834
fax: (219) 267-5876

John Ankerberg

John Ankerberg
PO Box 8977
Chattanooga, Tennessee
(see website or ask for catalog for list of videos-on sects, cults and false doctrines, apologetics, social issues, new age, prophecy, world religions including debates)

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis (USA)
P.O. Box 6330
Florence, Kentucky 41022

Tel: (606) 727-2222
The Worthwhile Mall (Order Online!)

Creation videos

Answers in Genesis (Australia)
P.O. Box 6302
Acacia Ridge D.C., Qld 4110, Australia
Tel: (07) 3273 7650
(Int'l +617 3273 7650)
Fax: (07) 3273 7672
(Int'l +617 3273 7672)

Creation videos

Answers in Genesis (NZ)
P.O. Box 39005, Howick
Auckland - New Zealand
Tel (09) 537 4818
Fax: (09) 537 4818

Creation videos

Answers in Genesis (Canadá)
5-420 Erb St. West Suite 213
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 6K6
Teléfono 1-888-251-5360

Creation videos

Answers in Genesis (UK)
P.O. Box 5262
United Kingdom
(0116) 2708400
Fax: (0116) 2700110

Creation videos

Answers in Genesis (Australia)
P.O. Box 6302
Acacia Ridge, D.C., Qld., 4110, Australia
Tel (07) 3273 7650
(Int'l +617 3273 7650)
Fax: (07) 3273 7672
(Int'l +617 3273 7672)

Creation videos

"Are You Going to Heaven"

"Are You Going to Heaven"

Apocalypse Video

Apocalypse Video

Arab World Ministries

Arab World Ministries
To Order Videos: Call 1-800-447-3566, ext 7310
or e-mail:

Books and videos on outreach to Muslims
Videos Available through AWM

  • The Real Story: A Christian's Guide to the Arab World (Six part series) Each of the six video programs in this series is under 20 minutes in length, ideal for Sunday school or conference use. The companion illustrated Study Guide will stimulate questions, new opinions and practical ideas on how this new information can be implemented by the Western Church. Program titles are:
    1.Abraham's Other Children-Hagar, History and the Rise of Islam
    2.God and Family-The Making of a Culture
    3.The Five Pillars of Islam-Finding Out What a Muslim Believes
    4.The Violent Edges-Modern History and the Growth of Fundamentalism
    5.More than a Remnant-Christian Arabs in a Muslim World
    6.The Christian Witness-Being a Part of God's Blessing to the Arabs

    $39.95 plus shipping and handling

  • Tentmaking: A Way of Life (20 Minutes)
    What is tentmaking? Why is it needed? What makes an effective tentmaker? Would I be suitable? What difficulties would I meet? These and many more questions are answered to give a frank profile of the challenges and difficulties of being a tentmaker in today's world.

    $9.95 plus shipping and handling

    Free Videos from AWM

  • Changed Lives ( 10 1/2 minutes)
    Tells the story of Arab World Ministries and how God is using this ministry of friendship evangelism and media outreach to change lives.

  • AWM Summer Teams (9 minutes)
    Presents an overview of AWM's summer ministry programs for those interested in participating.

  • VISION (8 minutes)
    This music video geared for high school and college students presents the call to share God's glory with the whole world. Features an original song, VISION, footage from the Arab world, and a challenge from U.S. Director.

  • Tunisia: Against the Tide (15 minutes)
    Explains the work of AWM missionaries in Tunisia going against the tide of Islam.

  • Yemen: A People Apart (14 minutes)
    An introduction to how God is at work in this Arab Gulf country.

Armageddon Books

Armageddon Books
A Division of Cliffside Publishing House
PO Box 230
West Jefferson, NC 28694 USA
Phone / Fax (336) 246-2628

Well done website
World's largest Bible prophecy bookstore featuring books, videos, & charts on armageddon, antichrist, 666, tribulation, rapture, revelation

Arrowhead Productions International

Arrowhead Productions International
Campus Crusade for Christ
phone us at
FAX your request to

Campus Crusade for Christ (General)

A Greek textbook. A Russian submarine commander. An Alabama furniture store owner. The killing fields of Cambodia. At first glance they seem to have absolutely nothing in common. Yet each is a link in an incredible chain that stretches across the globe to draw men and women of every nation to our Lord. Connections chronicles the history of Campus Crusade's International Ministries by looking at three such chains. This show is effective in building vision in believers who doubt that they can make a difference for God's kingdom.

