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Catholic Outreach Resources and How to Witness to Catholics

Berean Beacon
The Berean Beacon Ministries is run by a former Roman Catholic priest. This organization looks at some of the ties between the Roman Catholic and the Emerging Church. This is interesting for those involved with the Catholic Church, the Emerging Church, or Christian teachers. There are also discussions about the socialist agenda of the Catholic Church. Both of these issues make this a unique website.

Biblical Faith vs Roman Catholic Faith
This is a nice and simple side-by-side comparison of the two faiths. The biblical truth is beside the false Catholic belief. There are both references to the Bible and the catechism of the Catholic Church. This website is recommended to people witnessing to Catholics, researching the religion, and even Catholics themselves who want to learn more about their religion.

Chart - Comparison between Orthodoxy, Protestantism & Roman Catholicism
A well researched site, it compares the three main segments of historical Christianity in a chart form. There are no references to the Bible, but it is simple to understand. This site is good for those interested in a simple yet concise comparison of the Bible and Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

Catholicism: Crisis of Faith’ (video)
Chick website has awesome documentary called ‘Catholicism: Crisis of Faith’. This documentary explains doctrinal differences and things that the Church of Rome doesn’t want us to know. This documentary video is good to show to Catholics or it is good to show to those who witness to them.

Catholic Chronicles, The – Keith Green
This is a report about Catholicism. Keith Green, the author of this article, has written four important topics namely: 1) The Holy Eucharist, 2) The Sacrifice of the Mass, 3) Salvation According to Rome, 4) What did "Vatican II" Really Change? This is an interesting and informative read for Catholics and for people who want to find out more about Catholicism.

Chart – Basic Differences Between Catholic and Protestant
This chart is recommended for people researching about Catholicism and how it differs from Protestantism. It does not contain any Scripture references but it does discuss the Catechism.

Chick Publications
Chick Publications has lots of tracts and articles for Catholics.
It has tracts in many languages. It also sells the dvd Catholicism Crisis of Faith.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
This is also a very detailed website that references the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and checks it against the Bible. It has a section called the ‘easy-to-cut-and-paste’ which outlines the counterfeit doctrines. If you would like to read in detail about any of the teachings of the church, visit this website. It also has detailed information about Mary, indulgences, the Eucharist, etc.

Christian Answers
This site gives ery simple-to-understand information about the doctrinal and practical differences between Catholics and Protestants. They make a lot of references to the Catechism.

CWRC (Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism)
CWRC is dedicated to a Christian witness to those involved in the Roman Catholic religion while maintaining a firm witness to the errors of Rome. To this end, CWRC has written, debated, and produced theological information designed to help Christians witness to Catholics and better understand the intricacies of Romish theology. Search their website for free articles or visit their online store for their must-read books.

Eternal Productions
Great books and audio are available for download at Eternal Productions website. Theses resources can be used by conservative Christian ministries regarding Catholicism, especially its re-occurrence today and the present dangers of Catholicism. Eternal Productions also has resources about other religions and cults. This is a good site for both Catholics and non-Catholics, and for ministries, to get books, videos, and audio to download.

Ex-Catholics for Christ
This website contains a vast amount of information for Catholics, as well as facts about other religions. It also contains the testimonies of the website authors. This website is recommended for ex-Catholics and for those who want to reach out to Catholics. For those actively sharing to Catholics, please refer to the Good News For Catholics (see website below).

Frontline Ministries
Witnessing to Roman Catholics
This website tells about the beliefs of catholics and what verses to use to witness to them.

Good News For Catholics
This website has some good information and opinions written by former Catholics. It is comprehensive and gives some suggestions on sharing to Catholics with sensitivity. Includes topics like How They Think and Feel, Why They Trust in Tradition, What the Bible Teaches, How to Tell Them about Christ. Also has Evangelism Cards which can be used to witness to Catholics. This website is good for Catholics who tend to become protective about their religion.