The Templeton Prize: Legacy of Honor
Documentary of events surrounding Dr. Bill Bright's receiving of the prestigious Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion, May, 1996. This is the story of his visit to Buckingham Palace to receive the prize, and his public address to the world the next day at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome. (Two versions: Including entire address - 55 minutes, Condensed - 15 minutes)

Come Help Change the World
Our best-selling video, this gives an informative and entertaining overview of the worldwide ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. (11 minutes)

The Heart That God Revives
God is doing some amazing things in America, bringing renewal to many Christians. Nancy Leigh DeMoss gives an inspiring message contrasting the proud, unbroken person with a humble person broken before God. Thousands of copies of this tape have been distributed. (1 hour)

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Promo
The need of college campuses throughout the United States for the Word and the impact of the Campus Ministry, as well as its effectiveness, have been recorded on this video. (9 minutes)

At the end of their rope, the staff at Vanderbilt University thought the ministry didn't have a prayer... That is, until God stepped in and brought life to a dying movement. (12 minutes)

Effectiveness at the University of Illinois
See this innovative approach of students and staff working together to reach their campus. (9 minutes)

Remaining Relevant on the Campus Today
Students have changed, and strategies that were extremely effective on the campus several years ago are not as effective today. Learn how the staff in Boston changed to meet the needs of today's students. (3 segments - 24 minutes)

U.S. Ministries

The Great Adventure
Powerful testimony by Wendy Lawrence, NASA astronaut, on how her life was impacted by God through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. (9:15 minutes)

The Time is Now
Student Venture shows the desperation and need among today's high school students for the gospel in this 2-part series. (6:55 minutes/3:38 minutes)

World Headquarters Promotional
Glimpses of headquarters staff at work, at play and in personal ministry are woven together to challenge viewers to consider full-time ministry at headquarters. (11 minutes)

International Ministries

A Greek textbook. A Russian submarine commander. An Alabama furniture store owner. The killing fields of Cambodia. At first glance they seem to have absolutely nothing in common. Yet each is a link in an incredible chain that stretches across the globe to draw men and women of every nation to our Lord. Connections chronicles the history of Campus Crusade's International Ministries by looking at three such chains. This show is effective in building vision in believers who doubt that they can make a difference for God's kingdom. (19 minutes)

Russia: A Nation in Crisis
Once the Iron Curtain collapsed, many Christians wrongly assumed that the spiritual battle for Russia was won. However, as Josh McDowell reveals, the fight for the soul of Russia has just begun and her spiritual future is more precarious now than ever before. This informative show details eight of the major crises plaguing Russia today, and encourages believers in the United States to pray for this great nation. (29 minutes)

Operation Carelift '96
Abused. Abandoned. Forgotten. Life for even the youngest of Russia's orphans is a daily struggle for physical and spiritual survival. On this fifth Operation Carelift, God used Josh McDowell, his staff, and almost 400 volunteers to bring food to the hungry, medicine to the ill, and the hope of Jesus Christ to those who have lost all hope. This touching video shows how ordinary people, when directed by the Lord, can effect the lives of children half a world away. (20 minutes)

The Deceivers
The influx of cults into the lives of the Russian people is displayed in this video, showing how to help the Russian people discern between the truths of Christianity and the lies of the cults. (19 minutes)

Spreading the Word
An award-winning moving piece that shows both the emotional and spiritual impact of Russians receiving the Word of God -- many for the first time. (6 minutes)

Specialized Ministries

JESUS Film Master Studio
This video depicts the extensive process the JESUS Film goes through to be translated into different languages, plus the diligent work done at the master studio and the inspired individuals who work on them. (6:30 minutes)

Old Favorites

The History of Campus Crusade for Christ A historic walk down Campus Crusade's many years of fruitful ministry since 1951, recounting God's guidance and blessing. (15 minutes)

What I Wish I Knew Series

Spiritual nuggets by Dr. Bill Bright, on what he has learned as a Christian in the last 40+ years. (1 hour 22 minutes)

Here's Life Inner City: Debbe Santiago
The moving story of Debbe Santiago, one homeless woman who found a home in Jesus Christ and is now pointing the way for other homeless people in Coney Island. (11 minutes)

Teacher Training in the CIS
This is the amazing story of the development of the curriculum, "Christianity: A Basis for Ethics and Morality in Society" for use in public schools all across the former Soviet Union. (15 minutes)

Mission Volga: God Gives Hope

An award-winning and inspiring look at an evangelistic campaign down the Volga River in Russia that brought thousands to Christ. (15 minutes)

Australian Religious Film Society

Australian Religious Film Society
Wayne Giddy
PO Box 97, North Ryde
Sydney, 2113, New South Wales
Fax 011-61-2-888-2024

Building a Missionary Support Team That Lasts

Betty Barnett's Friend Raising book has been a boon to many people engaged in the task of raising mission support. Her four pillars (friend raising, generosity, communication and prayer with promises) are presented in a simple yet effective way that serves to refocus the task from dollars to relationships. As a follow-up to the book Betty Barnett has also produced a video by the same name. The four sections of the video deal with the above four pillars. The content is excellent as is the production. Betty Barnett does a great job in presenting the material on location. We normally sell this video for NZD$25.00 plus postage and handling. Nancy has four copies that she's prepared to let go for NZD$20.00 plus postage and handling. The video is about 30 minutes in length and is available from us only in PAL VHS format:

The Awakening Hour

The Awakening Hour
PO Box 1714
Spartanburg, South Carolina 29304
videos from the ministry of Tim Clinton, an excellent Biblical counselling

Back to the Bible

Back to the Bible
P.O. Box 82808
Lincoln, NE 68501-2808 USA
Phone: 402-464-7200
1-800-759-2425 (orders)

  • Faith of our Fathers Trace the United States Christian heritage back to where it began in Great Britian.

  • Passport to Praise: From the Holy Land Take a trip to the Holy Land .

  • Faith in the Forum - What was life like in Rome for the early Christians? Come with Woodrow Kroll and find out.

Herman Bailey

Herman Bailey
PO Box 6922
Clearwater, Florida 33758 USA
1-800-700-6064 (?)
(videos from his interview programs on Sky Angel)

Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Baptist International Missions, Inc.
Attention: Video Order
P.O. Box 9215
Chattanooga, TN 37412
by phone:
(423) 344-5050 extension 2300
by FAX:
(423) 344-4774
by e-mail:

Videos about different mission fields where their missionaries are:

Abide with Me
Mission Bolivia
Open My Eyes, Dear Lord
Lighting the Way
City Under Seige
God's Plodder

Mike Barber Ministries

Mike Barber Ministries
P.O. Box 1086
Desoto, TX 75123-1086
"The Last Chapter"
"Johnny's First Interview"

Beacon World Mission

Beacon World Mission
Peter Mucher
P. O. Box 97
Trenton GA 30752
Tel: 706-657-8200
In the past, Peter Mucher distributed English Christian videos. He also videotapes missionaries and missionary trips for church presentations.

A Beka Book

A Beka Book
Video or Correspondence School

As the largest Christian textbook publisher in the world, A Beka Book has provided quality education materials since 1974.

Berean Christian Stores

Berean Christian Stores

Berean Christian Stores is pleased to announce the availability of our new Online Store, featuring the Best Selections of Christian music, books and Bibles and videos.

Big Idea Productions

Big Idea Productions
Phil Vischer
Veggie Tales videos
Four titles are now available in Spanish

On July 7, 1999, Big Ideas Production will release Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed, the 12th video of the popular VeggieTales series. To build excitement for the new release, Big Ideas created a new Web site giving clues about its content. The site features the Larry-Mobile Viewer, profiles of Bumblyburg citizens, Larry-Boy coloring pages, desktop patterns and the Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed movie trailer. At the site, visitors can also complete specific missions set before them in a game like format. Users even have the opportunity to drive the Larry-Mobile! The new release is available for preorder at 10 per cent off of the retail price at 1800GospelDirect
Larry-Boy Web Site:
Preorder Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed:
Big Ideas Productions:

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)
International Ministries
Resource Services
1300 Harmon Place
Minneapolis, MN 55403-1988 USA
ph: (612) 338-0500 ext. 7130
fax: (612) 335-1233
(contact BGEA International Ministries/Resource Services for videos to be for used outside the USA and Canada)
(contact World Wide Pictures if the videos are to be used inside the USA or Canada)
has a nice video catalog

Ray Boltz- A Christmas Video

Ray Boltz- A Christmas Video

Mickey Bonner Evangelistic Association

Mickey Bonner Evangelistic Association
PO Box 680368
Houston, Texas 77268-0368
Tel: (713) 444-7563
Fax: (713) 580-0175

(videos on spirtural warfare, family, brokeness)
"The Force that Moves the Hand of God"

Bueno Distribution

Bueno Distribution
Indestructible Book videos series: four vidoes on Wycliffe, Tyndale, and two others, The Martyrs

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World Christian Resource Directory

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