Jacki's Testimony of Faith
Jacki's Testimony of Faith is about a person's conversion from Roman Catholic to Biblical Christianity. This is possibly the best resource that you can give to a catholic to read, if they don’t want to listen. Jacki is now a born-again Christian and is enjoying the faith and journey of being a Christian.

James G. McCarthy
This is the official website of James "Jim" McCarthy. Jim used to be a Catholic. He left this church when he was convinced that the Catholic teaching could not be reconciled with the biblical gospel of salvation. Read Jim's story of salvation on his website. You can also get a copy of his book "Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical" on his website.

Joy of Witnessing to Catholics, The - Testimony
This is a testimony of a missionary team to Mexico that shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mike Gendron was asked to teach a local church about witnessing to Catholics, and was later asked to join them on a mission trip. It gives a unique perspective on sharing the gospel to Catholics.

Just for Catholics
This is a well-organized and straight-forward website with a lot of information and testimonies, and even some audio. There are debates and opinions, and there is also an electronic newsletter available which is good for Catholics, that refutes on certain false doctrines taught in the Catholic Church. They also offer free books. This website is good for those with Catholic friends, or seeking Catholics.

Jesus is Lord
This site gives detailed information about the catechism and its differences from the Bible. It has details about many of the Catholic Church’s teachings.

Let us Reason
This site has a collection of websites about Catholic apologetics. This site is good for Christians and Catholics alike.

Mission to Catholics International
Mission to Catholics is a fundamental/evangelical ministry reaching out to Roman Catholics with the Biblical message of salvation. The website contains articles, online tracts for Catholics, and links to other websites with similar agenda.

Mission to Catholics - Spanish site
This is the Spanish site of Missions to Catholics International, a fundamental/evangelical ministry reaching out to Roman Catholics with the Biblical message of salvation. The website contains articles, online tracts for Catholics, and links to other websites with similar agenda.

Proclaiming the Gospel
This site has information and resources about Catholicism. Links to resources for sale and for free download. There is also a calendar of conferences on this topic. Proclaiming the Gospel also produces a newsletter. There are also visual and audio resources available on the site, and a free e-book. Mike Gendron has written a lot of the apologetical information on the site. This is a great resource for ministries or people involved in sharing to Catholics

Reaching Catholics for Christ
A website facilitating coordination of churches and ministries who are sharing the gospel to Catholics, and also a support group for former Catholics. Especially good for ministries who help Catholics and who want to network with others.

Tract (Downloadable 2-page) on Catholicism
This is a link from the Berean Call website to a 2-page tract that runs through some history and reasons why Catholicism is a cult, and the dangers of embracing it.

What Separates Catholics and Protestants?
A more scholarly look into the details of the Catholic doctrine and some comparisons. A detailed look at the issue of salvation (justification) in the Catholic Church, and how it completely opposes Christian doctrine. There is a more detailed version in PDF format linked at the bottom of the article.

Witnessing Effectively to Roman Catholics
This site is one of the best for giving simple “do/don’t” pointers on witnessing to Catholics: such as (a few examples) Establish Authority for Truth, Define Terms Biblically, and Using the Word of God. This site is good for individuals or groups trying to share to Catholics. John Ankerberg has dvds, mpeg4 video downloads, pdf downloads and books to order about Catholicism. Please put the word catholic or catholicism in the search engine at these websites- or

Witnessing to Catholics, Testimony
This site is a good place to get pointers on sharing the good news to Catholics, although it’s quite simplistic on the surface – but after clicking on the links, you will find that the author is very biblical (and that’s a good thing!). It is actually a personal story of how one person has shared the gospel to Catholics, who later on accepted the good news. This site is good for those witnessing to Catholics.

Witnessing to Roman Catholics
A clear and concise description of Roman Catholicism and its theology and beliefs. The article is set out in an outline format, with the overview of theology first and then the details and differences from Biblical Christianity. There is also a link to an mp3 discussion available to download. This is written is a clear style and has been well researched. Recommended for those researching about Catholicism.

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